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    It's really very simple. Go to Overdosed.net, open your console, Click on the third party Integrations The next screen pops up: Once you hit that link to Discord, you log back in and now you are linked to the DSL reset bot on Discord Make sure your name on Discord matches your Clan OD name exactly.
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    Happy & Healthy New Years Everyone!!! 🙂 Thanks to @CompFreak(OD) some days, nights, hours, and hours trying to figure out this bad boy. We finally got my Rig up and running! 😉 Cheers to all & Happy 2020, Hope to see where this adventure takes us.
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    Thank you all for your support! I hope to be working with yal soon hopefully I have done enough to earn the support of my peers and pass phase 2!
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    Did ChoBo pass away? Haha yeah I'll look em up and send them over thats totally cool with me 😛 Thank you! Logged in 🙂
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    This is show is a Hulu exclusive but has developed a rapidly growing cult following. It's about a small farm town in the middle of nowhere of Ontario, Canada. There are essentially three factions of people, the agricultural hall farmers (the hicks), the skids (local meth addicts/dealers), and the jocks (hockey players). The show is very satirical and big on word play and running with jokes, and its now my go to show to put on when I sit down to eat, which is the only time I watch tv nowadays. I have heard many people like it, but I also have friends that don't like it. My fraternity and I dressed up as the Letterkenny cast for Halloween, to which we got a response from one of the actors after the show was tagged. I believe it will grow much more in popularity before it dies out, and there are already 8 seasons out. But, if you have already seen the show, what are your thoughts?
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    Wow man, thank you for the very kind words... What matters to me is that you came to me with a problem and we were able to work our way through it. You shouldn't have had the issue, but I'm glad we were able to get you up and running like you should be😉. I do my best to always be there for those that ask and I can help them with whatever their issue may be... If I don't know, I'll either try to teach myself and learn whatever I need to do so that I can help out, or I will find someone that can help... That's just the way I'm wired... Thank you for taking the time for posting and for the support, I know I'll definitely need it if/when I pass phase 1!
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    You will make a Great 4* General, you go above & beyond to achieve members satisfaction. Very Level-Headed, & Responsible. Since I came back to OD, you have shown a great amount of outstanding attitude, and a great role-model to your peers. You went on to help me setup my gaming rig when I had some issues, out of your personal time that I couldn’t figure out on my own for being a first time Gaming Rig Buyer. This was late midnights, and couple of hours, we would discuss what the situation would be nor did you ever give me a cold shoulder on the problem, or walk away and say figure it out on your own when I would message you. You would say alright let’s do this & let’s figure this out. You tackled the problem and took the challenge to see what it is exactly, and we must find the solution to resolve this problem. Which we did! This is an example of being a 4* don’t let you guard down, and tackle the situations, and hope for the best & try to solve the problem. At least try your best. Which you have shown. If you do make it to 4* You’re now the backbone of Overdosed, 4* is a commander to me, nothing different but the title. Compfreak, you have that “image” & personality of a leader you portray, and that’s a good thing, We need leaders like you! Not that we don’t have wonderful leaders, they’re all amazing in their own ways. You have always helped me in D3, and help me on rerolling stats, GRs with many others, making me feel welcomed again. I wish you the best luck on your promotion to 4* I’ll be there to support your run. I don’t want to go overboard, I think I wrote enough. But I’m pretty sure everyone sees where I’m coming from without a doubt! Make us proud!! 🙂 S.K
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    Just to give you some background on Member behind the mic and the platform it began on the “OD Newsletter”. I started that and was the biggest contributor. Eventually other members began to contribute to the content of the newsletter. Such as @MelodicRose(OD) for example. But, if we wanted to move forward bringing it back I’m sure we can do so. I don’t have the same amount of time I used to when I started the project. The newsletter website was also taken down when we migrated servers. I’m sure this can all be corrected though.
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    I do like this idea....and as purpz mentioned....i did host an internet radio program myself for many years....i used a program called SAM....connected to a shoutcast server...always had big fun
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    Today was a day for firsts! I streamed for the first time ever and I created a character in FFXIV. I can't say I really I played but I had fun. It's all a learning curve. Here's a little excerpt of my experiences ... if you can't laugh at yourself then you ain't having fun. Using a keyboard to move around instead of a mouse creates havoc. I kept running into walls, getting locked behind fences, and actually fell into a fountain, and yes it actually makes splashing sounds LOL I was continually lost even with the help of the maps and mini maps. I didn't learn until later that you use the space bar to jump. Oh boy that made a difference. On my first quest, the NPC asks me if I have the strength to accept the sword. Of course, me being me, I said no lol and it kicked me out of the warrior palace. So back into the void I went, having to use the keyboard to walk, stumble and fall up the stairs, find that same NPC and agree that I had the strength to use that sword. At one point, this bird tried to get really familiar with me as I was locked behind this fence. It even laid it's head on my head, like it wanted me to pet it. It was strange to say the least. It was really neat to be able to make your own character, but damn there's alot of choices. You could spend hours there so I just kept clicking and clicking until I got a character with purple hair and purple eyes. The rest is blah, but I had to keep moving. I'd post a picture of the character but I forgot to save one when I was playing so just use your imagination. I went on to kill hornets, snakes, and God knows what else until this GIGANTIC turtle started chasing me hell bent on my death. I ran, stumbled, jumped until I left him in my dust. I was sweating by the time I hit escape so intense was my concentration. My stomach hurt from laughing. Next time I'm picking one of the little people characters. They are way cuter and seem to run faster which is a plus when running from gigantic turtles! Where was @Froggie420(OD) with his gun to save the day lmao Special thanks to my tutor and mentor @Zachery(OD).
