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    its not so much a matter of space these days.....but we have a lot of ghosted toons in there that we cant move....a buncha afk members...our mods and a few other bots.......so any active toons at the end of the channel....im just saying its nicer to be in an active channel than one filled with 90 idle/ghosted toons....in any event..we have spoken with trysts and worked it out
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    Unless things have changed or I'm not remembering correctly, when you join a channel on a stealthbot your character looks like an open character. However, I'm still confused because your username was Trysts(OD) so, I have no idea why you would have been banned. It's up to Pops to weigh in on why he banned you as I don't personally know. The bots have always done that. Anti-flood precautions since people used to flood channels with SC and BW clients (usually). Are there still floods that happen with the updates to the server that Blizzard has done? If not, do we even need to ban SC accounts if the channels not full?
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    I get banned from channel when i'm playin starcraft. Not a biggie
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    Like I said I personally myself will get to the bottom and like Cindy said we do not kick out for no reason at all but by them logs I cannot see what you have supposed to have done apart from pops saying hmmm weird
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    P.S I hope there is a good reason I never wanted to leave. But I'm not gonna be a door mat. I'll wait and see what he says if it's reasonable I'll stay if not then I will resign and be a friend to the community.
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    I wasn't there either, but as I stated above, that's not the way we work in this Clan. I'm sure it was a mistake.
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