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  2. congrats fellas! i missed the event by 1 hour! darn... next time :)
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  4. Fun as always... congrats to @Membership(OD) for winning and Flexir(OD) for coming in 2nd place good event guys thanks for joining
  5. Yesterday
  6. Always, the warm ups look good. cant believe NZ won that match ;/
  7. Sounds fun Drew. If I wasn't out of town this weekend I would sign up
  8. That would be incorrect. The only group that Ray is currently in here on the forums is senior Forum Members. And there is no power assigned to that role, it's just a title. None of the officers boards+ are visible to him.
  9. Mr Ray: I would not presume to discern what Mr Badboi meant. I leave that to the speaker and those wiser than me. Interestingly, actions lately prove decisions may have been correct, I do not know as I do not have access to the closed officer forums that you still have (I did not know that someone who resigned could still have this privilege of access to information, but as was said earlier, it is an imperfect world) Why is this by the way? The access, nothing else concerns me . In Confusion and Chaos GD
  10. Oh, but it is very much relevant, GD. He's saying he's connected to us two in the sense that we were both demoted due to something we've done. In this case, it is false because the actions we've each committed and the circumstances surrounding them are too different for there to be a connection.
  11. Mr Badboi: Thank you for your kind thought, I believed I was just howling in the wilderness. I will think on what you said. Though of course, as some people the words "Never Again" and "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." have special meaning. People have fooled me twice. Actually I knew what GD was used for , you are the first to realize what I was signing. Most astute. Also G*d (to type the name of the creator is considered a false idol.) and YHWH (meaning the unknowable.) Mr Ray: Mr Badboi stated he felt a connection, you having a connection is irrelevant. All love is unrequited. The connection does not have to be....distinct. In any contest it is important to pick your allies carefully, realize this has consequences. Yours in truth GD (meaning in this case GhostDog not taking the supreme name in vain.)
  12. Mine is perhaps very boring. Very empty. But I like a clean desktop. If I put anything on it, I try not to let it stay there very long. I've been debating changing it for a while now actually.
  13. @Triny(OD) what about you
  14. Sassy

    Name the sport

    Yes my son-in-law will be watching as he is Indian
  15. No time may be watch few Aus vs Eng Ind vs Pak semis and finals i think some of your family watch too
  16. Sassy

    Name the sport

    Yeah I took pics for hari he loves cricket lol Will you be watching it hari
  17. Cricket born in England 7 more days to world cup hosted by UK this time England got 80% chances to win the cup
  18. @Hari(OD) what sport is this lol
  19. There is no "connection."
  20. I'm coming after you Drewg!!! *stands behind MooMoo* kill him first LMAO
  21. count me in, can i stand by wp while everyone else dies like that one guy did LOL drewg(OD) /// drewg@jsp
  22. 1. MooMoo(OD)/ MooMoo(OD)/ OD-Chop/ Blood Moor Mower NEED MORE 14 HOURS TO SIGN UP
  23. Hi there Hyperbane! Welcome to a fun gaming community. I've seen you popping in and out of the clan channel on D2. If I can help with anything, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). We also have some useful gear on the clan mules if you are in need. I've added your twitch link to our streaming forum! Here's a great guide that will help getting to know how the community works.
  24. I love druid bowling! I'll be there Purplez(OD)////smooches@jsp
  25. Awesome contest Drewg! I've added it to the D2 announcement bot in channel. Good luck to all who participate.
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