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    welcome to my 4th evaluation Since my last eval lot has been happening in my life. but ill get to that a very important statistic of my service to OD i have still maintained the #1 recruiter in all of OD 313 and top ten 33 still active I have gotten my division where nobody else has ever gotten it and maintained it for over 3 months (that was when i did my last eval ) but i still have that to my accomplishment I have adapted to so many changes and I think that is one of my best qualities I always keep pushing forward but one thing i must really try learn is not to take things to heart Now for my shortcomings I cant go to the general meetings or admin meetings because they are out of my time zone conflicts but i am going to try and get to more meetings But I do make sure to listen to the lot of them and give my input on the forums on all the topic My goals are simple to continue to keep diablo 2 strong we make up half of OD and while it stays alive OD stays alive with it. I will continue to find new leaders and rise them through the ranks and train them to be great leaders could even recruit more general's :) keep recruiting because why stop at 313 lets get 500 :) Carry on training new officers also get the officers to enjoy there rank at the moment im training 2 i have even made little video's that i sent to them they are guilds on how to use the console from giving medals to making squads how to recruit etc etc Now on to a bit about myself for those of you who don't know me. im mum of 4 wonderful kids that mean the world to i have 4 grandchildren im from LONDON UK love music , I have been in OD since 2014 and worked my way up to general. I started out my division lead position with 2 others windstorms and dtwo both of which are no longer in OD. At one point it was just me and one my officers dabomb who is now a general during that time I learned a lot about how to administrate my division because I had to make all the decisions for 150 people and was the only general so everything was up to me. I must say I was not always confident in my decisions but as I made more I became more confident. You always want to try and make everyone happy but one the biggest lesson I learned was you cant make everyone happy. Sometimes you have to play the bad guy and ban people for botting/modding etc. This was not always easy because I like to make friends but it was something that had to be done. Once dabomb became general he was able to help a lot more and then we got pops who is also my right hand man so I was able to delegate stuff more. As a team we worked on making the division stronger with recruits and runners and events and stuff and then a string of unfortunate events happened. I got tragic news one day. I had a lump and the dr told me it was breast cancer this turned my world upside down and I was not sure which way to turn or how to move forward from there. I tried to take time away from od but it was hard because od is what I love. I didnt want to see my division and hard work die while I was gone and it was hard for me to trust anyone with it. But then I realized not only did I have to but it was my only option for me to temporarily leave it in others hands. Luckily pops and dabomb took great care of it and made sure to keep me updated on everything that was happening. I went through treatment and am glad to say I have beat cancers ass. But at the same time this made me realize I did something without realizing it. I had helped train and mentor two good generals and is something I am proud of they did amazing job while I was away. When I came back I was able to get right back in the swing of things and continued to recruit and train members something I enjoy the most is bringing fresh blood into the community and watching them grow in the ranks and be succesful I just want to give people a little back story since to my last eval back in 2018 for the new guys and girls in the clan now these words are from my last eval ... i must say that i was a 3 star general before but due to my own stupidty i got demoted but it was really stupid what i did by letting someone on my account that could have caused a lot trouble did i regret that without a doubt that didnt help my confidence any good some thing that ive been trying work on for years And to now after taking along ia in august my daughter Lauren passed away so i had to take ia because i wasnt in the right frame of mind to even think about OD or game but i still kept in touch with pops and dbz and even helped pops out when needed then i felt that i should start to return to D2 my baby as i missed it so much and all our members i know they missed me by all the dm that id get daily :) so i finally came back in january 2020 but it felt bit strange at first felt like there wasnt anything for me to do to get in the swing things again but i got my head down and just did what i was good at and i know where my best strenght are and thats recruiting i think ive recruited 10 members since coming back i even recruited in my hospital bed when i had the virus lol ive gotten to know alot new guys and girls since my return which i play with many of them and chat daily to on discord , i do try to post on most the topics in the general board but as you all know my grammer is not the best and i do get embrassed about it so id rather not add my bit to a topic , also i must learn not to take a lot things to heart and get snappy with people but since lauren passed i feel i changed a bit i need to work on that what ive done since my return 1 started recruited again 2 tried to go to meetings 3 training new upcoming officers 4 making crazy amount bumpers for d2 5 really tried to take part in most topics posted in the general board 6 using my console with voting medals recruitment 7 i vote on all eval when they are up unless i was on ia 8 helped Sk with his clan radio sending him over tunes to be added once it up and running really enjoyed helping with that what do i want to in the future 1 get the numbers back up in D2 the numbers have dropped real bad so this is my main concern at the moment to see us in the 100 again 2 try get to as many meetings as i can but ill do like always listen to them when posted 3 not take things to heart ❤️ 4 to take part in more topics in the general baord 5 to get out and about meeting more people from other division 6 to put my full heart and soul into my baby the d2 division like i always do Lieutenant General - Can consistently provide or build on ideas within the General's Board or Admin Meetings, or help work out resolutions to Clan difficulties or necessary changes - Plays a pro-active role in bettering the Clan as a whole - Capable problem-solvers that rarely require help to deal with issues - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place - Helping to host Admin Meetings is considered particularly impressive - Overall being an involved part of Clan Administration, development, and decision-making to better the community and provide for the members in it are typically what we look for in Lieutenant Generals File containing all console actions from return to current Sassy Console Actions.txt Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current process: Posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion / statement post, per person. thanks for reading my 4th eval much love Sas ❤️
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    Appreciate taking your time to comment on my evaluation Comp! Yeah the division is going strong now but it takes all of us to keep it that way! Now to answer your questions. At the time when all of this occurred my circumstances were a lot different. I was in a unstable relationship, didnt really know what I wanted to do for a career fully, and I was younger (26) and still a bit immature. Now to be fair the disagreements that were had at the time never should have happened and is the reason why they were removed from the clan at a later date, but I felt like at the time I needed to be the bigger person and just walk away due to the issues not being resolved. I put all my time and effort into building a division that was pretty much taken from me when a general decided to start playing the game and then that same person made accusations of me bring rude to others in the community that were false. It was rude and I felt very unappreciated by the way I was treated with the whole situation. I should have been more mature at that time and talked with the commanders/generals about everything, but in reality I needed to take a step back from gaming to straighten out my life before I could commit myself to the community anymore. I always knew I would return to OD eventually but I could not make that a priority anymore and the argument made the decision that much easier for me. The difference now?? I'm 33 and have 5 kids (had 0 at that time), I'm getting married to my beautiful fiancee in 3 months and have learned how to deal with things in a much more grown up way having to raise my kids and teach them aswell. As far as "heated debates" I would have no problem with that at all. Sometimes the "hard" things that we all need to talk about eventually have to happen and you just have to deal with it in a professional manner while being respectful at the same time. We are all in the community together so getting mad at each other will not make anything better. I would continue to try to make things better and work on anything that was needed to accomplish that goal. Great questions by the way I was wondering if anyone would ask about it. If anything above doesn't answer your questions i'd be happy to answer any others. Thanks for your time Comp.
