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    Hello everyone! The first thing I'd like to do is thank everyone who nominated me to post this eval, and everyone who has helped me get to this point in my OD career. Who am I? I go by Raged or my real name which is Billy. I'm 31 years old, and have been married to my beautiful wife @ElectricFeel(OD) for 4 years, and been together a total of 9 years. I was born and raised in a small town 30 minutes west of Cleveland, OH, and am still currently living in the area. In high school I received a Diploma of Honors, but I ended up dropping out of college my first year due to personal issues I was working through. I now work at Ford Motor Company on the assembly line building construction sized trucks, and it's the best job I've ever had. On April 18, 2004 @R.agnarok(OD) recruited me into OD when I was 14 years old, and it has been like a home to me ever since. I started out playing Starcraft: Brood War, and have played many other different games in OD throughout the years. I've been an officer a few different times including once as Firebird(OD). I consider myself an OD lifer because any time I've left OD I've always come back. I started recruiting pretty much since the beginning, and it kind of just became my thing. I like seeing new people come into the clan along with seeing the clan grow, and I've always been passionate about anything I do for OD. I could probably write a book about all my experiences in OD so I'll just end it here. If you'd like to know more about me feel free to message me on Discord. What have I done/currently do for OD? I'm currently the number 2 recruiter of all time with 188 total recruits with 20 of them still active in the clan. I'm active on Discord for many hours per day. I helped recruit for Overwatch when it started in 2016. I ran the Diablo 3 division in 2018 after @TypeReaL(OD) stepped down, and we got up to 80 active members on the website. I helped @JD(OD) start the Halo division. I've helped train and mentor @Zakspeeeed(OD). I helped @redops(OD) when he needed it, and gave him advice when he started reviving the LoL division. I train members on how to link Discord/Steam accounts to the website. I've encouraged former members to return to OD. I've provided recruiting powers to members. I actively do admin work (Reset passwords, edit trial members). I actively recruite for Halo. I actively award medals. I actively promote deserving members. I actively vote on trial members. I actively attend admin meetings, and listen to recordings if for some reason I can't attend. I actively read all topics in the Officer's and Division Administration forum, and post when I feel it would be beneficial to the topic/discussion. I have participated in posting on evals during phase 1, and have voted during phase 2. I update Discord roles daily. I created the "Recruiting, Trial Membership, and Voting on Trial Members" guide in the OverDosed Academy. Goals I plan to continue helping the Halo division grow by recruiting so that we can have plenty of people for events, and just to game with in general. I I also plan to continue finding promising members to mentor and build up into future Officers of OD as well as finding more members with an interest in recruiting. I want to continue getting Discord activity up as well which has already started to happen with the recent recruiting efforts of myself, @Zakspeeeed(OD), and @SprucePumpkin01. I also want to find more ways of retaining members that we already have. Lastly I would like to help guide members interested in starting new divisions. Conclusion Thank you everyone who took the time to read my eval, and thank you for your consideration for the rank of Brigadier General. Brigadier General Rank Expectations - Pillars of the Divisions they are a part of, seeing to its management, and providing for the members they are responsible for, which includes promotions, medals, recruitment powers, rank changes, etc. - Actively available for the members of their Division - Recognizing, teaching, and providing opportunities for the Officers within their Division to help out with proper delegation - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place - Actively involved in topics posted on the General's Board - Presenting ideas or discussions of their own in the General's Board is considered particularly impressive - Overall being the leaders and representatives of their respective Divisions and providing for the members they are responsible for are what we look for in Brigadier Generals Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current evaluation process: Posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion / statement post, per person. -Raged(OD)😁
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    Hi All: New match from Brigadier Gen. @RedIce(OD). Casted by @CAPSLOCK(OD) Zerg v. Zerg 3:10
