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  2. Cutting off discord really makes you feel 100x bettttttter.. LEGGGGGGGGGGGO


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      Super Kami Guru approves

  4. I don't think Clan OD has survived as long as it has because of any one particular thing, but because of many different things working together like different parts of a body. I think it all starts with the first interaction someone has with OD to the interaction with their recruiter to getting plugged in with people to game with so they can start forming friendships. Eventually it goes from a clan of random people to more of a family type feeling. I would sum all of that up into making friendships and making people feel included/wanted. Obviously recruiting is a big element that keeps us alive. Strong, active leadership helping to keep things in order is a key factor as well. I would also include training up members who will be the future Officers, Generals, and Commanders of OD. Another thing that has kept us going is being able to adapt with the times such as starting new divisions with more current games, moving from no VoIP to Ventrilo to Teamspeak to Discord, integrating social media and streaming, updating the website, etc. I think all of these things play a big role in OD's survival over the years, and if we continue to do these things then we'll be around for years to come. -Raged(OD)😁
  5. Billy, you have been an outstanding active member since I joined in 2017. Your recruitment abilities are awesome as well as your people skills. Now here you are sharing your personal life with us with honesty and integrity. It shows the caliber of person you are. That being said, here's a couple of questions for you. I'm sure you have noticed the lack of activity by quite a few of our officers, no names mentioned. What, if anything, do you think should be done? Should there be consequences? Why do you think Clan OD has survived as long as it has and do you have any thoughts on what can be done to further it's longevity? Good luck on your evaluation!
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  7. Will be away until Oct. 2nd - Kait finally gets a vacation ❤ going home to MI for a week!

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      Relax and have fun!!

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      Enjoy!! i live close by WI here, weather is AMAZING right now 55ish in the morning and 75ish in the afternoon bring a sweater!!

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      I cannot waiiiiit for cooler weather! Downside is that it will likely be raining the entire time we are in Mackinac.. womp

  8. I'd recommend you to double up on your medication lol. I'd say the only way is if you found some good hacks haha. Thanks Scottie I appreciate that, and if we're talking Halo I might take you up on that. XD Yes I believe this is important as well as the ability to hear out those with different or opposing beliefs. Will it be easy? Probably not, but yes I'm willing to do it if it proves to be necessary for the situation I'm presented with. Thank you Lightning! I really appreciate it. -Raged(OD)😁
  9. Billy you are truly OD, through and through. You support is awe inspiring and you the length of time in OD is breathtaking. You are a kind and understanding member who goes above and beyond in helping OD grow in many ways, infact I have to thank you for getting my trials to pass making TTRPG possible. I am leaning on supporting you, but as a standard I hold I do not want to just think you are a general, I want to know that you are. With that I have some questions. 1. Are you willing to state and stick by your beliefs in OD? 2. Are you willing to tackle harsh situations and make decisions you find appropriate even if it upsets some others? Sooner or later as a general you will come across those. I hope you can give more reasons to back you and I wish nothing but success and growth for you from your first eval. -LightningWolves(OD)
  10. First off whats your Type contingency plan for when I go crazy second off Better you than me good luck brother thirdly if you assume this power How can I abuse it aside from that you did well in d3 leadership I mean youll never be @TypeReaL(OD) but even tho you crushed it, Im looking forward to coaxing you into a 1v1 and murdering the new gen in his game 😄
  11. The hurricane is upon me can I think of you if Im scared ? or if im not scared ... 🙂