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    Just let me start by saying I appreciate being invited to post an evaluation for 1* General. About Me: I started out when I bought a copy of Starcraft from walmart when i was 16 years old and was hooked from day 1. When I was younger i kept more to myself so i had a lot of free time and invested it into getting better at starcraft and eventually joined tournaments and completed where I did well. At that point I was above average at the game and ran into Clan OD. It was 2003 and the only game supported by the clan was starcraft. There were actual "clan Wars" in the chat channels and clans would try to kill other clans off by loading their channel with anywhere from 20 - 3000 bots so members could not access the channel to communicate. They had about 50 members at that time and ChoBo(OD) was the commander. I loaded bots myself and was part of the war team of 4 people who helped defend our clan by loading anyone who loaded us. Times were different then and that was the only real way to handle it (not to mention we were all young and immature). Everyone completed and played online tournaments and it was a well mannered clan. I played through the years till 2007 when diablo 2 became my new main game. After 5 strong years of diablo 2 and using d2jsp I ended up taking a break from gaming altogether when I found out i was going to be a dad. Well 5 kids later (Currently 10,8,6,6,3 yes twins in there!) we figured out a work schedule that would work for us and it opened up more free time for gaming. In 2013 I found a game called Dota 2 and really liked it. I still had R.agnarok(OD) on my friends list and noticed he played the game aswell. We played on and off with Townkill(OD) for a few months and I eventually started to run the game as a division and was recruited back to the clan by Freizya(OD). After a few months of trying to keep the game going I realized that not a lot of people on the game itself wanted to be in a clan they just wanted to play the game. There were also some misunderstandings with one of the generals at that time that is no longer now in the clan (I don't remember their name) and I decided it was in the best of my interest if i stopped running the division due to the disagreements. I left the clan on July 31, 2014 and did not return until October 3rd 2019. When I returned to the clan I was getting back into Starcraft 2 now that it is popular again and realized that we did not have a starcraft section anymore. I practiced for a few months and improved my rank to at least average at the time (Platinum League) and decided I wanted to bring the roots of starcraft back to the clan and the community. I was not really interested in any of the other games the clan played at that time and started building the division by recruiting members 1 day at a time. Now it is June 14th 2020 and we have 30 solid members and a strong, well mannered division that is a pleasure to have. Education/Career: Dropped out of highschool Senior year of 2005. Needed better job opportunities and went to tech school to get my HSED in 2007, attended 3 1/2 more years of college for Computer Administrator/ Network IT. Eventually quit going to college because I wanted a more physical job and eventually because a Union Carpenter in 2014 and have been doing that now ever since. Love what I do and wouldn't change it. Contributions to Clan OD: - Consistently Active - Recruited 69 members clan wide - Award medals to members worthy of them - Handle all admin responsibilities for Starcraft 2 Division - 90% of Starcraft 2 division recruits - Created Starcraft 2 Recruitment Guide with Step-By-Step Processes - Help members learn how to properly recruit for SC2 division - Have helped edit Clan scripts in the past before the new updates (before 2013) - Host Peepmode nights for SC2 members - Revamped Starcraft 2 forums section sub folders and updated everything - Actively remind members to sign in and keep them accountable for themselves - Vote in evaluations, vote on promotions, and nominate people for promotions. - Assist Dro4Sho(OD) in running division tournaments. - Highly active on forums and discord - Participate in Admin Meetins - Use admin console options Goals: Moving forward I would like to continue the progress we have made so far in the division. Keep recruiting, keep being active in game/on discord. As a general of the division I would be able to participate in general meetings which I think would be important for the clan since our division does not currently have a general. I will continue to recruit as I have been and focus on teaching some of the more solid members we have acquired how to recruit and help the division grow even more. We will continue to run clan tournaments and keep the members in the division interested and improving our skill as a team. I will spend more time on the forums working on the starcraft 2 section which will hopefully bring more activity. Conclusion: I know I have only been back into the clan for a few months now (9 months) but I feel like I put the time and dedication into the clan and the division within that short amount of time to prove worthy of 1*. Brigadier General - Pillars of the Divisions they are a part of, seeing to its management, and providing for the members they are responsible for, which includes promotions, medals, recruitment powers, rank changes, etc. - Actively available for the members of their Division - Recognizing, teaching, and providing opportunities for the Officers within their Division to help out with proper delegation - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place - Actively involved in topics posted on the General's Board - Presenting ideas or discussions of their own in the General's Board is considered particularly impressive - Overall being the leaders and representatives of their respective Divisions and providing for the members they are responsible for are what we look for in Brigadier Generals I feel as though I already cover most of these aspects for the clan and hope to be able to provide the same and more in the future. It is an honor to still be part of this clan and look forward to what's in the future for us. This is my first evaluation so if i didn't do something I was suppose to let me know thanks!! -Redice(OD) Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current evaluation process: Posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion / statement post, per person.
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    I think that Evaluations are pretty critical to how we appoint the highest echelon in the community. It's definitely not perfect.. nothing ever really is. I think the biggest flaw is actually the people themselves, not necessarily the system. For example, Phase 1 is designed so that Administration (1* - 5*) can evaluate our peers. It's designed to push the individual being evaluated. And in that process, there should be a lot of questions, some of them hard, some of them easy. But there should be some kind of interaction. I've noticed a growing trend over the last couple of years, where generally speaking, we have Generals/Commanders putting forth one liners and just approve or denial of the evaluation. There's less and less interaction in the actual evaluation process. Firstly, I'm using 2 current evaluations; Badboi and MelodicRoses merely as an example and does not reflect on the outcome of either of these evaluations. If we look at Badboi's evaluation for this period at the time of my post. This is an evaluation for Commander and whether he should keep his rank. We have Sassy (2*) and Sunset (Senior Officer going for 1*) both automatically approving the evaluation. While part of me is fine with this.. I find myself disappointed that the actual level of interaction to evaluate a Commander is largely lackluster, especially from our Generals (as a whole). So far, the same could even be said to some degree for my own and Terra's evaluation. Now if we take a look at Roses evaluation at the time of my post. There is a multitude of questions from numerous people. People who want to know more about her, and people who have genuine interest in different perspectives she can provide. The interaction of those in Roses evaluation is nearly the opposite of whats happening in Badbois. Every thing that's mentioned is being highly analyzed and criticized. While my own opinion on each evaluation mentioned is irrelevant in this example, I think it pinpoints the issue at hand. That issue being that we seem to be far more critical of some people, while less critical of others. I don't have an exact answer on how to fix this. Whether this is an issue with the system or again, just with the level of engagement we have. It doesn't explicitly depict a fair and efficient system when we do only so much for some and do an extra level of scrutiny for others. I'm also aware that Badboi has been in the General ranks for a long time. And he's been a Commander for a lot of that time. He has a lot longer of a history to look at and fall back on while Rose doesn't. This is her first attempt. But I would personally like to see more of an interaction with all of our members.. not just those newly attempting to attain their first star. These are somewhat of a rambling of the thoughts in my head because again.. I don't have an answer to this yet and I haven't officially decided if this is what needs to be addressed or something else that will improve this. You always want to address the problem itself, not just address the symptoms of the problem. It's something that I feel could use some work, but to actually improve it, we need to discuss it as a whole to attack the issue from different angles. Part of what we (should) do when we determine our vote for the individual, is not only the questions that we ask an individual, but the responses made to questions from other people to paint a broader picture of the individual themselves.
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    We shall see. Though I'm perfectly happy with not drinking anymore at this time. Thanks! 🙂 At the risk of sounding conceited, I always did feel this was my best attribute when it came to being a Commander (or to being me in general). The ability to empathize with someone is a very useful gift.. and it's something I've overall become very adept with. Thanks JD 🙂 I look forward to continuing to work with you. Normally I wouldn't have posted them public.. but since they directly related to my decline in efficacy and eventual departure, I felt they were necessary to paint the whole story. Without these details I feel any explanation I would have given would have been filled with holes where those personal struggles happened.. and that would have been disingenuous. I really did enjoy Reign of Terror. I made it to Nightmare but then got distracted with my return to OD and never got a chance to go back to it. How far did you get in it? Thanks man! It means a lot to hear your kind words. 🙂 I look forward to beginning to work with you on a daily basis. Well, I haven't started yet on the medals.. it's just the very next project on my plate. Though I hope that everyone will like the changes we propose. 🙂I know how much the medals mean to some so that's why we want them to be more applicable and more appreciated by even more people. Addictions are the devil.. plain and simple. I wish them on no one. Especially one as detrimental as some of them out there. Thanks Purplez! I look forward to working with you as well!
