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  2. whoever you are dueling against deserves to know exactly what type of character you are, GM ruleset dictates as such, i.e. before the first duel if i were to ask if you were fire cold or lightning and you said lightning and i came out with a tgods on and u fireballed me and i didnt have the correct fire res gm setup on you could just claim an easy win by lying, which is BM know that at any time the enemy can ask you to see your gear as well, and you must comply and show them, skilled gm'ers will know you are using bm gear without having to ask but will ask anyways to screen shot that you have something that isnt allowed equiped and thus you would be disqualified and auto lose that duel hope that helps! ©Drewg
  3. Why is it relevant to post if my char is mb or not? im not but im just curious.
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  5. I just want to emphasize that if you restat or change your character name or anything is made different about your character that you have on this ladder you need to let us know as soon as possible.
  6. Editing... Will update this post shortly.
  7. Shortwlf is live! Come see what he's up to on Guild Wars 2 😄
  8. Don't forget to use my social media thread for any FFXIV content we'd like to post! https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68907-social-media-content/
  9. we been killing it bro
  10. Yo @SeeD(OD) lets fight tonight! 1. Seed(OD) *Hula Bride Hybrid Zon MB - Yes Record 1-0 2. DBZ(OD) *Goku. Heisman Bone Necro MB- No Record 1-2 3. Shade(OD) *Shade(OD) OD-Legit Wind Druid MB - No Record 1-3 4. Sunset(OD) *SwampDonkey Vaso BVC MB - No 5. Wave(OD) *Wave(OD) OD-Prolific BVC MB - No 6. Trump(OD) Android Eight.teen Ele MB - No  Defends as #1 Drewg (1) MooMoo (1) Challenges: Seed(OD) vs DBZ(OD) Sunset(OD) Vs Shade(OD)
  11. Is it too late for me to sign up? Trump(OD) Android Eight.teen Ele MB - Negative.
  12. @Shade(OD) pm me when your on bromego
  13. I'm sure most of you have recieved this PM. Purplez Hey D2 members, It has been brought to our attention that Purplez has an in game impostor using the account Purplez(OD)1 character name OD-Smooches to bot in public games. This is not Purplez but someone trying to smear her name, just sending this message to make sure that we clarify that to all you guys. I would like to thank those of you who were diligent and reported seeing the bot to me. Side note im paying 50 fg per ear for the char listed above, upto a max of 250fg. ~Triny(OD) Let's get a small group together to PK this, 5x each. I don't know if any of you are experienced in hunting bots, so heres how I would like to do this. Small groups of 2 players at a time would join its game and find out what it MF's before it just runs to baal, basically see where it goes. Make sure you have at least 2 juvs in your belt and find out if the bot aggro's or just s/e's on hostile and report back here. If it stays in game after hostiling you can bet your ass it uses chicken. Stack hammers to the north side of your character. If using a necro/druid team, nec spams amp and druid nado's north. This scum is trying to ruin cindy's good name, lets ruin his games and make his bot have serious issues. If it s/e's on hostile i want you to hit enter to bring up the text bar in its games and hold down ........................... until you fill the text bar up with periods. Spam that 2-3 times and it should cause the bot to freeze and drop, giving you time to PK it if it aggro's OR let monsters kill it. When you have 5 of its ears (or less) pm triny and recieve your fg, then have him PM me confirming you got all 5 ears and I will give you something good on NON LADDER. I have had this challenge copyrighted and put alot of effort into this, please do not quote or copy and paste without permission. ©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg©Drewg
  14. the activity in this mod is very high .. but the community is still small compared to Lod . the community it does have is very chill deathby and myself play Hardcore only and the ppl on Pod hc are amazing there is no Pking it is a banable offence , we look out for one another . i cant say enough good things about this mod is you need any help lmk have any questions feel free to hit me up .
  15. Hello everyone how goes it ! Path Of Diablo is resetting on August the 2nd . I would like to invite anyone willing to learn this Mod of diablo 2 to join Deathby(OD) and myself this new ladder . we can teach you the new perks this mod offers in accessibility to stash , new skills per class , changes to runewords and new runewords , viable builds for endgame and starting off ladder , where and how to get and set up the loot filter , what is an OOE AND OOC ... what do they do ? , how to install this mod , and explain the way the new end game content works also known as maps. this version of diablo 2 in my opinion is the best out and i would like to bring clan OD into this new season . If you would like to learn more about PoD or already know about it and have tried it or want to give it a shot feel free to hit me up with any questions , concerns ty all for your time !!
