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    Hello there fellow friends of OD, would like to share a few tricks i learned, hope i am posting in the correct area if not please let me know an sorry ahead of time. So if you are running wifi instead of a hardline for internet into your comp / pc and you believe it should be faster (only if its windows o/s) then there might be a reason behind this. In the past an even still now windows microsoft has been trying to slow down our computers internet. I cannot take full credit for this trick but will add credit afterwords with link in case you wish to read all of it from orig poster from their site which may explain things i did not cover since in some senses it is a waste of time. So for exp, lets say you are using anything between windows 7 to windows 10 plus wifi to run your internet, well there is a chance that windows has slowed your connection well because why ? because its microsoft / windows thats what they do!! So how can you know ? Well here is what you do, open your CMD (command prompt) in admin then type the following in first ipconfig/flushdns this will clear any cache of old DNS data which will help speed up any connection wifi or hardline based, next is the longer part but this is to check if microsoft windows has type in CMD the following: Netsh interface tcp show global After this a set of stuff will pop up but you only need to look for "Receive Window Autotuning level" which should be set as "Normal" if not then it is time to set it to normal. So if its not set normal then type this command to make i normal: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal Now it should say "Ok" which means it has set it to normal, but to make sure go ahead and check to make sure it is by typing: Netsh interface tcp show global then look to see if Receive Window Autotuning level is set to Normal, if so continue to the next step. TCP receive window is one of the key factors in the internet download speed. Thus making the TCP receive window to ‘Normal’ will surely help you in increasing your internet speed. Next step: After this command, let’s check for another parameter of Windows in terms of the slow internet connection called ‘Windows scaling heuristics’. To check for this parameter, type netsh interface tcp show heuristics So now type in your Admin CMD the following command: netsh interface tcp show heuristics A list will pop up then check to see if windows scaling heuristics is enabled or diabled, Well, in my case, it’s disabled. However, in some case, yours might be enabled. That means Microsoft in some ways, is trying to limit your internet connection. So avoid it and to get faster internet, type the below command and press enter: netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled Once pressed enter, you will receive an ‘ok’ message and now your internet speed has surely got boosted up. This trick is mainly for wifi however it won't hurt if you do it for a pc thats plugged into hardline, so why not? If you wish to read the page this information comes from check it out therei s a lot more you can do i just skipped the un-needed boring stuff such as checking your ping an such, the link is in below. Hope this helps someone xD https://fossbytes.com/speed-internet-using-command-prompt-cmd/ ~Ocelot~ Let me know if this helps, thanks.
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    Hey, just to spread some info to add to this. There is no a5 in classic. You rush them in classic to hell a3, you don't have to do anything in a3, but they must reach a3 before converting to expac. Few reasons being: trist is hard as heck as a sorc in classic hell and if you convert before a3 in hell you actually get kicked back to nm in expac. So maybe we should have a lod char to deal with trist, meph, and d on that same shared rush acc? Sidenote: most crushers like to rock full irathas, shard, and ward. Regardless of whether or not the communal crusher becomes a thing, I plan on doing a crusher & bo barb come reset. So you can always hmu if you need help in classic or just want someone to lvl with you cause it does get lonely over in classic.
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    I'm sorry for your loss Sassy. :( I will be praying for you, and your family. If you ever need anything I'm here for ya. -Raged(OD)
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    We talked on snap but you know you got me to handle anything you need. my condolences to you Jules
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    If you are a Staff Sgt or above and new to the voting system on our main page here's a few tips. On the main page, after you log in, there is a tab "console" Console>Promotions>Promotion list.... If you open that up, it shows who is up for promotion. You can vote to approve or deny members. Be sure to include 3 reasons why you are voting the way you are. @Terra has an excellent guide on everything, but here's the section on voting for your ease. I know I found it very confusing at first, so thought this might help. There are 20 plus people up for promotion right now. So get busy people! PS I am not asking for votes, I already have enough, this is to help people new to the console system. 2.0 Promotions Includes putting up for promotion, voting on promotions, wait times between promotions, and General Evaluations. 2.1 Putting up for promotion Promoting: Any member in the Clan can put any other member up for promotion, regardless of Division, with three exceptions --- 1. Only Division Leaders can put an MWO5 up for a tier change promotion to Officer of their own Division. If the MWO5 is not part of a Division, then they must be put up for promotion by a General --- 2. Officers can only be put up for promotion by other Officers or Generals, but once put up can be voted on by anyone. Division Leaders who are not Officers or higher must ask a General to put any of their Officers up for promotion. --- 3. Generals can only be put up for promotion through a General Evaluation process. self-promoting: Members below Officer rank are allowed to self-promote themselves if they have not received a promotion in at least 30 days, and they can provide clear examples of contributing to the Clan. Members who self-promote may not add a vote point to themselves, and may not self-promote if it would change their rank tier. Removing Promotions: Members can request their own promotion to be removed, which they can ask a General to do. As well, Generals can also remove a promotion on their own if the person is on promotion probation, or the promotion was a mistake of some kind. 2.2 Voting on Promotions In case you missed it when you were recruited, you can't ask for votes if you are up for promotion. You also can't tell other people to go positive/negative vote someone who is up. But you can let people know *when* someone is up for promotion and let them decide how to vote, and it is considered acceptable to ask someone if there is anything you can do to *earn* their vote. Positive Voting: Any member can vote on another member up for promotion, with any vote power within their limit, but 3 reasons are required in the reason field. Typical reasons can include (As provided by R.agnarok in June of 2012.) -Recruiting, being a good recruiter is most important for the clan. -Activity on forums. -Website activity by keeping 0 DSL at most times, using the console to vote for promotions/trial members, award medals, etc. -Activity on our Teamspeak Server. -Activity on the games they play that are supported in OD. -Good behavior, this includes being GM at all times and how the member handles himself towards the other members. -Helping train members to improve their skills(all games) or by giving them items to help their characters (Diablo 2 and Diablo 3). -Achieve outstanding gaming skills. -Organize and participate in tournaments or clan events. -Being a good moderator, when the member has shown capability to deal with clan disputes without abusing his moderator rights. -Taking part of General Clan Discussions on the forums and actively bringing new ideas. But should also reflect the expectation of the rank, as outlined in the rank section. Negative Voting: Any member can negative vote on another member up for promotion, with any vote power within their limit. Only 1 reason is required to negative vote, however the reason must be clear and real, and criticism provided constructively with the intent of helping them to become better. Note: All voting, whether positive or negative, should be based on what the individual has done since their last promotion, even if they failed their last promotion. It is not considered appropriate to vote for the same reasons on more than one promotion, unless there are examples of them continuing to fulfill those reasons since their last promotion. This does not count if the person's promotion was removed from the pending list, either by their request or for other reasons.
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