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    i think @Sil3NtKilL(OD) would be good choice
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    MelodicRose's First Evaluation Hello folks! It appears that some kind people have nominated me for a general evaluation. To begin, I'd like to thank those that believe I am deserving of this and I look forward to responding to any questions, comments, or concerns that anyone may have. Regardless of being promoted or not, I intend to continue to work on my future goals as they have already been personal goals in place before I was nominated to begin with :). As a general reminder, below are the expectation for a Brigadier General (1*): Pillars of the divisions they are a part of, seeing to its management, and providing for the members they are responsible for, which includes promotions, medals, recruitment powers, rank changes, etc. Actively available for the members of their division. Recognizing, teaching, and providing opportunities for the officers within their division to help with proper delegation. Attends general-specific meetings. Votes on all general evaluations that take place. Actively involved in topics posted on the General's Board. Presenting ideas or discussions of their own in the General's Board is considered particularly impressive. Overall being the leaders and representatives of their respective divisions and providing for the members they are responsible for are what we look for in Brigadier Generals. Some Info About Me: My name is Kait, or ya'll can continue to call me Rose, that's fine too! I am a recent graduate from UNC Asheville in NC and I hold a degree in Atmospheric Science (with a weather forecasting concentration). My past year or so has been filled with graduating college, moving from NC to KS on my own, and starting my first real job within my specialization. I'm your weird, weather-loving, storm chasing, k-pop addicted gamer. My ultimate end goal in my personal life is to be working in emergency management within hazardous weather prone areas, as I much prefer the communication aspect of weather than the stressful forecasting perspective I currently am sitting in. I used to do small forum posts in off-topic regarding weather events, namely hurricanes, but this has fallen off as I was finishing college. Hopefully I will return to doing these this year! Lastly, I am rather quiet at first, but once you get to know me and we game together a bit - I talk a lot. I am still a proud holder of several of the "Quietest Member in OD" awards though. Regarding my association with OD, I joined OD on June 10th, 2015 under the name of SilentMelodies(OD). Archie was my recruiter and I joined under the Aion division at the time. I found Archie advertising in some shouts that OD was recruiting, I was playing alone (shocker), so I figured why not take a stab at this community stuff. I was quiet for a long time, a silent member in the community (many who played with me back then can confirm that I simply rarely spoke, I was too shy to). I've played several of the MMO's that Clan OD has made into squads/divisions and dipped my toes into other genres as well (namely League, but Overwatch as well for a short time period). I consider myself to be someone who watches quietly and speaks up after thinking long and hard about a topic, with thought out responses being something I pride myself in. If there is anything else you'd like expanded upon regarding myself and who I am, please give me a poke and I can elaborate 🙂 Overall Notable OD Contributions: Assisted in the FFXIV Squad and led the division once it was created - with the help of the fellow leaders & officers at the time. The FFXIV division was created in October of 2017 and disbanded in September of 2018 due to overall lack of continued interest. Working as a leader within the FFXIV division continued to spark my interest and overall training in the aspect of leadership, which I am still learning and working on to this day (no one is perfect and learning never ends). After the fall of FFXIV, I admittedly fell off from the community for some time due to not really feeling like I had a place in OD at the time. Continuing to work as co-lead within the Social Media Team (with @JD_FKA_Xayj(OD)). This is still an endeavor that we are working on fine-tuning and expanding on as we speak! The team currently focuses on posts on Twitter and Facebook, with a goal to expand to Reddit in the near future. I am currently also evaluating on how we can revive the streaming efforts previously brought up within the clan and combine it into the social media effort we are already working on. Overall, this project has been my baby for over the past year or so, especially when I was division-less and struggling to find a place in OD. Assisted @SalinePandora(OD) with the Minecraft squad and continued this as the secondary lead in the division. I've actively assisted in ironing out the specific mods we use in the OD modpack, recruitment to the MC division itself, player retention (monitoring DSL, listening to feedback, etc), and getting the modpack onto the Twitch launcher so that it is easier to access rather than manually downloading the mods through Dropbox. We are currently still working out the wrinkles within the division in terms of future recruitment (how can we get more people interested in the OD side of our game and server, rather than just the gaming pieces), slowing down the immediate progression to end game in the modded server, and growing our overall interest in the game itself. Active on Discord & forums and unhealthy amount of time. I'm always online on a daily basis on Discord. I have the app installed, I will answer as soon as I get a ping or a PM as I always have my phone on me or am on my PC. The only time I'm not available is when I am busy with IRL work. Similar to Discord, I live on forums and I check them too many times a day to be considered healthy. Forums are a secret addiction of mine and I am always watching for new threads to be posted. Attending Admin/Community meetings as often as I can. I work odd hours with my job, this is no secret at this point. Often times, I have to sleep during meetings so I can ensure I am alive during my shift starting at midnight.. or I am working during them. Even though I cannot attend in person, I try to make sure it is known that I won't be at the meetings by posting in the meeting topic and explaining why. Once the meeting recordings are posted, I listen to it once I am able so I can remain up to speed on the latest happenings and changes occurring on the admin side of things. Using my console for actions that are necessary. This is a point that I anticipate to get hounded on for due to the overall lack of use in my console as of late. I make it a point to vote on promotions for members that have made it clear that they would like to move up the ranks and show overall interest in the inner-workings of OD. I've had a few people ask why they are up for promotion when they do not care for the ranks or moving up through them, so I typically try not to put people up unless I know they have shown interest in actually continuing up the ladder here. I typically keep my votes to members I interact with or that I see interacting and bettering the community as a whole. I am stingy with my votes, what can I say. I try to participate in general eval posts & promotions as often as I can because the process is intriguing. Regarding medals, a large chunk of the current medals seem to be a little bit out of date so I struggle to find myself handing them out at this time as I overall do not support them in their current status. One of my further goals that I list below is assisting in the potential reworking of them (something I am waiting to hear back on still from the people working on that) so they include more community-wide and inclusive options that make them worth the while. The medals do not really seem to have a purpose at the moment, so revamping them in a more appealing way seems ideal. Goals for the Future: Work on ironing out several topics within the social media team: An end goal that I would like to reach is having at least one member per division on our social media team. This would ultimately allow more eyes on the posting side and perhaps allow for more content that speaks to the clan as a whole. I am working on a recruitment post that would detail what we are looking for on the team itself, as well as who to contact is members are interested in getting involved. Creating a schedule for meetings that would work for all involved members, or host meetings on a month by month basis (host a meeting once a month, vote on which days work for the next meeting). Expanding to Reddit is something that has been recommended a few times. Reddit is a popular website that expands across several communities, which may allow recruitment posts to get attention (yay recruitment to our divisions & squads!). Reviving the streaming efforts has been a topic brought up several times and I would like to see this hashed out so that it can be incorporated into our social media endeavors as well, namely in posting streams as they go live onto our pages (bot functionality is being discussed with JD). OD has several members with interests in streaming and it is well worth the effort to make an attempt to bring some life back to that section and get people involved. This is a newer involvement on my end and it comes with a learning curve, but the exacts are being worked out and will be discussed with JD in the coming days during our leadership meeting. Continue to assist the Minecraft division: A large chunk of my time within the Minecraft division has been working out what the players would like to see to keep them involved and interested. Communicating with the people actively playing is something I enjoy doing and will continue to do going forward. I want to see Minecraft succeed! It is a little cute block game that provides some peace of mind, which is something many people can enjoy. Updates are currently being discussed on the leadership side, particularly pertaining to map "seasons" (resetting the map on a timed basis, much like D2/D3 seasons, a fresh start). Perks in game for donations to OD are also things we have discussed. Recruitment is, as always, a second goal in mind within the Minecraft division. My mindset is that ironing out the game play issues should come first, then go full force with recruiting so that everything on our server is in tip-top shape for new members. This would ultimately give a better image for the division and for OD, since we are representative of the community. Lastly, creating division meetings will become a necessity going forward. Currently we focus primarily on leadership meetings, where we discuss the inner-workings of the servers themselves and the forward plans, but in the near future I think we need to get together with the division members and discuss these future plans in person rather than in the form of posts. This is something I intend to get the ball rolling on once the chaos in our lives calms down a little bit. Participation in Clan-wide discussions: Something that I have been rather lacking in over the past year has been my overall participation in clan discussions, especially on the admin level. I vote where I need to, I join meetings where I can - but in my eyes that is something I would like to work on more so I can participate and have more of a say in matter that are important. I have labelled out some goals below: Try to work admin meeting in around when I work. I currently am stuck in not so great shift hours due to being the new kid at my place of employment. I am typically working 4pm-12am or 12am-8am CDT, so I am either working during the meetings or I am sleeping so I am not dead during my upcoming shift. Clearly if I am working during the meetings, I won't be able to join them unless the weather is quiet, but if I am working on an early morning shift I may be able to maneuver my sleep schedule around the meetings. Be more active on all topics on admin boards rather than selective subjects I feel strongly about, as well as bring up more topics and ideas of change. The medal system is something I've felt strongly about for some time, so it is nice that others have brought it up - but perhaps I could've brought that up before. I should be less hesitant to bring up topics, what's the worst that could happen.. it's declined? Potentially look into the Rules Committee again, as it is something that still interests me - but on the other hand I think these positions should go to other ranks within the community to provide a well-rounded team, rather than another Officer or General. Conclusion: I hope this provides a brief summary of who I am, what I have done thus far, and what I would like to dip my toes into more in the future. If you have any questions or would like to elaborate further on any topics - please do not hesitate to poke me about it! I look forward to reading and responding to all input and feedback. As this is my first evaluation, please let me know if I missed anything. I read through some previous ones to get an idea on what to include but I just want to make sure 🙂 As a reminder, for those not fully familiar with the current evaluation process: Posts are limited to two question posts (which can have multiple questions per post), and one opinion or statement post per person.