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    Happy to have you Monte, You will definitely have fun with us, I also appreciate that you chose Clan Overdosed as your Home, you wont regret it! 🙂
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    I don't think it was sloppy, the screenshots you provided in addition to your explanation and the testimony of the others paints the picture pretty clearly. I would have handled it the same, and I support your zero BM tolerance stance. This faith person clearly wasn't mature enough for our kind of community. Being part of OD and gaming with each other should be fun, if someone is taking away from that then they need to either change or leave. I don't know who he meant when he said he knew the leader, whether that means Hari or a previous leader of our D3 Division or, if its the same Faith that was disabled from OD before, if he's referring to Rag. But I know my fellow Commanders would agree that he won't be getting back into OD through us. We'll stand by you guys in this.
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    This is where my future in OD sits. The balance between the family I'm forming and OD the family I made. I love gaming but it will always be second fiddle to the love of my life. Wise words @Badboi(OD) @Sassy.
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    The Ladder: 1. Goku. Chop Barbra 2-0 2. dubui(OD) OD-Donald Ele dudu 1-1 3. SuNSeT(OD) OD-Dune BvC 0-1-1 3. MooMoo(OD) OD-CowPie PnB Necro 0-0 4. Snicker66(OD) Ele Dudu OD-Badboi 0-0 Current Challenges Rules: Signup Format SuNSeT(OD) OD-Huk Sorc - Fireball Winner posts Results in THIS Thread (ie 3-2 DBZ>Sunset) YOU CANNOT CHALLENGE MORE THEN 3 SPOTS AHEAD ONLY CHALLENGE ONE PLAYER AT A TIME! PLAYERS CHALLENGED CANNOT CHALLENGE OTHER PLAYERS, UNTIL THEIR DUEL IS COMPLETED PLAYERS CANNOT BE CHALLENGED, IF THEY ARE IN A CHALLENGE CURRENTLY PLAYERS WHO ISSUED A CHALLENGE, CANNOT ACCEPT A CHALLENGE FROM SOMEONE ELSE 3 day dodge rule, no response/refusal to duel = auto loss (player who challenged cannot duel someone else) PM player your challenging as well as enter it in the thread so there is no confusion and I can update whos currently being challenged Example : Challenge @DBZ(OD) (use @ to automatically notify members) @dubui(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @Membership(OD) @Rich(OD) @DBZ(OD) @snicker66(OD) @Purplez(OD) @PoPs(OD) @JR(OD) @Froggie420(OD) @ScudBarb(OD) @Smoken(OD)
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    are you for real! it's now my goal! 1500 songs of deep house! I will step onto 100 soon. so..
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    Wow Triny that means so much to me to have your support! You are one of my role models in the Clan, although I'll never do the computer stuff the way you do, your calm demeanor and willingness to teach anyone makes you so approproachable, plus fun to chat with! I will eventually get to really playing POE one of these days, but I've found the town to be interesting to wander in lol ❤️
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    Hey @Panda(OD) I can completely relate to everything you said. What are some of your aliases? I've been in OD on and off since '04. -Raged(OD)😁
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    im pretty sure if u need a second key you can purchase it as a gift and just put ur own email as the one to send the gift to.
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    Comp we have come up through the ranks together, i consider you a friend and we work together on issues frequently and stay in contact. I know exactly how much you do behind the scenes while members and even some of the officers may not, what do you think you may be able to do to improve the visibility of the work and time you put into OD? You spend a great deal of time helping those who need it, be that with games or tech support, but there may be a gap in those who dont need your help getting to know you, what do you think you could do to bridge that gap?
