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    I’ve often wondered why ray is ray
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    guy uses infinity merc, fireball, juvies, and still cant win haha
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    Happy bday F*** Day A** Mouth @Dabomb(OD)
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    @Sassy Cheese is a byproduct of eating cheerios at 3 in the morning while you're listening to Nickelback and doing the worm dance at work in the hopes you get a promotion and a slice of cake. Never let go of door; drink the mountain dew instead.
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    2 pac of Eminem’s for 50 cents MAN THAT’S LUDACRIS
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    Happy happy birthday to one my bestest friends in OD hope you have a great day shon ❤️
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    i noticed u havent been around. come back mama
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    @Sassy A sound of fish makes the sound of bread when it pops out the toaster connected to a lion running at 40km/h listening to Nickelback while performing moksha yoga.
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