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  13. Thanks Rick, I appreciate it man! 🙂 My answer is pretty much the same answer I gave to RedIce's first question. I will be able to give more medals out, have more admin abilities that I'll be able to use to help myself and other members of the clan, and I'll be able to voice my opinion on the General's board as well as General's meetings. In the past I've left OD more than a few times as you can see from my disablement record. Most of the time is was due to either being grounded by my parents, stopping playing any main games before the Community option existed, unstable living situations, loss of internet or PC, and a couple times were just plain not caring because at the time all I cared about was partying. That sums up everything from 2004-2015. In 2016 I left because I wasn't able to balance the clan with real life so I needed time away. When I came back in 2018 I eventually earned my way to 2nd Lieutenant after leading the Diablo 3 division, and I ended up having myself demoted to MWO5 because I didn't feel I was fulfilling the expectations for an Officer. I went through maybe a year of struggle with mental health where games just didn't feel fun anymore, and I had no motivation or passion for the clan because of it. That is what led to my departure in 2019. After that I got a counselor that helped me, and eventually started getting a lot better after I started using CBD. After that I came back to OD, and have been going strong ever since besides my brief IA recently when my brother passed. So I guess the answer to your question in short is that I've never stayed with OD long enough to climb the ranks and have the opportunity to be nominated for an eval until this 2018-2020 era. -Raged(OD)😁
  14. Billy, We have spoken several times on Teamspeak/Discord and you have been nothing but awesome. Your story of time served in this clan is nothing short of amazing. You have already done work equivalent to the rank and your dedication is inspiring. You have always been supportive of me and you can expect my support in return. Only a couple of easy questions for you: 1. What do you feel becoming a general will allow you to accomplish that has eluded you thus far? 2. What took so damn long? You were obvious general material already :) You can expect my +1 Rick
  15. Hey I can dream can't I? 😛 Thanks Julie! -Raged(OD)😁
  16. Oh yeah for about a week lol nah never good luck billy with the rest of you’re eval 🙂
  17. You're welcome, and thank you for your consideration! -Raged(OD)😁
  18. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I currently have no further questions. I've yet to determine my stance on your evaluation. All though currently I'm leaning towards supporting it. Have a good rest of your Eval. You'll hear from my again regarding my stance on your evaluation after I've had more time to consider it.
  19. Thanks Julie I appreciate everything you said! I also appreciate all the help you've given me over the years. To answer your question yes I did, and still do think I could pass you up in recruiting one day. XD Yes I would definitely continue voicing my opinion on the General's Board if I were to join the General ranks. A couple years back when I was either leading or co-leading Diablo 3 a member DMed me on Discord because another member said something that was offensive to them. They told me that they blocked/muted the person on Discord, and was not willing to speak to them again. I believe they sent me screen shots of what was said as well. I then talked to the person who was the offender in the situation, and explained how the person took offense to what was said, and by the end of the conversation they were willing to apologize. I talked to the person who was offended and eventually they reluctantly unblocked the offender. The offender then apologized, and everything was cordial between them. Yes I am always willing to help members in and outside of my division whenever I can. I would hear the person out, and if immediate action is needed such as a kick/ban I would take care of it at that moment. After that I would message their current division leader or general in the division and explain what happened, and what action(s) that I took to resolve the matter, and let them decide if they want to take any further action. Thank you for your kind words, and the questions JD! 🙂 Thank you RedIce! 🙂 I would be able to voice my opinion on the General's Board on the forum as well as be involved in the General's meetings. I would also have more medals that I can give to deserving members as well as more admin abilities that I could use to help myself and/or members of the clan with. All time periods have their pros and cons, but I'm gonna have to say 2004-2006 because to me those are the "good ole days." Maybe not in all aspects of the clan, but it was a fun time to be alive lol. One thing I wish we had that we had back then was all the activity in game, in channel, and on the forums. -Raged(OD)😁
  20. Nice evaluation post. For my first question, what do you think you will bring to the table as a 1* general compared to being an officer? Secondly, Which time period since you have been in clan OD has been your favorite (From 2004 - Now) and what do you wish we still had from 10 years ago, if anything, that we could bring back to the clan?
  21. Billy, Time and time again I find myself intertwined with you in the community since we met back in 2016 when we were in Overwatch together. Each time you've managed to blow me away with your level of dedication, commitment and the level of ability/skill you bring to recruiting members for where ever you currently call home. When starting up Halo with you, it was clear that you were a member that not only had the ability to do more than just be a recruitment machine. But you quickly took to your roles as a full fledge leader within the division. Your activity was always amazing and continues to be. You're consistently around for members to help them and recognize them for their achievements. You're willing to give your input on general clan topics and attend admin meetings to participate. You're someone who's found a nice balance between the administrative side of things and gaming. This is a great example of someone that I think will be able handle their role as a new 1* General fairly well. Now, with all that positive feedback aside. I do have questions for you. --- 1.Concerns for Administrative Participation You currently have been fairly active within your respective games as well as the administrative conversation. Whether the conversation is on our forums or during meetings. You've always seemed to do your best to participate and make sure your opinion is apparent. Taking part in important discussions on the General board and voicing your opinion is incredibly important and very needed to continue to growth of the community. Is this something that you think you'll be able to continue when moving onto the General ranks? --- 2.Concerns RE: Administrating Members in Disputes Having worked with you fairly closely over the last several years on multiple divisions. I can't personally recall a time you had to step up as an Officer/Admin and dispute an issue between members. Can you give me an example of a time you were presented with a dispute in the community? How did you handle it? What was the result? Did you/an advising administrator have to enforce a rule and perform an Administrative Action?(e.g. ban, kick, member disablement etc...) (Please leave out names and direct specifics to keep the interaction anonymous.) --- 3. Further Administration concerns Being a General means you have the ability to float around the community and assist where a General is needed. Do you feel comfortable Administrating members outside of your division if an issue is brought to you? How would you handle an issue brought you by a member from another division that currently has active division leadership/a General within the division? Thank you in advanced for taking the time to answer all my questions! 🙂