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    Thanks Rick, I appreciate it man! 🙂 My answer is pretty much the same answer I gave to RedIce's first question. I will be able to give more medals out, have more admin abilities that I'll be able to use to help myself and other members of the clan, and I'll be able to voice my opinion on the General's board as well as General's meetings. In the past I've left OD more than a few times as you can see from my disablement record. Most of the time is was due to either being grounded by my parents, stopping playing any main games before the Community option existed, unstable living situations, loss of internet or PC, and a couple times were just plain not caring because at the time all I cared about was partying. That sums up everything from 2004-2015. In 2016 I left because I wasn't able to balance the clan with real life so I needed time away. When I came back in 2018 I eventually earned my way to 2nd Lieutenant after leading the Diablo 3 division, and I ended up having myself demoted to MWO5 because I didn't feel I was fulfilling the expectations for an Officer. I went through maybe a year of struggle with mental health where games just didn't feel fun anymore, and I had no motivation or passion for the clan because of it. That is what led to my departure in 2019. After that I got a counselor that helped me, and eventually started getting a lot better after I started using CBD. After that I came back to OD, and have been going strong ever since besides my brief IA recently when my brother passed. So I guess the answer to your question in short is that I've never stayed with OD long enough to climb the ranks and have the opportunity to be nominated for an eval until this 2018-2020 era. -Raged(OD)😁
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    you missed it I cornered @Aerineth(OD) like I promised
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    @Terra Sure is and there is a reason for it, using forums is "outdated" at this point but you will still have a few here and there that have grown up using forums and are familiar with it and use it to keep up on things. I joined the clan for the first time in March of 2003 when the website was being put together and helped with it quite a bit. At that time we used the website pretty much how we still do now to have members login so we know who is active. The main purpose of using the website was to use the DSL function to keep the members list more up-to-date to know who is not around anymore and who still plays. We spent 90% of our time on the gaming client and maybe an hour a week logging in on the website here and there and browsing other members. The clan had over 100 members (All Starcraft Broodwar) at that time and we did not support other gaming platforms or games. Nowadays we have 6 main games on the website and I believe the forums is a good use to keep all of the divisions on the same page and together and the meetings as well. The sub forums section for uploading replays and such is a great use aswell, but as far as the 27 post/reply threads where we are just discussing all of our opinions and such I think it would be easier to iron all of that kind of stuff out in voice chats on discord where it can be handled in a much more timely manner and we can see it from all of our points of views. As you can see at the top this post it was about @SuNSeT resigning from the clan, and here we are discussing how much the forums are used.
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    I have done a mass update to forum ranks (over 200 to be exact) fixing ranks and putting those who are no longer in the community to a Forum Member group. If I made any mistakes and put the wrong person in the wrong group, please let me know. Otherwise, the ranks 'should' be up to date and all members should be in the appropriate member group. EDIT: I didn't add credit where it's due. Thanks @MikeU1(OD) for the help in this!
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    @SuNSeT, I can't say I'm not very disappointed in your resignation from the clan, especially after all the work you put in to you passing your eval recently to join the General ranks again, but I respect your decision. If at all possible for you, I'd like to invite you to discuss your concerns a bit more in detail, perhaps in a private setting with me before you leave? (not a request for a debate, rather I'd like to hear what you have to say, as you haven't really expressed these kind of concerns before now)... Although we haven't really had a chance to game together much, I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and look forward to a conversation with you 1 on 1. All the best, ~Comp
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    Thank you to each and everyone that’s taken the time to post means a lot to me . i can not see another way out this without me being away for a month or 2 , I don’t know if i can take another month or 2 ia .. getting my grandkids settled one in school one in child care and getting new hours at work in place so im not burnt out and can still game or maybe just come back in a couple of months who knows , but at the moment I’ve gotta think of my grandkids thanks again it’s much appreciated Sas 💙💗 1 request though can @Badboi(OD) frank disable me please when my 48 hours are up 😞
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    If you think this is what's best then I respect your decision. 6 years is a lot of time to dedicate to the Clan, and I count us lucky to have had you as long as we did. You have some big shoes to fill, but perhaps there is someone in the Clan with the potential to fill it, and your departure will mark the debut of the next historical figure to rise in OD. And if we continue to be lucky then maybe their legacy will rival yours someday. As per protocol we'll wait 48 hours before actually disabling you. You know, in case you want to change your mind.