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    @Terra Thank you for the feedback. I really do appreciate it, I mean i really do. I can agree that i should be more involved in some of the talks and make my voice louder. This is something I will work on, make it a new goal of mine in OD.. During our talks back in around sept, you made me aware of a problem withing my division. I went and talked to sassy and dbz about it and what we should do. At that time it seemed almost as dbz was already checked out, I didnt know he would retire but i suspected he would step down as D2 lead. Sassy was IA with plans to return soon. I did take steps to solve the issues you brought to me...At about this time is when i started training purplez as a lead. At this point i leaned on her and made sure she was involved in division talks. From our talks terra, you should be aware of the difficulties and issue that needed to be solved between the three of us. I regret that i was not more transparent with you here. There was still some things i was sorting out...In any event, I did my best to get thru that difficult time and correct an imbalance within the D2 division. To clear up the discord issue i mentioned, It was my opinion that the punishment being haned to an officer, 2 rank demotion, was too harsh. So I reached out to Dabomb and a couple other generals to talk about it and as a result a compromise was reached, a 1 rank demotion.. Terra thanks again for this feedback...It is quite valuable to me. I will definatly take to hear what you have said here....also, you used the word lackluster.......I will make it my mission to never be referred to as lackluster again 🙂
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    Happy 4th July hope you all have a great day -night much love Sas
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    Yeah. The 2 question 1 statement rule sucks. I can understand applying it to non-General members as their vote doesn't apply in phase 1, and we've had issues with less mature members in the past using evals for petty arguments. But to apply it to Generals, the people who *need* to ask questions and help a candidate understand our evaluation of them is counter-productive. I tried to change it before and was voted against, and I don't want to double-jeopardy it but if someone else ever makes a motion to change it I'd be all-in. It definitely needs some amendments. Aside from that, functionally the evaluations work pretty well. We've made only a few changes to it over the past year but most of the changes I agree wholeheartedly with. Separating positive nominations from negative, for example, was a superb idea. Ghost really deserves kudos for that one. My only other complaint aside from the aforementioned one is that our Clan seems to have bowed to the pressure of keeping evals, promotions, and a few other things overly serious. I don't mean to say that things like this shouldn't be taken seriously, they certainly should, but taking something serious doesn't mean there isn't room for some humor in it too. Evals are stressful, man. I just dropped a bombshell on PoPs' eval that if I were on the receiving end I'd be moping in my discord channel with a case of beer the rest of the night picking on Bahafresh to make myself feel better. The best cure for stressful moments is good humor, and somewhere along the lines we've really restricted that from evals and instead just embellished the serious and stressful nature that they already have. I gotta sneak all my good one-liners into the few posts I'm allowed to make. It's criminal. I'm undecided on whether to label it an issue, but it is something that can and should be improved I think. For the evals of all ranks, not just Commander. I feel like the opportunity that an eval could provide for a candidate is often under-utilized. I think there are some Generals who aren't really inclined to put in the effort involved in going over someone's performance, looking up their activity, their posts, and their accomplishments to see the good and bad, and instead they just kind of vote based on how they feel about the person at the time of the evaluation. If nothing bad comes to mind then vote them up the ranks. I think there are occasions where that may have led to some people receiving ranks prematurely, which doesn't really help the Clan and honestly doesn't really help the individual because now they are going to be held to expectations that they aren't really prepared to fulfill. In most cases though it just doesn't really help our candidates improve. We went years without a 4-Star General, even went a long time without a 3-Star for a while, and I think the heart of that problem was that people weren't being nominated or were being outright denied promotions because they didn't meet the expectations of the higher ranks, but no one really ever told them what they needed to do to earn it. We never gave a clear process of improvement, and so everyone kind of stayed the same, doing the same things and giving the same performance, and we just adopted a system of "you aren't there yet" for every evaluation. I think we are better now, I know I've tried to get better at it in the years since, but I don't think everyone has really embraced the better approach yet. I know in your own evaluation you talked a little about making it mandatory. I'm not really sure I'd be on board with that though. I don't necessarily think people should be forced to put in the effort for a better evaluation, and I don't really want the burden of trying to police that. Instead I think the rest of us should be doing a better job of including someone's history of eval voting as a reflection of their performance in their own evaluations. We should be actively saying "Hey, you do all these great things, but something that could really use improvement is the way you evaluate people during evals". I think that is what we should be doing, bringing attention to it and making it a part of earning the ranks that people want. <Side story, not really relevant> Before I was a Commander I used to be one of the first people to post a reply in evaluations, really made it a point to get my thoughts in there right away. And then that smug-ass Tris would always come along and point out these views and articles on how true leaders always weigh in last and all that. When I became a Commander, though, and especially when Tris retired, I took it a bit more seriously, and don't tell him I said so but I've come to admit there is definitely some merit in it. I'm sure he was speaking more from the kind of impact the "final say" has but from the way I look at it I have to be careful about how much my responses could potentially influence an evaluation, and if my assessment of a person could heavily influence the way others might vote then it would be better for my responses to come near the end so as to affect as little of an evaluation as possible. But then we get back to how other people might not put in the effort to fully evaluate a person's performance, and suddenly it becomes more important for people who do put in that effort, like myself, to post earlier in an eval so that those who don't can at least reference our findings. So in the end I'm stuck playing a balance game, where posting too early might influence an eval too much but posting too late might withhold information that other voters should have had. Ultimately I took a compromise, nowadays I generally don't add my response to an evaluation until phase 1 officially begins on the 14th of the month, to minimize the influence that I might have while still giving plenty of time for those who wait and see what I and others say before weighing in to consider what was said. (I made an exception this month though cuz there are sooo many evals) <Back on topic> I think if everyone were to put in the effort needed to review someone's performance and give a thorough evaluation, that'd be great. If they don't then whatever, it's a gaming Clan and even in the General ranks there is a limit to the amount of effort we're going to impose on people. But to those people who don't I will say this: If you are not going to put in the effort to thoroughly review someone's performance, then at the very least you should be providing your assessment near the end of the phase 1 evaluation date so that you can take into consideration the posts and perspectives of the people that have, along with the members that have worked alongside that person. Someone who isn't interested in putting in the effort, and isn't taking into consideration the posts and responses of the eval itself, and instead are just shooting from the hip with their vote to get it out of the way early, that isn't just lazy indifference, that's being irresponsible. And *that* I'm prepared to label an issue. Don't forget my modesty, only the best of Commanders could really show the kind of humbleness and humility for which I am so famously characterized for. It's my inner child struggling to get out. So far she's only managed to make a brief appearance during my evals before I send her back to her room.
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    JD, I don't know how you have slept since you've been back. 😐 Jokes aside, you've basically thrown yourself back into every possible thing you could possible throw yourself into since you've been back. I do not know how you thrive like this, it would stress me out to a maximum. You helped start TWO divisions (Halo primarily and helped us tons with Minecraft), constantly provide feedback and input on next steps for social media and helping me be more confident in pointing out when things are not going how I wish them to, games across several divisions/squads in the community, and so so so so much more. Your passion to grow and improve the community is something I truly enjoy seeing, and your willingness to sit down and get people involved that are also as passionate but don't know where to begin is beautiful. Your next star is well earned, friendo. I'm glad you're back and I look forward to seeing what else you can do in the future. I'm also borderline scared, you're a force to be reckoned with. You're also a fantastic friend and someone I am thankful to have grown close to over the last several months especially. Keep your head up, keep kicking ass, and keep being awesome ❤️
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    Do you feel you should have done anything more than what was done? Your evaluation is a perfect example for this question. My post here marks the 12th post on your evaluation. Do you feel this is a problem in terms of getting a fair review of your contribution and efforts to ensure the community is taken care of? Overall, turnout gets more and more lackluster each evaluation period we do, we generally have become very lax on what we expect the Generals to do in regards to their contribution to the process. I'll use Sassy as an example. Sassy automatically approved your evaluation with the reasoning of 'awesome girlfriend' and your '14 evaluations speak for themselves'. Or even Sunset's evaluation of you explicitly stating he's bias and automatically believes you should stay at your rank. Do you feel this is a fair assessment of your contributions? How would you, if you feel these are an issue, address them moving forward to ensure our Generals are held to a higher standard?