  16. you had a chance to do a right thing, yet u decided to play a bitch you embarassed urself enough imo, shame on you i wont bother you anymore bye
  17. ©in Purple just in case the forum lawyer visits again LOL
  18. Congratulations on the new squad!
  19. Hi, I'm Drewg and I wrote this guide and take 100% credit. I have had it copyrighted so please do not copy and paste without my permission, I put a lot of work into this. Thank you. A Train is a Necromancer's trick, flying in one line train of Bone Spirits. It is a very simple trick. We hold the Bone Spirit skill in any of the corners of the screen. After five casts of Spirits, we switch to TP and immediately back to Bone Spirit. The cursor does not move. After 3 packs there will be about 15 Spirits which is about 75 k magic damage. After the PvP penalty, it's potentially 12 k HP. Almost any character that accidentally flew into such Train dies, or at least loses large amounts of health. Even Barb with 8 k HP. Even more dangerous will be Invisible Train (Invisible Bone Spirit - IBS). It's a train that was cast before your enemy appeared the mini-map. In this case, it becomes invisible. !READ IT! !THIS IS IMPORTANT! The only duel where this trick is a must-have is NvB. In NvB Nec without IBS is a sweet target for Barb. Tank Trick and IBS — these are the two tricks that allow a non-block Necro to win this duel and even maintain the "advantage" (about 60/40 ) above Barb. The rest of the duels (except probably ES Sorc, Zon and a Smiter) a skillful and experienced non-block Necromancer can win without making a single TP and IBS. Lock (Stomp)/Chain/Chainlock, WSG and Tank Trick — Those are your main assistants in any duel. Your gameplay must not be just IBS spam from one corner of the map to another. You will not learn anything and won't reveal the potential of this character. Let's go on. IBS'ing Necro can be caught at the end of another Spirit pack cast. In that case, you can avoid most of the damage from Spirits. At this very moment, Nec is the most vulnerable, cause he has no Spam-support. Another option would be not to stomp, but to make an accurate TP next to a Necro's train line (green dot). In this case, you will only catch Spirits from the last released pack (4-5), and their damage will be most likely absorbed by your stack. The most tricky option against the Druid would be to quickly jump to the head of the Train while waiting to be stomped and run forward at the Spirit line doing WSG. After the Druid stomped you, you cast a Spear to destroy his stack. Without the stack, he will catch the rest of the Train and most likely die. However, I must repeat. Continuous IBS'ing from one corner of the map to another corner is not an effective tactic against Druid. Decent Druid won't stomp you while you are in IBS. He will cast some Nados ahead of your way and then wait till your Train is about to finish. Only then he will start chasing you with C/T and catch you up already unarmed, without any spam-support. So continuous IBS is pointless. Use it rarely, but effectively. After 20 seconds of full contact WSG quickly fly away, make IBS in his direction. He might be greedy (sloppy) and fall into the trap. Another good option for Necro is to cast 2-3 stacks of IBS. As soon as an enemy appears on the mini-map, cast 1-2 "false" Spirit to another direction. Make 1-2 short TP's on that line (make him think that is your failed IBS). Trick him into thinking he caught you vulnerable and when he is about to stomp, quickly fly to the previously casted IBS. The enemy will think that he caught you, but actually, it's him who was tricked. Good Luck and Have Fun! Wish you good luck in all your endeavors! ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg ©Drewg
  20. Good luck with the new squad! Posted this up on our twitter
  21. Well today we created the new Final Fantasy Squad. Dave is the Commanding officer , the exec officer position is open. i Invite you to sign up to play. We have a free company on Jenova on the Aether data center. Applications for all free company positions are now being accepted. The name of the free company is : Onyx Dragon, the short form is OD We will be using Discord for our chat, come buy and see us.
  22. i sure am popular, lmk game.
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  24. Thanks Jared! Glad to have your support bro
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