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    Don't you have some panda's to go play with? Why are you hatin on our eggplants?!
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    Thanks to everyone who showed up during the first match of the day -- I appreciate the support even if you could only stay a short while. I look forward to seeing you guys again throughout the weekend as I continue to cast these events and raise money for the Extra Life Charity.
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    There's not a way to do it with icons. But, We could make it so the member list sorts and shows people by division rather by rank if we wanted to and it was important to people. Rank will then just become synonymous with the color assigned to that rank. Can you explain further what you mean by "in-channel" chat window? Discord has a chat window with your selected chat channel open at all times that lets you view and type in it regardless of what you're doing. In fact, some people including myself wish this was something you had the option to minimize if you wanted to at times. As far as the Logitech keyboard I can happily tell you that discord has some amazing built in support specifically for logitech keyboards. It has amazing Logitech Gaming Software integration. I haven't used it beyond it's ability to change my keyboards color. But, yes. Discord has support for Logitech. Any support that's not added you can add via Pluggins that are provided by the community much like with teamspeak. ______________ As far as your question @R.agnarok(OD) is best suited right now to answer as he's taken lead of the project. Hey man, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come and comment on this topic. Regardless of whether you're a brand new fresh baby member or a member with 10+ years under your belt. We value your comment and it's always worth taking the time to join the discussion if you feel like you have something to add. Thanks!
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    I personally prefer discord for a few reasons. •Sound quality is much better than other platforms available atm. •There is rarely ever any reverb on discord which is nice when I have my headphones on. •The privileges in discord are more apparent with the color codes. •Discord offers high functionality to be incorporated with multiple games. •Discord shows what game someone is playing. •Discord offers bots that can be scripted to do about anything you need done. ( I can provide scripts if ever needed) •Discord is free... Until something better comes along I don't see new gamers using older voice platforms. You have to look at it like you have never used teamspeak, ventrilo or whatever other voice platform you are used to. If you started today with no knowledge of any of those you would most likely go with discord for the above reasons and for the simple fact that almost all gamers are gravitating to discord as there all in one community platform. I help develop on eqemulator.org and while they still have forums almost all of there communication is done through discord now. Thats a massive project that is almost solely managed through discord. They made the switch last year and everyone loves it. So my question is...what are we waiting for? Make the switch. No sense separating the clan into two platforms when we could all be on the same platform.
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    Typical items MF Sorcs use: Shako(PTopaz for more MF) 74% MF Skullder's Ire Armor 1-123% MF(depends on level of character) plus 24% for PTopaz Chance Guard Gloves 25-40% MF 2 x Nagel Rings 15-30% on each ring Tal Belt 10-15% MF War Travs 30-50% MF Mara's or Rising Sun(for Fire Absorb) Gheed's GC 20-40% MF That comes to 190% MF(MINIMUM) to as much as 426% with perfect rolls at level 99 and I haven't even done Weapon, Shield. Alternatively, you can do Tal Armor in place of Skullders and then Tal Weapon to get 3-piece bonus. Tal Armor rolls with 88 MF(and can be socketed with PTopaz for 24% more or 112%) and then Orb can get an Ist rune(30% MF). 3-piece gives another 65% so realistically, you're over 400% with the Tal set-up and good MF gear.
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    LFR for antorus and run antorus normal. Raid Finder gear that titanforges will still be good, and if you need your 4 set for tier even raid finder pieces normal rolled can be good place holders. Also mythic+'s!
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    I would love to do this, I need time to get back into raiding, and get properly geared up. I think my ilvl is currently lacking greatly, at around 920, any suggestions on how that would be best achieved?
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    I have a few things you can have, shako, chancies, goldwrap and the sort. Shoot me a pm with a good time to catch you online and ill getcha some items.
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    I have low level/medium gear that I save to give away. Next time you are on line, we can go through mules, but it won't be uber gear.
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