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    Julie....Im glad to see you get the chance to regain your star. Id say you served your time....anyways, I was there thru ur IA. At one point you were thinking about resigning the D2 lead....I talked you out of that because even tho u was IA, you and I still talked D2 issues and people. You helped me solve some minor issues we had.....I support your promo here GL
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    I've noticed the increase inactivity and am one who can attest to Sassy's availability whether it be night or morning she always around and that's even with the big difference in timezone. She recruits, she attends meetings, she leads and teaches other how to be effective leaders. I don't think i can think of anything else i can ask of sassy considering she has shown that shes here for the long run and will be a benefit to the division. Even when life has thrown a few wrenches in her spokes she still is here offering others her help. you get my vote sassy!!!!
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    I'll be using this topic to track the changes I make in discord going forward for greater viability and accountability on Discord. (e.g. Channel Editing, Channel Creation, Back End Role Edits, Etc...) 6/30/20 Edited Channel: Bnet channel: OP ClanOD Changed Name to :OP ClanOD Reason Performed: Requested by Sassy(OD) and agreed with change as the channel name was being cut off in the Discord UI and could not be properly viewed. Thus defeating the purpose of helping direct members to the B.net Channel.
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    Hey Redice! Quite a great start to your first General's evaluation! Your tenacity in re-starting the Starcraft2 division has been nothing but inspiring to witness... You've efficiently developed a way to garner new recruits, been maintaining your division member's interest by awarding medals / promotions, finding the right 'core' people you can rely on, being able to delegate tasks like hosting events and such, etc. - all traits of a successful division leader - and it shows because you are now here, waiting to be evaluated on becoming a General! Now let's get down to the gritty part - some questions for you! 😉 Considering it's a pretty drastic move to leave OD completely, for a mere "disagreement" or "misunderstanding" with another member / general, it must have been a pretty big one... Generals constantly are fluctuating between agreement and disagreement, be it voting on determining clan policies, new ideas being brought up, or just plain "butting heads" with other generals with different points of view. One thing I've witnessed in my time as a General, that our current pool of Generals are able to have "heated" debates on the forums going on, but still be able to have fun playing games together on discord at the same time - I wonder, given your past of stepping down from leadership and eventually leaving OD after a disagreement, how well would you be able to handle a "misunderstanding" (which happen ALL the time with written text), or being in disagreement with one or multiple other generals during a "heated debate" now, vs. how you handled it back then? Would you stand your ground, resort to taking things personally? Would you immediately back down? Would you repeat your past after losing such a debate, or would you be able to continue pushing through?
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    Hi JD...the topic of inactive officers was started within the d2 leaders awhile back. Myself sassy and purplez have discussed it and we try our best to train new officers with the skills needed to succeed. D2 as well as the clan as a whole need officers....to assist in the best way they can to help out wherever they are. We have had great successes as well as some failures here. I think it starts with good training, not everyone is good at everything but each has a strength that can be helpful to the clan. that being said, we still have inactive officers....Once a member reaches officer, there really is no "penalty" for being inactive. Teras topic is a discussion to help us recommend guidelines for inactive officers. I think there should be a limit to how much inactivity we see before a penalty is incurred. There should be a minimum level of activity expected from officers.That topic continues..... The eval process is importatnt...I think its definatly needed...it allows for members of this community to talk to and ask questions of the generals coming up....I have lived thru some changes already in the process and feel it works. I dont have any ideas of now for any improvements....ty JD
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    I do not need MMOrehab >:(.. Secondly what is a shiskaberry. It sounds cool. I appreciate your kind words as always Type ❤️ That is perfectly fine! I appreciate your criticisms and concerns. Part of the reason I wanted to proceed with the eval process was to learn and grow from the experience, so I appreciate the feedback you've given me 🙂 On a side note pertaining to my responses to everyone who will post in the next few days, I am temporarily hit and miss in terms of activity until the 1st of July. We've had to do some unexpected travelling due to a loss on my boyfriend's side and we are working towards getting back into the swing of things on top of emotionally getting back into the swing of things.
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    I little update I got today in an email https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo4/23463858/diablo-iv-quarterly-update-june-2020?utm_source=d4-q2-dev-update-3-20200625&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=marketing-na-3&utm_content=button-link-we-call-thee-home To the Diablo Community, Hello, and welcome to our latest Diablo IV quarterly update! We are excited to share some of the progress we’ve made on the game today. As is the case with many other game and technology companies at the time of writing this, the Diablo IV team has fully transitioned to working from home. While the transition has introduced challenges, we feel very fortunate to be able to keep momentum going strong on the development of Diablo IV. Back to Top TEAM PLAYTEST As with many other games, we organize the development of Diablo IV around team milestones. Often, these culminate with a build which we play together and talk about as a team. For example, the milestones leading up to BlizzCon 2019 culminated in a team playtest of the demo that helped us unveil the game during the show. Besides getting an early look at what other team members had accomplished, this also allowed us to stress test the demo, catch additional bugs, and make improvements before the show. For our most recent milestone, we focused on blocking in all the elements in a region known as the Dry Steppes, complete with campaign content, open world elements, itemization, a PvP subzone, dungeons, and a cinematic to cap the completion of the region’s narrative. Our goal was to then have the team play the game from home over the course of two full days, and then spend some time analyzing data and discussing our reactions. Of course, we play the game all the time, but we’re often examining individual features or areas. Taking the time to play the same build together as a team over multiple days gives us a different perspective. It lets us see how all the current features harmonize over a longer playtime. We had this as a goal before we knew we were going to move to a work from home environment, but as it turned out, it ended up being a really good way to reconnect as a team. Similarly, we hope that chatting about this playtest and sharing some screenshots with you will provide context for future blog updates (or pique your curiosity about future topics). It’s worth noting that the playtest also didn’t represent the entirety of our progress. Other regions of the game are underway. The Dry Steppes is just the region where we made a concerted push to create a complete and cohesive experience that we could draw observations from. Let us know if you liked this approach to the blog (or if you didn’t) and we can adjust future updates accordingly. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. Back to Top A WORD ABOUT BLOCKOUT Blocking out or “grayboxing” levels allows us to play areas where the art isn’t finished. As part of development, visuals are often kept in rough form so the game team can cheaply test ideas and iterate on them. If something isn’t fun, it’s much cheaper to change or discard a “blockout” asset than a final one. When we share models or screenshots with you, they are often quite far along to adequately convey our vision for the game. We don’t typically show blockout assets as they don’t really do justice to the engine or the artistry of the folks on the team, but as part of showing the “behind the scenes” of how we make the game, we thought you’d appreciate seeing the transition of blockout assets into more polished ones. Some of the assets shown in this blog might not be final, so please bear that in mind as you check the screenshots below. A classic demon from concept, to blockout, to in-game art Back to Top STORYTELLING A couple of things have evolved with how we deliver story in Diablo IV. First, we have conversations. In D3 we relied on UI panes with a character’s name and portrait. We’re experimenting with a mix of tool-generated and manually choreographed cameras to tackle conversations. For simple interactions with NPCs we bring the camera in closer to the characters (while still maintaining an overall isometric feel) and use a library of animations to deliver the general gist of the conversations. For more complex conversations, we take a similar camera approach but here the character’s movements and animations are more deliberately hand-crafted. This lets us deliver story moments that are complex while keeping you in the world as much as possible. Here’s a shot from one such interaction. A more zoomed in overhead camera helps us deliver simple story beats. The second storytelling method we are developing is real-time cutscenes (or RTCs). Here we grab your camera and treat the storytelling more like a movie, so we’re reserving this technique for the most important story moments. Having these be real-time has great advantages—we can show your character with their currently equipped armor as part of the scene, for example. But we can also display them at your current resolution and with your currently enabled graphics settings, so they end up feeling more seamless and like a part of the game. We showed you some early work on real time in-game cinematics during the BlizzCon demo. Our cinematics and engine teams have made a lot of improvements since then, so we were excited to see a fully produced cinematic serve as the climax to the Dry Steppes experience, and the team was not disappointed. Here’s a couple screengrabs that the story and cinematics folks have given us the go ahead to share with you as it shouldn’t spoil the details of what’s to come. In-game cinematics in Diablo IV set a properly dark mood Back to Top OPEN WORLD One of the main new features we are bringing to the Diablo series is the open world of Sanctuary. So, while you can concentrate on the story campaign and work through that, we have a variety of open world systems and pieces of content that you are also discovering along the way. If you want to take a break from the main campaign and go exploring, crafting, or PvPing, you are free to do so. During the playtest, we saw this variability in action quite a bit. On an average playthrough, team members took several hours to complete the campaign content for the region, but those who focused only on the story finished the arc in less than half the average time (and