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    I think the priority should always be recruitment and retention because that is one of the vital parts of keeping and growing our membership. We should be finding and training newer members who have an interest in recruiting as well as doing some recruiting ourselves. I'm not saying everyone needs to mass recruit 24/7 because then everyone would get burned out. I'm just saying at least once in a while or if an opportunity presents itself. For retention it's all about making others feel like they're wanted, included, or belong. Gaming with other members and making friendships outside of the ones you already have can go a long way. Hosting events that interest the members of your division is also a good way to retain members. Another good way to retain members is to recognize them for what they do whether it's giving a medal, putting them up for promotion, or just telling them their doing a good job. Doing any of those things could give them motivation to continue or do even more for the clan. -Raged(OD)😁
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    Thank you for putting the time into answering my questions. You have my support Billy.
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    I don't think Clan OD has survived as long as it has because of any one particular thing, but because of many different things working together like different parts of a body. I think it all starts with the first interaction someone has with OD to the interaction with their recruiter to getting plugged in with people to game with so they can start forming friendships. Eventually it goes from a clan of random people to more of a family type feeling. I would sum all of that up into making friendships and making people feel included/wanted. Obviously recruiting is a big element that keeps us alive. Strong, active leadership helping to keep things in order is a key factor as well. I would also include training up members who will be the future Officers, Generals, and Commanders of OD. Another thing that has kept us going is being able to adapt with the times such as starting new divisions with more current games, moving from no VoIP to Ventrilo to Teamspeak to Discord, integrating social media and streaming, updating the website, etc. I think all of these things play a big role in OD's survival over the years, and if we continue to do these things then we'll be around for years to come. -Raged(OD)😁
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    Billy, We have spoken several times on Teamspeak/Discord and you have been nothing but awesome. Your story of time served in this clan is nothing short of amazing. You have already done work equivalent to the rank and your dedication is inspiring. You have always been supportive of me and you can expect my support in return. Only a couple of easy questions for you: 1. What do you feel becoming a general will allow you to accomplish that has eluded you thus far? 2. What took so damn long? You were obvious general material already :) You can expect my +1 Rick
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    Oh yeah for about a week lol nah never good luck billy with the rest of you’re eval 🙂
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    You're welcome, and thank you for your consideration! -Raged(OD)😁
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    Nice evaluation post. For my first question, what do you think you will bring to the table as a 1* general compared to being an officer? Secondly, Which time period since you have been in clan OD has been your favorite (From 2004 - Now) and what do you wish we still had from 10 years ago, if anything, that we could bring back to the clan?
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    Billy thank you for posting you’re very first Eval. we have become very good friends over the years may that continue. I have seen nothing but the best from you , always pushing you’re self you will always help anybody no matter what division they belong too if you couldn’t help that said person you would always find a way to get them the help I remember when you would always come to me to get things done on the site because you never had the power but you eventually got the power there was no stopping you and that has continued going up in rank I believe you bring a lot to OD and you have so much more to bring good luck with the rest you’re eval you definitely get + 1 from me. For my question -did you really think you could ever beat me in recruiting lol 💙
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    .tv/theogsewerat Juicy loot streaming high level loot
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    The last time and only other time we have reached into the Greek alphabet for storm names was in 2005. That year was also a record breaking year, with the last named storm (Zeta) lasting into January of 2006. In comparison to the 2005 hurricane season, the 2020 season is even farther ahead with the first Greek named storm this year being Sept. 18th where in 2005 the first Greek named storm was Oct. 22nd. We are certainly well on our way.. with currently sitting at Beta in the Gulf of Mexico waiting to target Texas/Louisiana again this year. Typically August-October are the most active months of the Atlantic hurricane season due to the larger expanse of warmer sea surface temperatures, with September being the peak of the season. The likely culprit this season is the ENSO changing from weak El Nino phase at the start of the year, to now a weak La Nina phase as of August (as @Badboi(OD) referenced, kudos to you sir). La Nina typically allows for weak wind shear (the stuff that