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    There are a few different ways that I have found to work well when it comes to recruiting. One way you can find people to recruit that doesn't require much effort is to present the option to people that you've met in game. Another way you can go about recruiting is finding forums that you can make a good advertisement post on. Just make sure you don't try to sell something we don't offer, and make sure to include a way of contacting you such as your Discord username that they can use to add you. After they add you and you accept reach out to them with a message. You can also find other Discord servers for the game you play and post an advertisement on a clan recruitment type channel if they have one. To be most effective try to remember to comment or re-post your advertisement once a day so it stays at the top of the forum or Discord channel you are posting to. The last way you can find people to recruit that I have used in the past is your real life friends. If you have a real life friend who plays the same game why not ask if they want to join a clan, and have a bunch of people to play the same game with? πŸ™‚ -Raged(OD)😁
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    As some of you may know, I have been encouraging a handful of people in the D3 community to roll a character and learn a role or two for rat runs. At the moment there are 4 of us in the clan that know how to do these runs, but I am always interested in finding more. After a suggestion from Silent and Redops, I decided that I would make a forum post to potentially call more attention to the groups. So what the hell are rat runs? Rat runs are a type of paragon power-farming used to grind lots of paragon points in the endgame to help you push farther with your main in GRs. These runs follow one general premise -- Farming greater rifts from 95+ up to 120 in between 2 and 3 minutes per run. Rat runs groups consist of 3 Necromancers and 1 Barbarian. Necromancer 1: Legacy of Dreams Skeleton Mages (DPS) Necromancer 2: Legacy of Dreams Skeleton Mages (DPS) Necromancer 3: ZeroDPS Brittle ZNec (Support) Barbarian: ZeroDPS Pickup Radius ZBarb (Support) Every role plays an extremely important part in these runs and keeps the group functioning like a well-oiled engine. Anyone who has any questions can send me a message on the forums, in-game, or on Discord and I will be more than happy to help you out. So who the hell would do these? Before making this forum post, our current roster is Bird - DPS Souljar - DPS Immortal - ZBarb Azzuryon - ZNec If you are interested in joining, shoot me a message on any platform. You don't have to be experienced. You don't have to be good. You don't have to be anything other than interested. We will teach you any role you want to play. The most sought after roles are the 2 support roles at the moment. So how the hell do I contact you? Here on the forums In-game: Bird#12651 Discord: Bird#9999 Look forward to playing, nerds.
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    I went ahead, and Pinned this for you! Great work guys!! πŸ™‚
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    Hello all, financial advisor here. Just wanted to provide some insight in hopes of helping anyone here avoid making big (and unfortunately COMMON) mistakes with their 401(k)s or other investments. I know many of you may be too young for this to be applicable, but I also know that there are many of us here who are adults working full time jobs and so I hope this info is relevant. In short, DON'T HIT THE SELL BUTTON. Just don't do it. That's the worst financial decision that one could make with their 401(k) right now. If you already hit the sell button, HIT THE BUY BUTTON. Markets on discount right now and are likely cheaper than when you hit the sell button, so you can still turn that bad decision into a profitable one. Dropped 10% today. Ride this out. The reason that a lot of people lost money in 2008 is because they didn't have someone like me to tell them not to sell, and they got scared, and made a decision based on that fear to sell, and it cost those individuals a gross amount of money. Remember, buy low, sell high. If there are questions and this info is actually applicable to people here and you would like me to elaborate on this, please let me know and I'll go into much more detail explaining this. Until then, I won't bore you with explanations and graphs.
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    well folks quite soon i will be here a lot more. due to the fact that i am about to lose my job. i think after getting up at any hour in the night or in the day i am going to sing the jonny paycheck song to my boss. i will stop being a decated electronic technision. i will become a video game player. i bet you wonder why this is happening i got my first job in sept of 1967 well i been at it for a few years but soon i will be gainfully unemployed. i will be back then.