were, of course, able to do side content after that). We think the ability to approach the game with a different mix of story and side content tailored to your own appetite will make playing (and re-playing) the campaign more enjoyable than it has been in previous ARPGs. Playtests like this one allow us to collect and aggregate data to help guide our design. This distribution heatmap indicates areas in the Dry Steppes that saw the most traffic. While we have many open world activities, such as crafting, events, world PvP, and side quests, perhaps the most popular open world feature was Camps. These are locations of importance that have been overrun by enemies, which once cleansed turn into friendly outposts with NPCs and a waypoint location. While there is a backstory to each camp, most of the storytelling is visual and quests don’t directly send you to them. For example, one of the camps in the zone was a town afflicted by a curse that turned villagers into piles of salt. Another was a crypt, haunted by a spirit that possesses the bodies of various undead—jumping from skeleton to skeleton until you defeat him. We really dug the impact of seeing the world change as you reclaim a small piece of Sanctuary and bring hope back to its common folk. We look forward to the Open World designers showing you more about this feature in the future! Camps start out as hostile and turn into small hubs with a waypoint and vendors after being completed Finally, mounts were another thing you could obtain during the playthrough. We really liked how the open world interacts with mounts—you could get to your objectives more quickly without trivializing travel or combat. Itemization for mounts also opened up a new axis of progression. One of my favorite things about mounts was customizing it by attaching a trophy to the saddle to signal to other players that I had completed an obscure challenge in the zone. Of course, there is more work to be done on mounts. For example, on navigation and tuning, it is currently too easy to get stuck on stray pieces of collision or to get dismounted by a random enemy projectile. These are all things that are just going to get better the more we play and tune the feature. Back to Top MULTIPLAYER Fine tuning the right approach to multiplayer in Diablo IV has been challenging. Our goal has always been to incorporate elements from shared world games without the game ever feeling like it’s veering into massively multiplayer territory. To be clear, this is a philosophy rather than a tech limitation. We find that the game stops feeling like Diablo and the world feels less dangerous when you see other players too often or in too high numbers. Towns become social hubs where you can run into other players once key segments in the story are completed I’ll break down our experiences during the playtest with some examples. Dungeons and key story moments are always private—just the player and their party. Once story moments are complete and towns turned into social hubs, you’d run into a few people in town. While on the road, you’d sometimes run into a player here and there. And then finally, if you went to a location where a world event was happening, you would see a larger congregation of players trying to defend against an attack by a cannibal horde or trying to take down Ashava, the demonic world boss we showed at BlizzCon. It’s worth calling out that while some coordination is helpful during these events, you are never forced to join a party. Solo players can walk in, help complete the event, and claim a reward. We think this seamless approach to multiplayer is working well and look forward to sharing more about this approach with you. In our tests so far, the world feels alive and dynamic without compromising the feel of Diablo. And for players that do want to party up against the minions of Hell, we have new tools available to find a group, whether by activity or proximity in the game world. The World Boss Ashava shown during Blizzcon 2019 in Scosglen can spawn in the Dry Steppes as well Back to Top ITEMS AND PROGRESSION One of the things that was very useful about our two-day playtest was that we could get better feedback on progression as there was a sense of permanence. Gear and skill choices you make on day one have an impact on day two (though some people chose to roll alts as we had multiple classes to test). A friend of mine used to say that Diablo is the game that you keep playing inside your head and Diablo IV is no different. In addition to the official play time allotted to the team during the playtest, I could feel the game lingering in my mind, thinking about the items that could possibly drop for my build, and talents I could finally unlock to get me those key skill interactions. You might have already read the developer blog by David Kim shortly after last BlizzCon. In it, he describes new affixes and itemization philosophies. We’ll have a beefier update on items later in the year, but in the meantime, here are some items that dropped during the playtest to whet your appetite! Various items from the playtest utilizing the new attribute system. Note that the item icons are not final art Back to Top OTHER THOUGHTS The overall feedback from the team was that even at these early stages, Diablo IV is very fun to play. The classes especially are going down a promising path that we’re excited about. We’re taking cues from what makes the Barbarian’s Arsenal system or the Druid’s shapeshifting feel special and looking for ways to apply similar innovations to all classes (more on this in a future update). The playtest was also a really good way to put our tech through its paces. Since we played at home, we got to test the game on a lot of different setups—from graphics cards, to screen aspect ratios, to network speeds. We also had the opportunity to exercise our client-server technology, including deploying builds with fixes to bugs during the playtest. Of course, we still have a lot of work ahead of us and to be clear, we are not at an Alpha or Beta stage yet. We don’t typically discuss our early milestones publicly during the course of development, but we think it’s especially important to continue to share our progress during a year without a BlizzCon. Also, this was an important milestone for the team, as we feel it corroborated that we have all the key ingredients for a great Diablo IV (of course, we’ll continue to seek feedback and iterate as we drive to completion). We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and, as always, we welcome you to share your thoughts on the platform of your choice—whether it’s our own forums, other sites, or social media, we read and appreciate your comments and feedback. We were happy to see lots of great discussion after our last blog (which seeded a bunch of conversations on our end as well). We are also excited to see the range of topics you want to hear about. Based on your response so far, we think talent trees are by far what you’re the most eager to discuss, so we’ll make sure to queue that up for our very next blog. Items continue to be a popular topic and there was also a lot of interest in music. We are shooting to have more updates around those topics later in the year. Let us know how that sounds. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We can’t wait to share more of Sanctuary with you! Development is well underway outside the Dry Steppes. More of Sanctuary awaits in coming updates!
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    Aerineth, Don't hold back and hit me with the easy questions lol. Here's my take on those questions: 1. It's not like we don't have some fairly explicit rules for the clan, so I don't have any problems enforcing them. It's only human to make mistakes from time-to-time but I don't have a single problem suspending or disabling anyone from the clan. Not even the guys I game with regularly. If we let people trample what makes this clan special, we might as well be all the other wannabe guilds out there. I recently approached a D2 member to address probable botting/cheats. He quit the clan that night, and personally I would have given him one more chance before disabling but he saved me the trouble. 2. In the 4 short years I have been around we have had some serious personality clashes. I have with some degree of success gotten a few to understand where the other person was coming from. Lots of time it is just miscommunication, but every once in a while some people are just @ssholes. 3. We have from time-to-time had members that people take the wrong way. They have personal issues and such or just differing personality types. Sometime people are not what they appear to be, they are actually just being cautious, apprehensive, intimidated or the opposite...blatantly honest and brusque. 4. I don't see any major flaws in our community. I think that is what keeps a lot of us here. Just enough rules and policies, but nothing absurd. A great place to develop gaming/personal relationships. If I were not to get this promo? I would still fight for what is right and share the concerns of all members of my decision. Hope that sufficiently addresses any concerns you might have. We have had limited communication thus far. But I do respect your opinion.
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    Thanks Sassy for your vote. ❤️ It means a lot. No, it didn't help overcome the demons.. in fact sometimes they made them worse. When you've nothing to do, or incapable of doing something to get your mind doing something, then all you have are the demons. I can definitely say it did not help at all. Fun fact, I actually had a heavy drink a few weeks ago, and after two shots, I was so sick of it. My body essentially rejected the notion of drinking. Beer I can stomach maybe a can/bottle but then it just knocks me out.. so I just don't bother anymore. Turns out the brief time I get from it only grants me an annoyance so I don't feel my money is well spent, so I just don't anymore. In re-reading my eval briefly, I realized I didn't actually clarify who I worked with. Compfreak and JD both helped me with the system and by no means do I claim total ownership of the project. We each worked together to come up with what we presented, and I posted in the Clan Information Forum.
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    Maybe, I try to keep the guide to everything stacked with info that is relevant to everyone, as obviously the scope of the guide can get pretty extensive pretty quickly, as I'm sure you've seen. Whether or not reinstatement policies should be included is kind of straddling the line, but then again the absence of information on it obviously led to some confusion here so at the very least I suppose I can include a link to something with the info I posted here. On the other hand, if information becomes too easy to get then it'll rob me of my opportunity to show off my knowledge and explanation skills in future evals. But I suppose that is a sacrifice I must make for the good of the Clan!
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    @Solaris(OD) @EdgiestWall(OD) @TypeReaL(OD) Will be in group two it looks like so far with sneaky squid, me and maybe @Azzuryon(OD) if he is up for necro or barb for start. Looking forward to the grind. Depending on play times we may be able to fumble around groups a bit since some of us won't be on at launch! Thanks for responding to forum post ya'll Still room for 2 more guys across both teams so keep an ear out for others that are interested
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    I see a strong, passionate and very intelligent person within your words. Very beautifully explained and I applaud you for your hard work and dedication you've put into this clan. I wish to continue to see Terra(OD) as one of our commanders. Thank you!
