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    Most of us have played D2 for quite a while. We've started, quit, started again and throughout the time we've learned things AND forgotten things. I have been re-learning things since starting to play again so I decided to start a tips & tricks guide from all the info gathered from the OD channel, members and other forums. Please feel free to add your tricks and maybe we'll get a sticky going. Ctrl+m = turns music off type \home clan OD sets your sign in channel to the OD channel use of nature peace ring makes it so Nth can't splat you PLUS the experience killing him is equal to a baal run shift + life potion gives your merc life \w or \whisper *account name of player lets you talk in private with someone Putting Color in Your Profile (thank you Pops!)Type the letter (ÿc) + required number and write your text.[It's more easy to copy the first command (ÿc) with CTRL+C], then CTRL+v to copy to your bnet profile ÿc; =purpleÿc0 = whiteÿc1 =red ÿc2 =blueÿc3 =greenÿc4 =goldÿc5 =greyÿc6 = blackÿc7 =goldÿc8 =orangeÿc9 =yellowÿc: =dark greenÿ is made with: ALT + 152
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    Mercenaries auras Level 85 areas for the gg loot -The Pit, levels 1 and 2. -The Mausoleum. -The Maggot Lair, level 3. -The Ancient Tunnels, in the Lost City. -The Sewers in act 2, level 3. -The Forgotten Temple, The Ruined Fane, The disused Reliquary. -The River of Flame. -The Chaos Sanctuary. -The Worldstone Keep levels 1-3, and Throne of Destruction
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    What a terribly scandalous thing to say! Or it would be, but your opinion means jack so we're good.
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