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    Thank you each and every one you that's posted , im doing a lot better then i was, my chest does'nt feel like its being crushed like last week its eased up a bit still have a bit oxygen in the mornings or when im having a hard time with my breathing but its nothing like it was still have this bad cough though , this shit has scared the life outta me still got high fever but i'm here still that's the main thing, not seen my family since last week thats the hardest thing cant see anyone but i will when they let me home when that is i dont know as of yet as they said im still poorly i can't thank our doctors and nurses enough what they are doing its just amazing ... thanks again all you loves you loads <3<3<3 love Sas
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    I am honored and excited to be nominated for a promotion to Lt. General. My previous evaluations list my background here: https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/69747-purplezod-second-evaluation-january-2020/ https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68461-purplezod-first-evaluation-march-2019/ Covid-19 has turned everybody's daily life upside down worldwide. We are all under an incredible amount of stress both emotionally and financially as well as being worried about what the future may hold. In this time of social distancing, it is internet groups such as Clan Overdosed, that will provide us with a de-stressing safe place. The community atmosphere and welcoming nature that is fostered in Clan OD and the basis of what Clan OD stands for is never more apparent then in this time of great need. Since 2010, Clan OD has strived to be as welcoming to individuals in the gaming world as it can be. We do not allow discrimination in any manner nor bad manners or ill will toward anyone. THAT is why I stay in Clan OD. THAT is why I try to do my part to keep this community together. THAT is why I promise to you that I will continue to do everything in my power, no matter what rank I am, to keep this community and family like atmosphere safe. I put in many hours, as a lot of members do, offering what I can in my skill set. My accomplishments as exhibited in my previous evaluations and my continuing efforts are all aimed toward that goal. I am now proud to say I am a co-leader in the D2 division. Recently, I prepared and distributed a questionnaire to all D2 generals and officers to ascertain playing times and where training was needed. I've also prepared several guides for the OD Academy and plan to do more. Because, as we all know, education is the key to making this community continue to grow and allow fair treatment to all our members. I hold many contests and support any who do to keep members interested and coming back for more. For every member I put up for promotion, if they haven't used their console, they get a private message from me, sending them guides. I spend hours individually with members training to recruit and to use their console both in game and on Discord. I've also been expanding my gaming experience by trying FFIV, POD, Ark, and D3. I visit the various Discord channels and watch other divisions members play their games via stream. That way I get to know many members and new games at the same time. It's like watching tv lol I encourage everybody I can to use the forum. I also read every single post that is made, and usually comment on them, trying to offer support where I can. I am active in the Generals' board offering my input on suggestions as well as attend every admin/general meeting I can. In fact, I just hosted my very first admin meeting on March 22 and am now on the list to host every four months or so. I help maintain the JSP Guild, maintain a channel announcement bot in D2, and maintain bumpers for grushes as well as a Chantress. I am also the host for the bi-yearly Clan Awards. I send out monthly D2 newsletters -- up to over 50 volumes now -- although I did miss February. I am very active on Discord and, I believe, I was very helpful in making the transition from TeamSpeak to Discord easier for a lot of members. I also post on our Facebook page any new content from the forum and am on the social media team. I am also on the R&R team. I also mediate issues that arise among members and resolve conflicts. During this Phase I part of the evaluation process, every member is welcome to ask up to two questions as well as post an opinion statement. I invite you all to put your input here. Once Phase I is over, the generals and commanders will vote on whether I proceed to Phase II. If I pass to Phase II, then my name will go up on the regular promotion board and ALL community members are welcome to vote, but everybody only gets 1 vote. (Commanders and Generals cannot vote on the Phase II part since they already voted during Phase I.)
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    First, I’d like to say thank you to all that have done a wonderful job taking part in this contest & we did not have a short amount of people who submitted. So many members took part, and their time to show us some fantastic work. And that always is appreciated here in OD your time, and work, and efforts to make this community a great one! πŸ™‚ I definitely do look forward to seeing many other projects down the line as we had some really talented members. Second, I will like to DONATE the FG to our clan as a whole, and same goes for the cash-prize!! We all have Won as a clan so we should all get a chunk of the reward. So what better way can I do this but donate to US, for future improvements, gear for our members who need it the most in our mules, and such etc. Thanks again - S.K
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    Nice works guys, keep them coming. Might do a few myself this weekend. Looking forward to the changes on the website in the future.