tears storms apart) and greater instability (the stuff that allows storms to blossom) in the Atlantic - and the opposite in the Pacific. You'll note that we've not had many storms in the Pacific this year (16 total storms, only 11 named, they just had their "K" name), where obviously the Atlantic has been a nightmare. Regarding the potential correlation between climate change and active hurricane seasons, there is not much that has been found that can correlate the two currently and it would be foolish as a scientist to just assume such without any kind of hard, factual evidence. Most research done (from the papers I've read during college and after) has come inconclusive on the interactions between the two, but what can be said is that with warming sea surface temperatures - tropical systems would be able to thrive if conditions add up correctly. Below is the most recent sea surface temperature analysis along the equator - with a weak La Nina being showcased (cooler SST's along the equator west of South America): Below are the most recent sea surface temperatures (in Celsius). You'll note how warm the waters are in the Gulf of Mexico, with currents transporting warm water northward along the east coast and cooler water southward on the west coast (that's always how the currents move, which is why west coast waters are always cooler than east coast). The Gulf's SST's are ~85+ degrees, with the ideal temperature for tropical formation being above ~80 degrees. And here is our current outlook for the Atlantic. Hurricane Teddy will likely be a problem for our east coast Canadians (@TypeReaL(OD) I'm bringing you a present), Tropical Storm Beta may become Hurricane Beta as it basically swirls along the Texas gulf coast for the next several days, and the orange "X" is the remnants of Hurricane Paulette looking to make a return. Tropical Storm Wilfred is expected to encounter wind shear and die before it reaches the Lesser & Greater Antilles region. The little yellow "X" off the coast of Africa likely won't do anything, near 0% chance of formation. Lastly, I'm going to just keep posting updates for this season and answer questions on this thread - easier to keep track of rather than spamming threads at this point. What a nightmare of a season, 24 named storms so far. Send help.
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    Once again its time for another community meeting for clan OD for the date of September 19th 2020 at 6pm CST. I encourage as many of you @Enlisted, @Warrant Officers, @Officers, @Senior Officers, @Generals 1* - 3*, @General, @Commanders to come join if at all possible to have your voices, announcements, and proposals heard. This time around I got a couple of topics I will bring up to the community. As a reminder when you want to speak use the ~ to secure a spot to speak, ~(name) to reply directly to that person and has priority, and @(host) to ask a question through text (with me as the host). Community Meeting Topics 1. A in meeting survey of forum activity, and interest among the ranks attending. I will be done by a vote. -LightingWolves(OD) 2. I have proposal for a clan wide prized chess championship, and want to hear out other proposals for clan wide activities and games. -LightningWolves(OD) More topics can be proposed by any of you and added to the list. @Division Leaders please help spread the word, and @Purplez(OD) its time to send the word.
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    9/17/20 Added Role: Recruiter(Non-Admin) Permissions(of note) Given: "Manage Nicknames" Reason Performed: Role requested by @RedIce(OD) in topic so we may make the recruitment process easier within discord for recruiters/leaders.
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    These issues should be taken directly to @R.agnarok(OD) that we can address them if there are security flaws. While I'm all for discussion on moving forward, I think exposing any potential security risks shouldn't be made public unless it's been patched. Fee free to send either myself or R.ag (or both, whichever) a message regarding these so we can address them. I also encourage anyone believing they found a security risk, to bring it to a General or Commander so that we can get it confirmed and addressed. The rest of the topics I'm fine with bringing to the meeting. I look forward to this meeting.
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    enjoy this amazing match and please give me suggestions for editing software. skip to 10 min mark this game was live streamed
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    Feels weird applying to new jobs.
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    @SuNSeT Sucks to see you go man, was always nice chatting to ya whenever I seen you on. I get it though, seems to me that there is wayyyyyy too much time spent on the forums for a clan that is based on gaming I agree 100%. D2 is always a fun game and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon so I will see you around brother, if you ever see me on Discord send me a message! wish you the best moving forward in your gaming/life. Another good 1 lost.
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    Hello! I'm asking everyone who's willing to take a minute or two to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding our discord server. Thanks in advanced for your participation. https://forms.gle/xTfzKrqpu8QQ75zi9 The data gathered from this questionnaire will help us determine if the community discord does in fact have a channel bloat issue. If so the best possible way(s) to go about resolving this issue. @Commanders, @General, @Generals 1* - 3*, @Senior Officers, @Officers, @Warrant Officers, @Enlisted Thanks!