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    Oh and I almost forgot. For normal circumstances I 100% agree, IA means IA. People who say they can't be around shouldn't be around, and typically this is the rule, and the rule is enforced. It has only been temporarily changed recently after some of our members were reported sick with COVID-19. We tried to be understanding and supportive of those who were sick in the hospital or in quarantine. It's hard to focus on admin responsibilities when enduring the kind of symptoms that covid presents, but at the same time being isolated or stuck in a hospital meant that OD was one of the only ways these people had to connect with others, so we created a special exception during the pandemic strictly for those who are sick. Of which the high-ranking member you are thinking of was among.
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    So, as far as questions go that is a pretty excellent one to ask. I say question as in singular but there are actually three different topics wrapped up in your post there which, while related to each other, each still have their own platform of discussion. Forewarning, governing a Clan is complicated. If that wasn't obvious before then it will be after this. These are the three subjects I'll be going over. 1. What are the rules regarding re-enabling someone 2. Why was the automatic demotion upon reinstating someone removed 3. Why was Aerineth reinstated at Commander rank Here we go. What are the rules regarding re-enabling someone The answer, actually, is not many. The General's Board has a guideline on what rank to typically reinstate someone at. Enlisted - Return at same rank W.O. 1/2 - Return at Sergeant Major W.O. 3/4/5 - Return at W.O. 1 Officer / Sr. Officer - Return at W.O. 5 Former Generals who rejoin are typically given one demotion automatically upon rejoining plus an additional demotion for every 6 months they were gone. This is the guide that Hari was referring to. However these guidelines are not meant to be absolute, and in fact the written guide in the General's board specifically states that it is not a rule and is instead intended to be used as a reference for those who aren't certain what rank to reinstate someone at. There is really only one rule practiced for reinstatement: If a member was dishonorably disabled for their actions, then they can't be re-enabled without the consent of the person who originally disabled them. Outside of that, the Clan's official stance on reinstatement is that it is entirely at the discretion of the person who is re-enabling them. Although if the person being reinstated was a high profile individual that left on dramatic terms (i.e. Ray, AOL) then it is *expected* that you will consult with the other admins before re-enabling them even if you were the one who originally disabled them. That isn't an official rule but you'd piss off a lot of people if you didn't do it, so prudence demands it anyway. Now I know what you are probably thinking; WHY is something like reinstatement so unregulated and left up to individual discretion? Seems like the kind of thing you would want rules for right? Well surprisingly you actually don't, and there are two reasons for that. The first, and bigger reason, is because the circumstances in which people are disabled can be very very different. On the surface it doesn't appear to make sense that if two members were disabled at MWO5 rank that one should be let in at WO1 and the other gets to return at MWO5. Doesn't seem very fair. In reality though what isn't fair is treating all disablements like they are the same. An MWO5 who was disabled because they wanted to go join their friend's Clan and only came back a year later when they realized their friend was an idiot isn't the same as an MWO5 who was disabled because they were in a really bad place and they needed to fix some serious life problems, but are able to rejoin 6 months later once things are under control. Disablements aren't like demotions, which are universally handed out for something bad. Disablements can be good or bad, necessary or whimsical. One person could just be bored, while another is going to rehab. Another person could quit because they had a fight with a General, while another might leave because they have to go take care of their parents. The driving point is that the circumstances in which people are disabled are not the same, and therefore they can't be treated the same upon being reinstated. They have to be judged on a case-by-case basis. (Although those reinstating can still be held accountable for bad judgement or blatant favoritism) The second reason isn't as much of an influence as the first, but it does have some influence. And that is the circumstances of the Clan at the time a person is reinstated. I'll be covering this in more detail when I explain Aerineth's reinstatement at Commander. Why was the automatic demotion upon reinstating someone removed There were actually two automatic demotions the website performed, and we removed them both. One was the automatic demotion for reaching max DSL and the other was the automatic demotion upon being reinstated. Both were basically removed because all they really did was create extra steps for the person reinstating someone. We removed the automatic demotion for max DSL because we really don't punish people for their DSL anymore. I know things were different for many years, especially in the earlier years of OD, low DSL was an expectation and members who disregarded it were seen as being irresponsible or negligent. But that kind of expectation simply doesn't work in the modern days of gaming, nowadays the DSL system is only a means of tracking who is active and who isn't, that is the sole priority behind it. It's common knowledge that the DSL system serves as a bit of a turn-off for new recruits, and any member of OD who has been around a while can surely recall how many times people have proposed that we just get rid of it altogether. Unfortunately we can't get rid of it completely, but I've spent a number of my years in OD pushing for ways to make it as painless as possible for members, and removing the website's demotions for it happened to be in line with that goal. The automatic demotion upon reinstatement was removed because it was legitimately pointless. The website automatically demoted every member who was reinstated down to Staff Sergeant, except for former Generals which it demoted down to MWO5. While demotions are still pretty commonplace alongside reinstatement, they aren't generally the 7 - 10 rank demotions that the website gleefully liked to give out. As rank upon reinstatement was at the discretion of the re-enabler anyway it just made more sense to leave it to them. Why was Aerineth reinstated at Commander rank Although reinstatement rank is technically at the discretion of the person reinstating, you would not be remiss to think it a bit unusual for a former Commander to be let back in right at Commander rank again. Although Aerineth's circumstances were among those "life difficulty" circumstances I described above, most people would consider it reasonable for him to have been reinstated at 4-star rank, including Aerineth himself actually. The reason he was not is because of that second reason I mentioned before, the circumstances of the Clan. The first priority of any good admin is to always do what is best for the Clan as a whole. Giving people what they deserve, whether it be promotions or demotions, is well and good, and a solid policy for any admin to practice. But at the end of the day the community comes first, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. That was the deciding factor behind Aerineth's rank upon reinstatement. At the time, and as is largely still the case, the global situation with the pandemic has left both Badboi and R.agnarok severely tied up, the former because he works at a hospital and the latter because he helps companies develop their online business practices, and right now every company needs an online business practice. This really left only me to serve as the single active Commander for all of OD, and needless to say it isn't ideal for the Clan to have only one active Commander available. It's a lot of work, not to mention none of us really want the entire Clan to fall under the supreme and uncontested rule of dark queen Terra, do we? So because of that situation, and the fact that Aerineth hadn't really been gone that long, we decided it was in the best interest of the Clan to reinstate him at Commander rank again so that there could be two accessible Commanders available to OD. That said it came with the condition that he post an eval as well, so he'll have one here too. If you really don't think he should be a Commander again then feel free to vote his fat ass back down to 4-Star.
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    D3 Division leader : @TypeReaL(OD) Co-leaders : @Immortalmaddness(OD) @EdgiestWall(OD) and Hari(OD)
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    ty sir should be a fun ladder for pvp, lots of people comin back with covid 2nd wave
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    Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers on OD hope you have amazing day and get spoilt and happy heavenly Father’s Day to all who’s fathers have passed and we miss dearly love Sas 💙💙💙💙
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    Hahaha...i feel like I'm missing lyrics to this song
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    Thanks for posting yet another evaluation Kev . There is absolutely nothing I can ask or question you about I know what you have done over the years and what you’re all about , I’m on game and discord every day together you have become a good friend too me I’m so glad you’re doing another eval back where you belong I say , and you get my full support without a doubt good luck with the rest of you’re evaluation Kev 💙+1 from me
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    I am geared to rush, not going to be the fastest, but we can do it no problem 12 completed so far
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    Got my support. Even if your at an 1/8th of the capacity you were at prior, you would still have 100% of my support. OD in general is a better place when your around. Activity on discord for d2 has tripled since your return. Only member in the clan that has the ability to bring others together consistently the way you do.
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    he gets emails everytime you do this @DBZ(OD) Time to rejoin the...winning...side...?