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    Guide to Recruiting and Voting on Trial Members I will be splitting this guide up into two main sections. The first section will be the Guide to Recruiting, and the second section will be the Guide to Voting on Trial Members. Introduction to Recruiting and Voting on Trial Members Before a member can be selected as a recruiter, and vote on trial members, they must be assigned recruitment powers on the website. Officers and Generals - Can assign recruitment powers to anyone who is a Staff Sergeant and above. Commanders - Can assign recruitment powers to anyone, even those below Staff Sergeant rank. Typically Recruitment Powers are only granted to members if they've already hit Staff Sergeant rank, and request them. However exceptions can be made for lower ranked members if they have demonstrated a strong willingness for recruitment (i.e. Actively spread the word of OD to people they game with, draw a lot of people to our channels and Discord) Once recruitment powers have been granted to someone, any new members who register on the site will be able to select them from the Recruiter drop-down menu, and they will also be able to approve those applications, and vote on them and any other Trial Members. Although any member can recruit for any Squad and Division, even if they aren't a part of it, different Divisions can have different requirements for recruits (Certain level or rank requirement in-game, for example), which must be respected. Recruiter Responsibilities - A recruiter is responsible for understanding and abiding by the expectations of the Division they are recruiting for. - A recruiter is responsible for explaining the DSL system to anyone they recruit, and reminding their recruits to log in if their DSL gets high until they develop the habit of doing so on their own. - A recruiter is responsible for gaming with their recruits, answering any questions they have, and making them feel welcome in the Clan. Note: It is the responsibility of anyone granting Recruitment Powers to explain to them their responsibilities as recruiters. Trial Membership is the period in which the Clan can evaluate a new individual's ability to be a friendly and positive part of the community before committing them as a full member. How it works Once registered on the Trial Membership, a Trial Member has 15 days to acquire a certain number of votes from other Recruiters. The exact number of votes required can differ depending on the Division. Upon reaching the exact number of votes required to pass, 7 days will be knocked off their wait time by default (i.e. a member who had 14 days left gets their required votes, their remaining days will automatically be set to 7 days left instead). Additionally for every point above the required number of votes they need, the Trial Member's number of days in Trial Membership will drop by another one. The website is set to erase the profile of any Trial Members who fail to pass. This is different from full members, whose profiles are stored in the website database indefinitely, even after disablement. A Trial Member who fails will have to re-register on the site. If an error occurs during the Trial Membership process, a General can manually re-add people (Their OD name and e-mail will be needed) and can even set it so that the new member can skip the Trial Membership process rather than having to do it over again, if the error occurred when they were going to pass. Guide to Recruiting Step 1: Initiate a conversation while making sure to be friendly, No one likes to talk to someone who is unfriendly and uninterested in what they are doing or talking about. Once you have confirmed their interest in joining the clan move on to "Step 2." Step 2: Tell them that we have a short recruitment process that requires them to register on our clan website, and then ask them if that is ok. If they say "yes" then move on to "Step 3." If they say no don't get frustrated because not everyone is going to want to put forth the effort to sign up. Explain to them that it's understandable, and to message you if they ever change their mind in the future. Step 3: Send them a link to our website https://www.overdosed.net , tell them to choose your name as their recruiter, and let them know to ask if they end up having any questions, and to let you know when they've finished. Once they have finished move on to "Step 4." I will list common questions below, and the answers to them. 1. Where do I go to sign up? There is a little button at the top that you click that says "Register." 2. What do I put in the search box? You can use the search box to search for your recruiter's name or you use the drop down menu and find them manually. 3. What are the votes for? The votes help filter out members who don't follow our rules, or could end up being a problem in the future. 4. What does DSL mean? DSL means "Days Since Login" which is how many days it's been since you last logged into the website. 5. Are additional comments required? No. You can leave that blank. Step 4: Now is when you will go on the website to approve your recruit's registration. You will start by clicking the "Console" button at the top of the website. After that you will click the button that says "Recruitment." Then you will click the button that says "New Applications" as shown in the pictures below. Step 5: Next you will be able to see your recruit's name, email, and an option to "Approve" or "Deny" their application. You will choose the "Approve" option, and click the "Submit" button. If you have no idea who the person is that sent the application go to "Step 5 Deny" Otherwise move on to "Step 6." Step 5 Deny: If you have an application of someone that you have never met or talked to you will choose the "Deny" option and click "Submit." Then you will write a simple reason as to why you are denying their application such as, "I have never met this person" in "Comments" section, and you will then click the "Deny Application!!" button. Step 6: Next you will choose how many votes you will be giving your recruit under "Vote Worth," and you will type out three reasons they deserve to be in the clan in the "Comments" box. Generally I put that they are active on the game they play, they are GM which means good mannered, and that they have an interest in the clan. After you've done those things you will click the button that says "Approve!" Step 7: Next you will confirm that you do indeed want to approve their application by clicking the button that says "Approve!!" Once you approve their application your recruit will receive an email that they can use to set their password for the website. Step 8: Let your recruit know that they should have an email that they can use to set their password, Also ask them if they could try logging in once they've set their password, and to let you know once they've done that. If they have trouble logging in ask them if they included the "(OD)" connected to the end of their name. If you still have issues contact someone in the clan who is an Officer or higher rank so they can try doing a password reset. Step 9: Once they've logged in explain that logging in is how they reset their DSL on the website, and that the DSL system is just our clan's way of keeping track who is still active in the clan. I add this step because some people don't read the explanation of the DSL policy when they register on the website so it's good to reaffirm it. Also let them know that once they finish their trial period they will be able to link their Discord and/or Steam accounts to the site to help with keeping a low DSL. Explain that it resets your DSL using Discord