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    Am I still best girl though? Sassy, I saw this post yesterday morning, and I've been in a bit of a state of shock. I couldn't quite find the words to post on your thread and still am unsure if I can do it justice. You've contributed far more to the Diablo 2 Community than I can ever recall in my time here. You single handedly recruited more members to the community than anyone and I highly doubt that record will be toppled anytime soon.. if ever. You have earned recognition far beyond anything I could ever give and you have my eternal respect. They say boots are made from walking.. (Or was that a song? I forget anymore) but with you hanging yours up.. I suppose it's time to find a new pair. Wherever you fall in life, know that you will always be welcome here, and any organization or environment that gains you, will be forever indebted to one of the most amazing individuals I've yet to meet here in this community. You have me on Facebook.. and if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out! If I'm available I'll be right there. 🙂 Always remember you have a home here! I shall leave @Badboi(OD) to disable you as that is your final request.
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    9/2/20 Added Bot: Voice Master Roles Given: Server Bot Reason Performed: Bot added to help curtail the need for any permanent channel(s) to be created in the future.
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    8/28/2020, 6:37:00 AM -200.00 to ShookEm Classic contest
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    Hello everyone! I hope you find yourselves well. I wanted to take the time to update people on some new changes in the Division so going forward everyone is on the same page. Update on Leadership As of 8/27, there has been a change in the leadership of the Halo Division. Here is the current roster. Zakspeeeed(OD) - Division Leader SprucePumpkin01(OD) - Division Co-Leader JD(OD) - Advisory Administrator Please welcome Spruce in his new role as Co-Lead! He's been super active on Discord and is always interacting with members of the division despite not even having access to a machine to play Halo. Just overall really helpful with getting people in the division and everything. Certainly a deserved spot. I will also point out that @Raged(OD) has returned from hiatus, but I think everyone knows already. If us three leaders aren't around do not hesitate to ask him any questions. He's a very helpful member as well! New Recruitment Process For those who don't want to take the time to go on recruitment channels and stay on top of your posts and maybe just want to get a friend in easy, we have a solution for you. Hell, even current active recruiters will find a lot to love about our new welcome post. The welcome post has been proposed by @Tris(OD) for awhile now, and with good reason. These posts act as one-stop shops for new people and current members. What our mission as a division is, how to join, current leadership, a link to the Discord, etc. So I figured I'd adopt one ASAP and make everyone's lives a little easier. Modern Halo clans tend to still have a manual recruitment process, but ours is longer than others because we have our own website and everything. This is a step towards automated recruiting, where people who have interest are not stopped from joining on their own accord. For active recruiters, please structure your copy-paste messages around this new welcome thread. You can still say the normal "this is who we are" thing at the beginning of your posts, but instead of asking for a DM drop this link instead. But know this, and know it well. This means that recruits can simply skip talking to recruiters and recruiters can't judge people before they sign up. So, when any of you see a new person in chat, help us out and play a game with them. Keep our community safe and friendly by simply playing with others and making sure there's no conflict or BM members leaking into Overdosed. Events in September Well the dreadful time has come for many. School is back in session across the world, whether it be University, College, High School, or even Middle School. Us "yungins" all of a sudden don't have as much free time on our hands. I cannot run events by myself anymore due to a combination of having a heavy workload and plain burnout. But you can. I will announce details for a new Forge competition soon. I've been talking about it and having an opportunity like that for our members is something everyone can benefit from. But, as far as scheduled game nights go I can't commit to every Saturday afternoon anymore, so I encourage you to start your own events. There are no restrictions for events in Overdosed. Anyone can schedule a game night or matchmaking session. If you're a fully fledged member of OD go ahead and use that ping to let everyone know that, "Hey! I'm going to be on at Friday night at this time. Who wants to do some custom games/queue for competitive playlists/whatever?" If you want to take initiative as a community member, this is your chance. Use it. Conclusion I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone for sticking around in Overdosed. Despite only being a few months old (we started in January folks!) we've literally seen other clans rise and fall. It's absolutely amazing how we've lasted as long as we have in the volatile clan community and we couldn't have done it without all y'all. I'm so proud that I have the opportunity to keep pushing a community I love forward into the future. It's only going to get harder from here though. Infinite got delayed, MCC is wrapping up its released, and the population is still not where we need it to be. We need to keep pushing until Infinite comes out, so invite your friends to have a good time with us. We should be one of these community servers that have been popping up with the option to join the clan associated with it. There is absolutely something special here, and I want everyone to be able to know that too. Thank you for listening, Zakspeeeed(OD)
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    Its amazing that you are finally reaching out for extra help in this monumentous task you placed on yourself. You know me JD, I am here to put my hat in the ring in anyway I can and am willing to help as long as you ask or tell me what you need. So count me in.