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    Oh, I feel your pain man! I have 2 Blood Fiends, one is 50th level, the other somewhere in his 30's, two Holy warrior wanna-bees (34th level Paladins right now), and a 30 something rifleman turned Mortar team, plus various low level guys I cannot make up my mind about, lol. I am slowly amassing info and experience, and plan to do much in the way of picture heavy threads, that hopefully can teach folks how to work the basics of the game. There is just so much to this game. I enjoy talking with Glorn (the creator of "The Cave"), and some of his in crowd are quite helpful with info and links. If I had a better computer, I would try to make videos as part of the help files, but the task is going to take months, and at some point I'm going to have to have some help from other players. I don't want to start recruiting folks for the cave until I know I can provide enough helpful advice and documentation to make the game far less confusing for new players, and think that getting existing clan members to at least level one or two characters up to level 11, so that they have a good working knowledge of the basics, and can serve as a cadre of experienced players, so that all the questions and confusion can be answered by several players, not just me, for all our future recruits. 🙂 Does clan Overdosed have any members that are good at making instructional videos? Are there many members that would be willing to participate in a limited way, so that we can have our own core group of players to teach the basics to new recruits and help develop all the stuff to support what might become a new squad, or even division? I like helping people, and this game needs folks to do that, and right now I can help folks play through their first 2 quests, that get them into town, and from there they can complete a couple more quests without heading back out into the wilderness for more exploration and adventuring. To start off with, I would like to limit our initial foray into "THE CAVE" to have a role-play kinda feel for those that want that kind of experience, and would like to keep the spoilers to a minimum for that group the players, as they learn the ins and outs of the first few Regions in the overland map. The story line is a quest driven one, and there is plenty of room for things to get confused, and messed up, and to prevent frustration as much as possible, I would make the suggestion that initial games have folks play 1st level characters, in a party, and stick together, with special attention paid to keeping folks all up to date on the quests they have enabled. My limited playing within 10 player games, let me see that their is a need for organised play, and this needs someone that knows a bit about the game to be a "Party Leader", and working to improve the gaming experience for the group as a whole, to prevent quests having to be repeated, sometimes over and over again within the same game, because someone didn't click on something when they needed too, and so didn't complete (or even activate) a given quest, and this means either the whole group needs to redo, or the unlucky guy has to fall behind by redoing one or more quests the rest of the party has completed, and this effectively means that they get left behind. 😞 Anyway, I want to refrain from posting more pics for a day or three, until the leadership can give me the green light to post many, many more. Love the game, and interested in playing this every day personally, but looking for folks that can spare an hour or three, once a week or so. We need to have times set up for initial walk through of the first couple of quests, both with and without people that take the time to work together, and only have to do quests once for their team.
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    Put a huge smile on my face when I went to check the poll and realized there was only ONE candidate rofl
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    Hey guys, like I mentioned in discord. I'm always open to pitch in and help where its needed. I travel allot for work and cant always be on but if that's cool with you guys I would be more than happy to help. If it matters at all @Immortalmaddness(OD) has may vote. I think he would be great.
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    Hey everyone, Some of you may be wondering if there's going to be events in the future. Let me just say right now that yes, there will be. But, at the moment I'm a little burnt out on them and want to chill for a bit and try some new things. So, here's what's going to happen for events: 1. July will be a normal month, with scheduled Halo 3 and Reach-centered events. Expect typical Forge silliness and something new coming up if the members increase the way I think they will. 2. For the rest of June, I will occasionally host some game nights at random when I feel like it. These could be at literally any time and could be literally anything, but I will give a day's notice. 3. Morgan won't host anything until further notice. He's basically gone MIA and hasn't been pinged on anything in weeks, and we don't just mean Discord. We literally mean anything. So, in terms of events it's up to me and JD every now and then. Here's to hoping it's an extended vacation. 4. With Forge coming out, we will make a push towards Forge-centric competitions. So for the end of July our goal is a Forge-build contest where you send in your submissions for whatever you've created. We want to avoid what happened with Conquest as in my opinion it was basically a glorified Halo 2 map rotation slayer server. There's not enough people to support an event like that right now. Also, the division is not dying. The people who have been trickling off have been inactive for weeks anyways. So in terms of population it has been like this for about 2 weeks anyways. Doesn't mean we shouldn't recruit people, however. So, for those wanting to get your friends into Halo consider having them join OD. After all, you'd be in the running for some cool prizes like gift cards and promotions! Every group goes through a lull like this, and considering what's happened to many Halo clans it's impressive that we haven't fallen apart, and more so that we're still doing fairly well right now. So rest easily because Overdosed isn't going anywhere. We may be old-fashioned, but we are structurally sound. Have a great rest of your day, Zakspeeed(OD)
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    While I was reading your evaluation, this caught my eye. I can vouch for this entirely since I have seen you discuss issues with Terra, I personally very much like the way you can debate and hold your ground, and I honestly took your side on some resolutions on the backstage of things, but for a specific reason, I decided to publicly go along with the other side. This reason is, firstly, I have experienced personally, the situation where you have left a discussion in the middle of it, because you were discontent with the outcome of it. This will be a luxury that you will no longer have when you reach this next rank. All our Generals are expected to be level headed without exceptions. And secondly, there was an incident with you and one of our Generals a year ago that didn't really have a satisfying resolution, so I will ask my two questions. Are you prepared to bare when things go a way that you do not like, while continuing to express professionalism? And secondly, do you have any plans to alleviate the incident that was put on hold the past year?
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    Thank you cindy means a lot!! Yes I agree on the officers/admin boards and I have started to do so the last week or 2. The topic posted a few days ago in the division boards would be a great start. I have not heard any feedback on it but the reason I bring it up is because I've had a few members from other divisions come to sc2 and want to recruit and had no idea where to start. Often times gamers will get bored and venture to other games as I'm sure we all have at one point or another. I think a guide would really help the new members, or even help the current recruiters freshen up their process of recruitment and give them new ideas to draw in new members.
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    I feel like you covered my question in a satisfactory manner. We do currently have members of of the General/Commanders rank that don’t attend or occasionally miss meetings. I think that if you have a plan in place and you remain dedicated to stay on active and listen to recordings and chime in etc. this would keep the balance. I have no further questions for you at this time. Im comfortable giving you my support on your eval and proving you my +1. Good luck!
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    I am usually able to find a question or two for most people but I am struggling with you... So let me start off by saying that I am 100% behind the nomination from @Terra as myself and everybody else has seen what you have been doing with the community and appreciate all of the efforts. That being said, you have support from me. I would to ask for a request however. If possible, would you be able to post updates on progress with your discord project? That would include integrations, issues, and maybe even a roadmap. I can't really speak for everybody else but I myself and fascinated by stuff like that. Once every other week or even a month would be nice 😄 GL @JD_FKA_Xayj(OD) if I think of anything between now and the end of your eval I will be sure to return!
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    I swear, both you and RedIce got my message and basically sprinted at the forums.... lol --- I'm sure some people are going to be turned away by the wall of text. I know it's not my style of Eval posting. But reading through it, it answered a lot of my questions I was planning on asking here for you. If not all of them. But as this is your first time in the big leagues. I can't just let you go without ANY questions. ---- Kait, While you're arguably fairly active around the community with the founding of the minecraft division along side SalinePandora. Your activity within LoL and always looking for a rejuvenation in that squad and your work in the Social Media team just to name a few. Your presence around the community sometimes is like an echo... or a shadow. Your past accomplishments are for sure noteworthy and your recent ones are definitely something to encourage and reward. But the elephant in the room I'd like to address here is your something you pointed out yourself. How quiet and withdrawn you can be which has been only empowered by your inability to come to most meetings and participate in community functions due to your work schedule. In the past we've had Generals that have had issues with not being able to handle the work/life/community balance and fizzled out back into the officer ranks. You touched on this in your eval mentioning that you live on the forums and always listen to the meeting recordings when they are available. Do you think this is enough to balance your current inability to come to meetings and attend events as they are happening in most occasions?
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    Thank you for taking the time to post your Eval. You even beat me on putting mine up. I'm usually the first... lol I don't think anyone can deny the hard work you've put into your division these past few months or the time you're putting into helping out the community as a whole by getting involved. Seeing your history in OD and seeing your present work. I can't say I have any questions at this time in regards to your promotion to 1 star. I think it's well deserved. You have my support for this evaluation. Good luck! 🙂
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    First things first thank you for posting a eval sweet kait . you have been in od for while now which game have you most enjoyed playing and helping out with and why .🌹🌹
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    Creating a Category Hello everyone! Today we're going to be going over how to create a category within discord. When creating a basic category for channels in discord you'll want to follow steps below. Click the channel tree Create Category Name Category Right Click new Category Edit Category Edit Permissions Add Forced PTT Remove Voice Activity Power from Forced PTT x2iPhJ5VTQ.mp4 Just follow these simple steps when creating a category and you'll always have created a basic one correctly. For advanced category with advanced permissions. You'll want to reach out to our Generals/Commanders for help configuring these channels.
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