when you send a message in a text chat or join a voice channel, and that Steam resets it any time you play a game using Steam. You should also explain that they can receive votes from other members by being friendly, keeping a low DSL, and showing activity on Discord and their main game played and that it's against the rules to ask for votes. Step 10: Ask your recruit if they have Discord if you haven't already established that they do, and if they don't then kindly ask them to download it. Let them know that Discord is how our clan/community communicates so it is highly recommended they use it. Then you will need to provide them with our Discord server link which is https://discord.gg/QP57wVh Step 11: Kindly ask your recruit to change their nickname on our Discord server only to the name they just created on the website including the "(OD)" connected at the end. After that if you have the ability to change roles on the Discord server find them on the "Member List" and set their role to "Trial Member" and add them to whichever game group they belong to such as "Halo Squad ASSEMBLE!!" if they are a Halo player. If you do not have the ability to change roles simply ask them to go to the "#rank-request" channel and request to be set to Trial Member. You can also ask a Division Leader or a clan member who is an Officer or higher to set them to "Trial Member." Step 11.5: This step is just something I do for recruiting Halo division members. I explain that I've added them to our Halo group on Discord so whenever they type @Halo Squad, ASSEMBLE!! it will ping all of us who play Halo. I then tell them that they can use this when trying to find other people to game with. Then I usually ask them for their Xbox name so I can add them, and I give them mine as well. I also send them the link to our list of every member's Xbox name on the forum, and explain that to post on the forum they will need to create an account using the same name as the one they created on the website. I also tell them that the forum is used to give details about upcoming events among other things going on in the clan. 1. Here is a link to our list of everyone Xbox name's for the Halo division. Step 12: I let them know that if they ever have any questions or need any help with anything to feel free to send me or a division leader a message, and I look forward to gaming with them. You don't have to say everything verbatim. You just want to make them feel welcome, and excited that they just joined our clan/community. Step 13: I send them the links to our clan rules and our division specific rules and ask them to read it over when they have some time. This way they know the rules, and also so if they end up breaking one they can't say they never knew about them. 1: Here is a link to our clan rules. https://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules 2. Here is a link to our Halo division rules. Step 14: The last step is to just make them feel welcome, and include them in things. Maybe ask them if they want to join you and play a few games with you or introduce them to some members who are playing at the time. The last thing you want to do is treat a recruit badly or like they're just a number because they aren't. Go out of your way for them, and treat them well. Our recruits are important, and are the future of this clan so let's treat them like it. πŸ™‚ Guide to Voting on Trial Members There are two ways that you can go about navigating on the website to vote on trial members so I will be going over both methods in this guide. I will also be going over how to delete a vote in case something happens to where you would need to use it such as accidentally voting on the wrong trial member. Navigating the Website to Vote on a Trial Member Method One Step 1: You will start by clicking the "Console" button at the top of the website. After that you will click the button that says "Recruitment." Then you will click the button that says "Vote For Trial Member" as shown in the pictures below. Method Two Step 1: You will start by clicking the "Members" button at the top of the website, and select the button that says "Trial Members" as shown in the picture below. Step 2: You will search for and then click the name of the Trial Member that you wish to vote for as shown in the picture below. Step 3: You will then click the button that says "Vote Here" in the section that says "Cast Your Vote" as shown in the picture below. Voting on a Trial Member Step 1: Click the drop down menu with the list of Trial Member's names, and select who you would like to vote for. Then you will click the button that says "Vote for Selected Trial Member" as shown below. Step 2: If this is your first time voting you will read the section labeled "Expectations." Then you will click the drop down menu in the "Your Vote" section and select either "Neutral," "No," or "Yes," and the amount of votes the Trial Member will receive or have taken away with your decision. Step 3: Now you will type your reasoning for the vote you chose in the text box in the "Comment" section. Positive Voting Just like when voting on Promotions, 3 reasons will need to be provided when adding positive votes to Trial Members such as you seeing them being active on their game, activity on Discord, activity on the forum, keeping a low DSL, helping other members, participating in events, being GM (Good mannered), etc. If a newly developed Squad or Division does not have enough Recruiters to be able to pass their Trial Members themselves, they can ask a General to add votes to their Trial Members to make up the difference they are lacking. Generals are the only ones allowed to vote on a Trial Member without meeting them, and only under these conditions. Negative Voting Like when voting on Promotions, only 1 reason will need to be provided when adding a neg vote to a Trial Member. Typically a Trial Member should receive neg votes for any cases of bad manners and improper conduct. Neg voting for DSL is considered improper, as the website will remove them automatically for DSL anyway. Neutral Voting "Neutral" is an option that is almost never used, but you can use if you want to share your thoughts on a Trial Member without giving a "Yes" or "No" vote. After that you will click the button that says "Vote Now!" Now that you have learned how to vote on trial members try to make it a habit to vote on them. They can't make it into the clan without us, and we were all in their shoes once so don't think that it's not that important because it is. Delete Vote(s) from a Trial Member Step 1: You will start by clicking the "Console" button at the top of the website. After that you will click the button that says "Recruitment." Then you will click the button that says "Delete Vote" as shown in the pictures below. Step 2: Click the drop down menu with the list of Trial Member's names that you've voted for, and select who you would like to delete your vote(s) from. Then you will click the button that says "Delete a vote from a Trial Member" as shown below. Step 3: You will select the button that says "Click here to confirm" as shown in the picture below. After that your vote(s) will be removed from that Trial Member. -Raged(OD)😁
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    Update. Because my life is a joke. I’m now sick and talking is Painful. I also now apparently have a wedding thing to do at our venue tomorrow right before the thing would be. I swear. Once this wedding is over I’m going to have so much free time I won’t know what to do with myself. im moving the event to the backup date of the 27th because I was smart and picked a backup day. See you then lovely people!!!!
