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    Well I'll be going the furthest north I've ever been in my career for work. 3 Weeks on 1 Week off, no internet, no cell service Sadly this ends a good ladder run for me with you guys. I will pm DBZ a list of upcoming weeks to hold for the Weekly Cup. With any luck he wont botch it too badly. UPDATE So turns out they do have some pretty limited off/on internet. Here's the flight into Yellowknife, then transferring to Hope Bay. ENJOY Hope Bay Airport Flying into Yellowknife North West Territories Flyin into Hope Bay, Nunavut
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    I hope you have your "bunny" boots to keep your feet toasty! We'll miss ya.
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    they have polar bear guards hahah 5 hrs with a shot gun in the cold well they do in northern alberta that I know for sure
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    What Dabomb is saying is that if you've reached out to Squad leaders, any that haven't responded (by whatever due date) you can simply delete the Squads for. There's no need to bring it up in the Admin Meeting for determination, the course of action is already obvious. When you've determined which Squads are inactive then just remove them and send a PM to a Commander with the list of Squad boards that need to be moved to past Squads. That should be fine. And we appreciate you going to the trouble of cleaning house for us, Compfreak. Thank you.
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    You are so skilled! It would be wonderful to have something made by you for a prize for a contest. I would be proud to own something that is that skillfully made.
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