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    he is in the meat grinder again
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    that gray one is what i want! haha
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    @JR(OD) il will be back on game in minute lag is absolutely terrible can’t even chat in games and msg not going through 🙂
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    not much to say for you Comp, You are awesome and you have my vote!! you always are willing to help no matter what you are doing! To infinity and beyond! much love! my question is: What do you wanna do differentlyy
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    Welcome to the Clan. We chatted last night on Discord. If I can help with anything, let me know on Purplez(OD). Here's a good guide on how the Clan works. https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/
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    Thanks for the speedy post & kind words! I 100% agree with you, that our 4 star Generals play a much larger role as a "cornerstone of the community" than my current rank of 3 star... In essence, they are really more "baby Commander" than "high ranking General" in my mind... Where 2 star generals are like the upper echelon of a division-focused General, 3 stars are pretty much the 'grey area' between what it is to be a Division-based General vs. a Commander (focus begins shifting from just your division, to thinking about the community as a whole), and the 4 stars are basically our "commanders-in-training"... My ambitions for the community side of things are (and have been ever since I first opened my horizons beyond the SWTOR division, way back when I first became an Officer) to foster an environment in which people from all different types of games and backgrounds can have a common ground, have fun together, and enjoy each other's company - not just within their own game or small group, but with anyone they care to. I have and will continue to do what I can to work towards my ambitions, but this community is much larger than what one voice or one person's efforts can accomplish alone. We must work together in order to really succeed at this. Whether it's one person's idea to change for the better or someone that hosts an event, we must do what we can to help with, support, and build upon each other's efforts in order to really shine. That is really where our strength stems from - a community of not just one game, but many different ones. Our next logical step is to continue to take that to the next level. After all, I consider OD as not just a gaming clan or community, but really an "extended family"... Sure, families don't always get along with each other, have spats now and then, etc., but when it comes down to it, we are always there for each other through thick and thin, as a family is (at least that's how I feel about OD).
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    My girlfriend watched the whole 2nd season on new years day, I watched like 2 episodes.. I may of been out of the loop but it was REALLY good I'd go back and watch it but I'm hooked on The witcher right now @Sil3NtKilL(OD)
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    Another Druid Bowling Tournament in the books! Thank you to everyone who participated tonight, it was a blast! Congratulations to our top 3: 1st place: Taketolong(OD) 1,000FG 2nd place: MooMoo(OD) Hoto 3rd place: Khaos_Kyle(OD) CTA (50FG for First Blood)
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    I'll host a tourney tonight
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    Don't know if I'm ready or not LOL but I'll put it on FB for you 🙂
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    I just bought D2, coming to check it out now!
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    Hello everyone! For those who don't know me my name is Billy or as most of you know me as Raged. I'm an OD lifer, and have been in OD on and off since 2004. I always get drawn back because it just feels like home to me. I've made so many friends over the years in this clan, and it's just a great place to be. I'm currently starting to dabble into PoE so that's going to be my main game for now. Thank you for reading! -Raged(OD)😁
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    Well, my Diablo II account seems to be locked out >( was moving items around on characters. Getting message when connecting to battle.net "Your were disconnected from battle.net. Please reconnect". Any advise? Do I just wait longer? Can't log onto other D2 account either
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    I added them for you in the very first post of this thread.
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    Welcome back! I am sure the POE peeps would love to have someone else to play with 😄. If you ever wanna play some D2 hit me up!
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    Thankss to Everyone Who Came And Hung Out Last Night It Was A Ball!! I Will Be Hosting More OF These Once A Month, Maybe Change the Title of The Event! But Thanks Everyone For One Hell Of a Night ❤️
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    Hahaha, I know, I’ll be out for Dinner! Plus I need to reinstall D2! Next time! Thanks @MooMoo(OD) ! 🙂
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    Deathbane(OD) Just checking in to introduce myself, I am 34 years old and have played Diablo since the original, played d2 off and on since launch, and played D3 at launch for awhile, and have recently played the last 2 seasons on PS4. Currently have a Barb and Wiz that can clear 105GR on S19 on PS4, just getting my feet wet on PC again. Definitely looking for people to play with, but will most likely be soloing here for awhile at least till I can get geared up. Should only take accouple days. Once I get geared I have no problem running Plevels and carries through rifts, on console when I get bored I just join low torment games and carry them through a couple 90GR for fun. Look forward to seeing everyone around.
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    On a side note Sil3NtKiL, just want to say your freaking signature startles the heck out of me when it pops up! I make this almost girly eeek haha
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    wow. u should come over n cook us something haha
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    i have a few of MooMoos ears from last ladder on my mule
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    @Sassy who are u again? ur name is so familiar.. just cant figure it out... musta been one of them @PoPs(OD) peons...
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    Right in the feels... New member here, did not think that kind of comunity existed in the gaming world ! Hope the best for you, take your time to heal. Take care Vince
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    Hey Guys, Since I been back it's been a fun & learning experience in this Division, greeting me with open-arms, and I'm really happy to meet a lot of New Faces, and also old faces I know since I been back. I'm always happy to see Clan Overdosed is always still pushing to keep the name out, and Recruit! Either way, the other day I was trying to do promotions but unfortunately can't seem to do it since some of you guys are higher up in rank, but I just want to say thank you, and hope your future endeavors make this clan more excellent & wonderful as it already is in the future with your knowledge, Leadership, professionalism, and respect. Thanks to MJ3(OD) he definitely should be promoted to Officer since he's Officer material always helping members, constantly since i been here. Shoutouts to Shick, Hari, Nerf, Triny also for all the help so far this Season. And Last but not least, Just want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you guys, and make sure to eat a lot of Turkey! Enjoy, and Have a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving! ~Sil3NtKilL(OD)


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