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    How beautiful is my Josie-Mae she looks like a little dolly πŸ’•πŸ’•
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    Last night i received a msg from sassys husband, he told me sassy was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at work. they admitted her with a bad cough, very high fever and difficulty breathing. She was able to snapchat me this morning and said that in fact she has tested positive for the corona virus....she said it feels like someone has parked a bus on her chest...they have her isolated and hooked to oxygen....shes hoping to get her laptop in so she can at least stay in touch....I for one send my love and prayers to her, feel free to post any msg's to her here as im sure she'll eventually see them.....WE LOVE YOU SASSY!!!!
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    Try my strategy, drink lots of alcohol to keep your insides properly disinfected. πŸ˜‰
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    Get well soon, stay hydrated and rest.
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    😭😭 I miss you , please get better soon! And dont worry youre not there alone. im hiding under your bed 😷
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    Feel better champ! Need ya to help stir the pot around here!
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    Feel better soon Julie! Hoping for a speedy recovery!
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    Oh no thats sucks I hope he gets a speedy recovery and gets well
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    Get well soon Julie! My prayers are with you πŸ™‚ So far three Clan members have contracted this dreaded disease, hoping that we all can keep social distancing and stay safe.
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    Oh boy 😞, Love you SasπŸ’™, Get better soon, and a Speedy Recovery ASAP!!!
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    Oh, gosh.... I hope she feels better as soon as possible! Our poor friends. 😞 Please pass on our love and care to her. @PoPs(OD)
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    Date: Friday, April 3rd Time / Place: 8 p.m. Eastern Time (see this time coverter for your local time) / OP ClanOD If you are not there on time then you may miss out on the event! We all make NEW druids on HCL (OD Tagged on OD account) Level up together to level 9 - remember we are a gm clan so please keep that in mind (no dirty tp's / bm behavior) If you die while leveling or leave the game for a reason other than disconnection, you will be disqualified Once you hit level 9, immediately go to town --- no more looking for items at this point There will be 5 minutes to shop at merchants after the last person hits level 9 or 45 minutes have passed We will duel in the small area between blood moor and cold plains (Flavie's box). You cannot leave that area. The only skill you can use (after leveling) is MOLTEN BOULDER We will have a free for all between everybody that survives to level 9 Prizes only rewarded to those sgt rank and below, all are welcome to participate! I will award prizes for both 1st place and second place. If needed we may create a second game. Let's see what kind of turnout we get πŸ™‚ Prizes: SCL 1st place: Full infinity merc set up (Ebug fort, Infinity CV, Andys helmet) 2nd place: Full MF Sorc Set-up, three piece tals set, shako, 2 ist runes, CTA. 2 spirirt monarchs, 1 soj, 1 nagel, 4 lit GCs, Chance guards, travs, Anni, Sorc Torch Thank you to @Rich(OD) // MooMoo(OD) who I copied his modified format of my druid bowling template.
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    Thank you for your support and kind words JD. I can only keep learning and expanding my role and will earnestly try to keep providing a community atmosphere where I can.
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    In this time of difficulty, at home and globally, I would like to start a thread for our OD community. We have a number of people here that love helping others and will do it quickly. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has just started it's grip on nations around us. If anyone is in need of assistance, in one form or another, PLEASE contact me via PM. We can try to assist you the best that we can. I'm sure that others will make their names known if they would like to help too. There is a lot of knowledgeable people here on many different aspects of life in our OD community and hopefully we, as a family, can get things sorted out. If anyone has anything to add to this, feel free to chime in.
