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    Hello Everyone, Lets see where to start... I was recruited on 7/22/18 by London's most beautiful Sassy(OD).. She has been nothing but amazing to me and I can't thank her enough. Small Bio: You may call me Beauty, I am in my mid twenties, and I love to game. I live alone in a zoo!!! (I wish) My house can almost be considered a mini zoo, I own lots of animals from dogs/cats/chameleons/geckos/snakes/tarantulas/fish/flying squirrels/ and my favorite two new additions crocodile skinks. (My two baby red-eyed dragons) Games: I play a lot of video games from Mobile/Console/PC. Just to state a few; Xbox One - PlayStation 4 - Nintendo 64 - Sega - Gameboy color(PINK) (Yes all in Beautiful condition still) Shooters/Roleplay/RPG For Fun: I like to go out on the weekends and grab a few drinks at the bar with my friends. I jog almost everyday and do the best I can to stay fit. When I am not having fun outdoors I am geekin it up indoors while playing 2-3 different games at a time. I enjoy watching anime, reading, and sometimes on stressful days you can even find me painting whatever the heck I want. If anyone has questions feel free to add me on Diablo 2. My gamer tag is OD-Beauty ( *Beauty(OD) ) I hope you guys find me enjoyable to play with as much as I enjoy to play with some of the users I have already met! Thanks for taking the time to read, Beauty
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    Hey Mel, A M.2 is a form factor of a Hardrive, its a type of solid state hardrive. The M.2 is A directly attached to the motherbaord or it attached via a PCIe Slot on the motherboard providing alot more read\write speed to the drive a traditional Solid state drive has on average 500 Mbps read write speed where a M.2 has 2000+ Mbps read write speed, which means is and read and write to the drive very quickly giving you a lot better performance of the computer because a PC after all is only as fast as its slowest part. If you truly want a Pre-built PC that Alienware is nice if you opt for the 100$ added cost of the 256GB M.2 SSD OR the 150$ added cost of the 128GB M.2 + 2 TB Mechanical Harddrive. I'll search around tomorrow morning and see if I can find a good option for you with your requested specs.
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    The wedding is only a week away! Badboi(OD), Aerineth(OD), Ghost(OD) and M777Matt777(OD) are all going to be there (granted I knew Matt before OD but still). I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    你好!哈哈哈hahaha Thanks! it is helpful~ Oh great! you always help on time! thanks!
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