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    Hey all you ODers, Besides having a full time gig as a lumber guy at Lowe's I also own my own small wood shop/sign making biz. About 2 weeks ago I ordered a new laser and last week my K40 laser machine finally arrived and it also coincided with a rash of college kids leaving Lowe's. So besides more unwanted hours at work I also got a new super toy to play with. With those 2 things happened at the same time I have been hurting for free time to just do some silly stuff like D2 or anything else (all my mules were labeled as expired but I was able to save them all). Attached are 2 of the first things I test made on the laser, and Ive been talking a bit with @Purplez(OD) about maybe sponsoring some kind of D2 event and making something silly and D2 related for the winner. Im still hurting for free time, but will try and get on more and into Clan OD channel. ~Steve
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    Teamspeak will now automatically reset DSL when you log into it, courtesy of R.ganarok. No synchronizing required, it's set up to look for names matching those on the member list on our website. We'll be adding onto the function at a later time to include resetting DSL when a person moves channels as well, for those of you who tend to stay logged into Teamspeak. Also the Discord reset bot should be back up now, and should remain up more or less permanently going forward. (I know you were asking about this @PoPs(OD) ) You guys can thank Rag for that one too.
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    The last time I looked there is a windforce on the ClanODMule. You are welcome to that if it is still there.
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    Welcome to the Clan Gamergirl as a fullfledged member. I've sent you a pm about the ClanODMule account
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    He knows if he finishes it himself then he won't be stuck listening to me complaining all the time about how it never got done. This is a strong motivator.
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    There are no dumb questions Ray, but that one comes pretty close. The answer is no, and I don't know of any Academy that does.
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    I'm glad to hear my post left a positive impression on some. In any case, it has been fun discussing the philosophy of discussion. It's been quite some time since I've been that engaged in a conversation just for the sake of exchanging thoughts. I apologize if any of my posts came across as a bit patronizing, I have a tendency to sometimes speak my mind a bit too plainly. I think everyone who participated contributed to the topic in their own way, and I have a high opinion of all of you. And once again, your writ was a pleasure to read, Dreg, and I feel it was very well done. So thank you for sharing.
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    I haven't been active in this conversation/debate, but I have been following the responses. To me it all has value, but I particularly liked the well thought out response Terra just posted. Two opposing views, both founded on their personal socialization within the familial unit have contributed to their individual responses. I also take the all input has value approach to life. Thanks to everybody who has provided insight and responses to this conversation. It's been fun reading.
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    The standard barb build I used on west went like so -Grief Zerker 40%ias (This is important, as anything less than 40%ias will make you have to have ias on gloves iirc) Phaseblade is nice, because it's guaranteed max ias (With my setup) regardless of ias roll on Grief. However, PB has poor range, meaning a lot less hitchecks = overall a lot less damage. As long as your Griefz has 40% ias, it's better than a PB. -Beast Zerker Shield barbs worked nicely on classic, not so much on expansion except for BvB. The problem is the radical rise in defense on characters compared to classic and the huge nerf WW got in expansion. Because of this, Beast is without a doubt the best option that isn't an Eth Self-rep 200ed Fools Zerker. The Fanaticism aura gives you the attack rating and damage boost you need and that's compounded by the dual wielding bonus and Griefs hidden damage factor. Stormshield is still a good item to have stashed for certain occasions, but Beast should be your main offhand. Enigma vs Fortitude Which one you use depends on what you plan on using the barb for. -There's no question that in PvP, Enigma is a no-brainer if your barb isn't BvB -Fort is a no brainer if you're BvB or if he's just a walking support tank in PvM -Enigma, however, is a necessity if you want to do anything that requires speed and mobility, like rushing I suggest Enigma personally. Gear Helm: Arreats Face Ammy: Highlords Ring 1: Ravenfrost Ring 2: AR/Str/Dex/Res or Stone of Jordan Gloves: Magefist if using Enigma, Immortal Kings if using Fort Belt: Arach if using Enigma, Verdungo if using Fort Boots: Goreriders Inventory Depending on your budget, you can go with GC's for low budget and SC's for high-end. 3/20/20 SC's are the best charms there are for a barb, period. You could spend a bit less (But still a lot) on 3/10-19/10-19, but it adds up and makes a big difference (In a bad way) You could go super-low-budget and get 10/50-70/15-30 life GC's Unfortunately, the charms make or break your barb. If you go cheap and go with the GC's, you'll get what you pay for: A barb that does more damage, but dies way too easily. If you go all 3/20/20 SC's, you'll be a solid tank and that means surviving a lot longer to make up for that loss of damage anyways. The more you spend on your charms, the better the barb. It's pretty much a "pay-to-win" character in PvP.
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