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    I am going to make an attempt to stream my weather balloon launches tomorrow! I know for sure I will be on Facebook Live and Twitter.. but if you are curious what I do as part of my research - please tune in tomorrow ❤️ I'll post all my links here.
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    Ill play NL with ya if u want i got some sick chars. But i focus on Ladder so wont overly play NL but also there are a few OD members that do play NL so maybe you wanna reconsider. Up 2 u brotha if u choose not to then good luck bro in whatever you do in life and take care and will always be great to see you pop in from time to time if you choose to. Take care brotha 🤙
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    Pre registration events and Release: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2104
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    I hate people that were born in 1988. You happy now?????
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