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    You know, I was going to just come on here and roast you because that's what good friends do.. but it's been a while since I've actually commented on one of these.. The one thing that stands out to me since you've returned is how you've dipped your toe in a little of everything. From assisting me with ideas in social media (we need to have a talk about this btw buddy), working your tail off on Halo AND getting Saline set up with Minecraft, getting Discord set up for the clan transition finally, and many other things that I could list for a while.. you've really jumped back into the deep end here. With this jumping back into things, I have some concerns/questions/comments, however you wish to label it: How will you stay afloat and balance all of these Clan OD responsibilities while also handling your IRL responsibilities? How will you manage a balance of leadership and gaming so you do not burn out/stress yourself out? I know why you left the first time round, and I am more than elated to see you back and hang out with you again - you're a great human with a lovely personality.. I have no doubt that you would make a fantastic general (again), but I don't want to see you step back down again. I want to see you kick ass because I know you can do it. Also, you suck at Minecraft and I'm a better miner than you and I have the best shiny blue rocks known to mankind and you can't have them.
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    Guide to Promotions The Why & Whats of Promoting Why vote on promotions? This is a great question. We vote on promotions on our website so we can acknowledge the accomplishments of our fellow members in this community. Positive Voting But what are some valid reasons for voting on a fellow community member? You can follow these suggestions provided by @R.agnarok(OD) here. An appropriate comment should contain: - At least 3 reasons for promotion. Reasons can be: -Recruiting, being a good recruiter is most important for the clan. -Activity on forums. -Website activity by keeping 0 DSL at most times, using the console to vote for promotions/trial members, award medals, etc. -Activity on our Discord Server. -Activity on the games they play that are supported in OD. -Good behavior, this includes being GM at all times and how the member handles himself towards the other members. -Helping train members to improve their skills(all games) or by giving them items to help their characters (Diablo 2 and Diablo 3). -Achieve outstanding gaming skills. -Organize and participate in tournaments or clan events. -Being a good moderator, when the member has shown capability to deal with clan disputes without abusing his moderator rights. -Taking part of General Clan Discussions on the forums and actively bringing new ideas. If you're still unclear of reasons to vote for a member but want to. You can explore the Rank Expectations for their rank. These are conveniently shown now when you're going to cast your vote as shown below. They can also be found for all ranks at this link here. --- Negative Voting So... what if you come across a member that you feel SHOULDN'T be promoted. Well, that's fine also. You have every right to share your opinion as long as it doesn't cross into BM and is constructive. Negative voting is different from positive voting in one big way. You only need to include a single reason as to why you think they shouldn't be promoted. These reasons can include but are not limited to Not fulfilling their rank expectations Member is BM(shows bad manners) Member isn't active enough within the community Additionally you'll want to follow the below when negative voting on a member. "All voting, whether positive or negative, should be based on what the individual has done since their last promotion, even if they failed their last promotion. It is not considered appropriate to vote for the same reasons on more than one promotion, unless there are examples of them continuing to fulfill those reasons since their last promotion." Removing Promotions There are cases where a member may be put up for promotion and they do not wish to be promoted at that time for various reasons. You can find the topic for the information below here. "It was authenticated in the Administration Meeting of February 21, 2016 that members can ask a General to be removed from the Promotion Pending list if they do not want to be put up for promotion, and said General will remove them, requiring the candidate to wait the minimum time between promotions set for their rank before they are eligible for promotion once more. If a pending promotion is removed then people's reasons for either positive voting or negative voting that individual can be fairly applied in the next future promotion (Typically, especially in the case of neg voting, you don't punish someone for the same reason for more than one promotion, this does not apply if the promotion was prematurely taken down). It is recommended to those who had neg votes on a promotion they asked to be removed that they take some time to address the concerns of the people who neg voted them if they hope to prevent those same neg votes from returning in any future promotion. It is important to note that the removal of someone from the promotion pending list is irreversible, you can't change your mind, so do not ask unless you are certain. No General is responsible for any reckless decisions made in emotionally unstable states of minds. This policy was put into effect after it was collectively deemed unethical to force-promote someone to Commander rank and watch them die an agonizingly slow death over the course of several years." You can find members that are up for promotion at the Promotion List. The Hows of Promoting The Hows of promoting will cover not just voting on an existing member up for promotion. But we will be going over how to put up a member for promotion yourself. How often can members be promoted? A wait time between promotions is enforced by the website, based on ranks Enlisted and Warrant Officers - 7 days between Promotions Officers and Senior Officers - 14 days between Promotions Generals 1-3* - Can only be promoted during an evaluation period, which take place every 3 months Generals 4* - Must wait 6 months upon receiving 4* rank before they are eligible for Commander rank. Afterwards they can be put up every eval period. Voting on an existing promotion (Full Screen for best Resolution) sNZalKrZfC.mp4 Putting up a member for a new promotion (Full Screen for best Resolution) 1S6UC8rc35.mp4