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    Billy you are truly OD, through and through. You support is awe inspiring and you the length of time in OD is breathtaking. You are a kind and understanding member who goes above and beyond in helping OD grow in many ways, infact I have to thank you for getting my trials to pass making TTRPG possible. I am leaning on supporting you, but as a standard I hold I do not want to just think you are a general, I want to know that you are. With that I have some questions. 1. Are you willing to state and stick by your beliefs in OD? 2. Are you willing to tackle harsh situations and make decisions you find appropriate even if it upsets some others? Sooner or later as a general you will come across those. I hope you can give more reasons to back you and I wish nothing but success and growth for you from your first eval. -LightningWolves(OD)
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    The Bulette Haiku (Updated) Chef Rayne Dom the 5th The cook to make you baguettes ...must tame the boulette.
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    All good ideas Mike. RIP SeXiCaN(OD), Norad(OD), ChoBo(OD), Dave(OD), and exradahm(OD)/GhostlyChob(OD)/Froz3n(OD). -Raged(OD)😁
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    People will always find ways to cheat. I just ignore them and enjoy the game. I still totally suck at it but it makes me laugh. I played with @Jiraiya(OD) the other day and he is pretty good.
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    Updating the history would take a lot of time and a lot of research, it's not an easy task to take on. I definitely don't have the time myself right now, I already have a backlog of things I'm already behind in. I don't think many Commanders or Generals would be able to commit the time for it, but it isn't something that necessarily requires a Commander or General to do. Any noteworthy changes to the Clan are going to be public knowledge, and as you've said the evaluations serve as a pretty good source of information for individual accomplishments. If you or anyone else were able to put together something to add onto the history, then I could at least make time to look over what you brought me and add it to the site if it seems thorough.
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    Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good day so far and are in the mood for some forging in Halo, because there's been some real interest in the clan recently in Forging. So, I've decided to throw a little contest for everyone to participate in, and be accessible no matter your skill level in Forging. Information Your goal is to create the best 1v1 map you possibly can in Halo 2 Anniversary's Forge mode. Your map must support a Slayer gametype. (This doesn't mean it has to be BR starts). Approved Canvases: Skyward, Awash, Nebula Your map will be judged on Gameplay, Aesthetic, and Creativity. More detail about these three categories below. Deadline is October 31st, 2020. Submissions will be through mega.nz. Export your .mvar file from your AppData > MCC folder. Place the link in this thread. Judging Gameplay: How well does the map play? Does it offer ample opportunities for player choice and decision throughout the whole map? Are the weapons on the map fairly balanced, if any are on the map? Is the starting weapon too powerful or too weak? These questions and more will be considered when judging the gameplay of the map Aesthetic: How good does the map look? Halo 2: Anniversary only has concrete blocks and walls for basic building blocks, but how are you able to take that and make it look good and unique (and possibly a completely different texture). If nature prefabs are used then do they add to the map or make it look tacky? Bring out your inner artist here. Creativity: How unique is the map? This is a very different thing from Aesthetic. A map can look good but play like twenty other maps. Surprise me with your layout and make it fun. A box with a central structure in the middle with some platforms on the outside might play well but isn't exactly unique. Go crazy! Judging will be handled by myself and @Jenkinns523(OD) Your goal should be to strike a great balance between these three. Prizes 1st Place: $25 Steam Gift Card with a set rank and medal 2nd and 3rd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card with a set rank and medal Good luck!
