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    Idk if its possible but i think it would be cool if we had a feature in the channel .ladder and it brings up like the top 15 levels of OD members, add some friendly level competition amongst clannies.
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    I think it would be easier to manually update the announcement bot with the top 3 Clan OD members on the classic, SC and HC ladder for the first couple of weeks. Too many more names would make it alot of text. For example, one line of text per game area for example: Top 3 Classic Ladder Clan OD members: Ray, MineNotYour, MooMoo Top 3 HC Ladder Clan OD members: MtlKush, Skribbzz, Hectic Top 3 SC Ladder Clan OD members: Donahey, Slum, Membership
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    Why do I get the feeling this isn't copy pasta. <333
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    I agree Julie. Anything is worth a try and I wasn't going to keep doing it forever, maybe the first 2-3 weeks when interest is so high. It makes the OD members who are working their way up there, doing the grind have some recognition for their efforts. Just a little something. So thank you again Kappa for a good idea!
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    I don't think we've had the opportunity to play together yet. You can count me as a Vet when you divy teams. Looking forward to Friday.
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    But wouldn’t the top ones be changing very fast at reset for all that work to be done manually would you not be overwhelmed keep changing it every day ? Wonder if pops could do a bot for just d2 ladder and see which of our girls or guys are tops
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    Haha sick...grind out some d2 for reset, then beat up eachother on starcraft. Be sweet If we could get a big group playin some inhouse games
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    how are you guys doing? Any of the old BW guys still around?
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    Would be nice but a big disadvantage for hc players. As you sometimes die and gotta restart as opposed to sc where u lose a bit of xp. But still a good idea 👏 maybe make 2 separate features??
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    Happy birthday popadooles go get drunk
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    yah for sure. Got a month off after December 6th from work. so should jam some games.
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    Tyson fury was ROBBED on Saturday night he won 10 out them 12 rounds even though he was put on his arse twice he won that fight without a doubt
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