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    Okay at the admin meeting tonight, it was suggested that I do a poll voting for this contest for the 300 fg win. I'll try and get that posted tomorrow. Sorry to make you wait guys ❀️
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    I figured that everyone would like to know the general future of events, especially after the success of the first event. So, I wanted to give a run down of what to expect in the future. Please keep in mind that most of this is theoretical, but some solid plans are also in the works. General Event Plans A second channel has been added to increase the size of events, whether it be splitting up groups or running events in parallel, there's now room for more things to go on. Tournaments are in the works. They will involve teams of two, four, or be FFA. The games involved could be anything, unless if everyone is fine with just Halo 2 and 3 but that would be really boring in the end. Prizes will be involved and anyone in the OD community (or even outside of it if we can support that infrastructure). Tournaments would likely only come around once we get a significant amount of players in consistently for events (>16) Forge Events will remain exactly the same until Halo 3 and 4 come out, which also have Forge modes. Modded Events will incorporate other Halo releases on PC, like Halo Custom Edition and Project Cartographer. Community Events will still be a variety of vanilla game modes and maps (with some tweaks every now and then), but I'd consider moving tournament weekends and other special events to this day. Variety is the key here. Infinity is banned from rotation in Community Events because it's that bad of a map. My Two Cents on the Division I do have a few concerns for the state of the division in the future, mostly referring to membership. In fact, the reason I even started hosting events was to try and keep players coming back to play just within the DSL limit, even though people should link their Discord account and avoid that problem. I am personally worried about high turnover rate in membership in the division. @Raged(OD) is a wonderful recruiter and if I were in JD's position I wouldn't have anyone else in that role. But, it's a little disconcerting still even with the amount of members in the division now that when I look at the roster there's a lot of players who don't interact with the chat and have high DSLs. We cannot control what games people play, but we can gently encourage them into being active by giving them opportunities to get involved with the community. Right now, I'd say our immediate goal as a whole division, and not just leadership, is to try and involve people in games as much as possible. You can help by simply @Halo Squad, ASSEMBLE! and starting up a group, or just chatting with your fellow members in the chat. In the future, we should aim to get people outside of the division involved, including doing advertising for the clan with streams and tourneys to boost membership across the board, but these are long-term goals and the influence required is far out of my reach. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day, and stay safe from COVID-19, Zakspeeed(OD)
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    Sorted 🀣🀣🀣🀣
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    Hi folks, I'm not yet sure that this is the right place to be putting this, but I have yet to find a better place to put it, so here goes... I'm planning to do some chanted runs, with the stipulated use of brand new 1st level characters that walk through normal, and get loaned low level gear to speed up the process. Looking for ideas on what items to collect and lend out. I'm also interested in building {sets} of such gear, to showcase what the personalize quest is good for (not a whole lot, but more than absolutely nothing), and I will be showing in game screen shots of what items and why. The focus is on getting the players to kill faster and better, rather than on absolute survivability, but that can change if enough folks have ideas for alternatives for the low level EQ. This is a work in progress, and I am currently planning to build 4 sets of this gear, but with is going to be a long process. Hopefully, this image works for everyone, and shows my thinking on the 4 {Sets} of low level loaner gear I'm currently working on. The sets will include: 1) Hsarus' boots [level 3 req] 20% FRW. 2) Death's set gloves & sash [level 6 req] 30% IAS + Cannot be Frozen. 