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    God speed @Sassy. You will be missed. Do what is right, and take care of yourself. Remember, get out there and enjoy the fresh air and go for a walk. I enjoyed our talked and hope to see you around again ❤️
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    Con This is the most welsh thing ever pro I understand why I mean it isn't like I don't send you something random on a daily basis I wish you all the best in your next endeavor but I swear to God if you declare war and invade anywhere without me ill be mad Long live the queen 👸...( not you @Aerineth(OD) )
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    Nobody else has a cockney accent. I think there's a hidden rule somewhere that says there must always be at least one person with that accent in the clan.
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    I too wish you well and will miss you! We never really got to hang out all that much, but I will never forget you, and your tireless efforts on behalf of the clan. Hope your grand kids are a blessing to you now and forever! Glad am I to have had a small, brief part in your life, and thankful that you survived and bounced back from covid19. You had me worried there for a week or three, but that is thankfully in the past. I too enjoyed playing and chatting with you in game and in discord. Fare thee well, my friend, and may the good times roll ever onwards for you and yours! Always your friend, Chanter(OD) aka Mike.
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    Julie @Sassy u cant leave. You r the number 1 reaaon ive stuck it out.. I am not abl e to read ur post while riding home.. Its so bumpy. But i lovevu girl u better keep in touch!
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    I'm very saddened by this post, but I can completely understand your reasoning for leaving. You will probably be very limited on time taking care of 2 little ones. I believe we became friends in 2014 or 2015, and have reconnected every time I've left and came back since then. I've always enjoyed talking on voice or text chat, and I've always felt like I could talk to you about anything. You've done more for OD than most members will ever do, and your accomplishments speak for themselves. Me and the rest of the clan will miss you dearly. If you ever need anyone to talk you know where to find me. ❤ P.S. Enjoy being #1 while you still can. 😉 -Raged(OD)😁
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    Julie, This resignation has come as a bit of a shock to me here... While I'm very saddened to see you go, we do pride ourselves on the fact that family comes first and foremost, and respect your decision to do what you need to do so that you find your balance in life... You've had quite a career here in OD, and as others have said already, I don't see anyone even coming close to your achievements in recruiting any time soon! The absence of your particular brand of "sass" will most definitely be felt across the community, and that only goes to show you how much we will miss you around here... We have had some pretty great times haven't we though, during the worse times in dealing with "clan drama", but more memorably, just chatting in voice chat (discord / teamspeak) and having laughs together! I wish you all the best, and know that we're always here for ya if you need to chat! So don't be a stranger from time to time, because we'll hold you to your promise... After all, like it or not, we are your extended family, and need our occasional dose of sassy-ness too! 😉 As always, keep it @Sassy ~Comp
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    I feel and I am sure a lot of other people do that it is only fair that I step down from my position as a general at this time. I am sorry I waited so long to do so. I have been meaning to post for several weeks now and have just been busy with life and the times I did log onto my PC were to relax and unwind for a few minutes. I am sorry I was never actually able to really do anything in my position or even really offer any input. I know I have talked to a few people about it already but for those who may not have known in the past few months I have had a lot of issues in real life. My wife and I split up after 12 years which caused me to really re evaluate my life and what is important to me and the answer is myself and my family. I spent way too much time on the computer ignoring everyone and everything around me in my real life and that has come to an end. On a good note I am doing great and have been sober for 4 months now and spending as much time as possible with my children enjoying life! I would still like to be a part of the community maybe in an officer or sr officer capacity. It has been real guys! Thank you for the opportunity to join your ranks and I am sorry I could not do more while here but sometimes life has other plans for us!
  48. 1 point
    @Froggie420(OD) you're fine bro. Everyone has their good days and bad days and like to vent. No need to apologize. 🙂
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    Updated your rank. Congratulations on making it to Officer! I look forward to working with you!
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    @CotDaniel(OD) is in charge of d3 til i get home from work this is prevalent as its daily 😄


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