  22. Billy thank you for posting you’re very first Eval. we have become very good friends over the years may that continue. I have seen nothing but the best from you , always pushing you’re self you will always help anybody no matter what division they belong too if you couldn’t help that said person you would always find a way to get them the help I remember when you would always come to me to get things done on the site because you never had the power but you eventually got the power there was no stopping you and that has continued going up in rank I believe you bring a lot to OD and you have so much more to bring good luck with the rest you’re eval you definitely get + 1 from me. For my question -did you really think you could ever beat me in recruiting lol 💙
  23. Hello everyone! The first thing I'd like to do is thank everyone who nominated me to post this eval, and everyone who has helped me get to this point in my OD career. Who am I? I go by Raged or my real name which is Billy. I'm 31 years old, and have been married to my beautiful wife @ElectricFeel(OD) for 4 years, and been together a total of 9 years. I was born and raised in a small town 30 minutes west of Cleveland, OH, and am still currently living in the area. In high school I received a Diploma of Honors, but I ended up dropping out of college my first year due to personal issues I was working through. I now work at Ford Motor Company on the assembly line building construction sized trucks, and it's the best job I've ever had. On April 18, 2004 @R.agnarok(OD) recruited me into OD when I was 14 years old, and it has been like a home to me ever since. I started out playing Starcraft: Brood War, and have played many other different games in OD throughout the years. I've been an officer a few different times including once as Firebird(OD). I consider myself an OD lifer because any time I've left OD I've always come back. I started recruiting pretty much since the beginning, and it kind of just became my thing. I like seeing new people come into the clan along with seeing the clan grow, and I've always been passionate about anything I do for OD. I could probably write a book about all my experiences in OD so I'll just end it here. If you'd like to know more about me feel free to message me on Discord. What have I done/currently do for OD? I'm currently the number 2 recruiter of all time with 188 total recruits with 20 of them still active in the clan. I'm active on Discord for many hours per day. I helped recruit for Overwatch when it started in 2016. I ran the Diablo 3 division in 2018 after @TypeReaL(OD) stepped down, and we got up to 80 active members on the website. I helped @JD(OD) start the Halo division. I've helped train and mentor @Zakspeeeed(OD). I helped @redops(OD) when he needed it, and gave him advice when he started reviving the LoL division. I train members on how to link Discord/Steam accounts to the website. I've encouraged former members to return to OD. I've provided recruiting powers to members. I actively do admin work (Reset passwords, edit trial members). I actively recruite for Halo. I actively award medals. I actively promote deserving members. I actively vote on trial members. I actively attend admin meetings, and listen to recordings if for some reason I can't attend. I actively read all topics in the Officer's and Division Administration forum, and post when I feel it would be beneficial to the topic/discussion. I have participated in posting on evals during phase 1, and have voted during phase 2. I update Discord roles daily. I created the "Recruiting, Trial Membership, and Voting on Trial Members" guide in the OverDosed Academy. Goals I plan to continue helping the Halo division grow by recruiting so that we can have plenty of people for events, and just to game with in general. I I also plan to continue finding promising members to mentor and build up into future Officers of OD as well as finding more members with an interest in recruiting. I want to continue getting Discord activity up as well which has already started to happen with the recent recruiting efforts of myself, @Zakspeeeed(OD), and @SprucePumpkin01. I also want to find more ways of retaining members that we already have. Lastly I would like to help guide members interested in starting new divisions. Conclusion Thank you everyone who took the time to read my eval, and thank you for your consideration for the rank of Brigadier General. Brigadier General Rank Expectations - Pillars of the Divisions they are a part of, seeing to its management, and providing for the members they are responsible for, which includes promotions, medals, recruitment powers, rank changes, etc. - Actively available for the members of their Division - Recognizing, teaching, and providing opportunities for the Officers within their Division to help out with proper delegation - Attends General-Specific meetings - Votes on all General Evaluations that take place - Actively involved in topics posted on the General's Board - Presenting ideas or discussions of their own in the General's Board is considered particularly impressive - Overall being the leaders and representatives of their respective Divisions and providing for the members they are responsible for are what we look for in Brigadier Generals Just a reminder to those not familiar with the current evaluation process: Posts are limited to 2 question posts (can have multiple questions per post), and 1 opinion / statement post, per person. -Raged(OD)😁
  24. FOR thousands of years I laid dormant who has awoken me ... looks around oh its you pigeons what do you want ?

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      And im not sick anymore in fact pretty sure I got a zen kai boost like no joke I could fight @Terra in her mecha godzilla form and not break a sweat

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      The only thing I can think about after reading this is the notion that you can be dormant.

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  25. To clarify. The channel is discord populates streaming data from twitch via a bot. If you send me your twitch account I can add you to the bot for auto announcements there.
  26. I was helping a friend in need so had to miss the meeting, sorry everybody!
  27. You can add your stream name to your profile on Overdosed.net. Just go to your console, admin, then change profile and add it there. Also, there is a streaming channel on Discord where you can post it. Happy streaming!
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