3) Raven Claw long bow [level 15 req] explosives arrows work great with chant. Other gear under consideration is to include swapping out the Death's set gloves and belt for Sigon's gloves and belt, once the character reach level 15, and can use the RC bow, they will also be able to retain the Cannot be Frozen perk by equipping a set of Hawkmail armor, thus: 4) Sigon's Gloves and Belt [level 6 req] 30% IAS + 2/clvl for the belt & Hawkmail armor [level 15 req] Cannot be Frozen. If you also have 70 str at 15th level, you can: 5) Swap out the Hsarus' boots for the Sigon's boots, and retain the 20 FRW perk, while gaining +50% MF in addition. Combined, these 3 pieces give some nice perks. The nice things about #4 is that you get to keep the CBF & 30% IAS, plus get a 16 box belt. The bad is that you need so much strength to equip the items. That being said, I can also toss in helms and boots to go with the gloves and belts, and those start to add up to some nice additional perks. Now, alternatively, I could also start tossing in Angelic rings, Amulets, and Armor, which give some very interesting perks with all three equipped, as follows: 6) Angelic Ring & Amulet + Armor [level 12 req] (replenish life +6, +20 life, +12/clvl to AR, and +50% to MF) each ring, (+75 life and +1 all skills) from the amulet. This is where I am stuck, and needing input, as I cannot make up my mind on whether to go with the Angelic set items, or with the Hawkmail variant. Either way has it's advantages, but MF at very low levels seems to have a far disproportionate effect compared to later on in game, at least in my opinion. Later on, I'll work on additional screen shots in game to show the combined effects the different low level chanted rushing gear can have. Anyway, I like helping folks, and the clan will always need 40th level rushers, so...? Any feedback? Or even better, anyone want to make some rushers and try this out and help me in the process to get this all setup and running on a regular basis? I forgot to mention, I'm available most days of the week to do one such run, but would like to keep things well organized and have folks sign up in a {Weekly} thread for when they will be able to join such games and following rushes. Random works, but not for maximum game sizes, and thus maximum results. I can currently only put 5 characters in such a game, so I would really want at least three folks actually running bumpers up to 40th level, and I can chant them and even runs a bumper of my own up with them if they like. The bumpers I would run would all be druids, with Oak Sage maxed by level 25, to keep everyone alive as much as possible. If you were going to play in such a game, what class and build would you make thru level 40?
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    Made another one, yes as you can see I like to keep it simple πŸ™‚ With Logo.psd
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    Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha
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    My beer fridge is being kept fully stocked in the event of quarantine or global apocalypse.
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    Can’t make this shit up in my supermarket toilet hand wash on lock down ffs
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    challenge @Yoshi(OD) and @Daterminaytah(OD) 3-0 vs daterminaytah
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    Hello Friends! My name is JD and some of you have now known me for years. But you have known me as Xayj. I'm here to re-introduce myself to everyone as I've gone through a name change and I'd like to take the time to explain why I bothered to do so. A few years ago I made the decision to change my name to JD IRL legally. I did this to better represent myself as a person. I did this specifically more so to have a more neutrally gendered name as I'm gender fluid. OMG....DID HE JUST SAY GENDER FLUID?!?! Yes friends. I'm gender fluid. I've gone to great lengths not just in personal life but in my online way to align myself with who I am and want to be seen as a person. But at the end of the day I'm still just the same old pain in the butt friend/member you've come to know. Or for newer people reading this. Someone who you'll hopefully take the time to get the chance to know. BUT.... Aren't there only two genders? How can someone be fluid? Well... I'd love to sit here and explain Gender Fluidity on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community. But instead I'll just direct you to a helpful article that people can read if they're REALLY curious. https://www.psychotherapynetworker.org/blog/details/771/the-world-of-gender-fluidity But.... isn't that the same thing as being Trans Gender?.... No...no it isn't... But here's a helpful site that helps defines common terms used to "define" people in the LBGTQ+ community. https://www.transstudent.org/definitions But.....do you want to be called he? GREAT QUESTION! Just like my gender. I actually do change the pronouns I use from time to time. If you feel uncomfortable using one specifically. Just ask me and I'll tell you. If not just use my name when addressing me. Or, if all else fails. You can use the neutral pronoun of they/them for as it's one I do use as I don't always go by he/him. --- Take it or leave it I'm happy that I can feel safe enough in our loving community to share who I actually am at my core with everyone. Even if me doing so bares no weight on how I'll do my work as a administrator or how anyone should see me. I'm glad to be apart of this crazy but loving group.
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    It's late just came from work thought I do some. I'll do some more soon.
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    Here is my quick go at it. I tried to keep it simple and decent looking. I made the text fff (white) and the bars + bg 8a8a8a (gray). There is also enough room to add subtext still if desired Full Size: Transparent Black Background Example 253x68 Resize: Transparent Black Background Example
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    Beautiful sirloin streak from the farm steak , onions rings , peas mushrooms & onions , & garlic prawns πŸ™‚ yesterday dinner
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    Awe. The benefits of aligning how you feel, to who you are, into whatever it is you do will be rewarding. We move forward, never straight my friend.
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    Count me in! Azzuryon(OD) Azzuryon#1775 My starter class will be DH, but I will also make Monk and WD. Regards.
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    Hang in there @Sassy... Payers for a speedy recovery!
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    Dinner is served my little cup cakes
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