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  3. Im going to play WW Barb
  4. hahah guess we will find out
  5. SuNSeT

    Reset Signups SCL

    I'm home...safe, hungover, and kid is gonna join this reset ... not sure if he will be able to handle claymation diablo though lol
  6. Most welcome! You should down to the TS D2 channel sometime and meet the members there. It's always a fun time.
  7. Welcome feel free to hit me up on Diablo 3 Sil3NtKilL#1394
  8. are you safely home @SuNSeT 10 hours to go... booooourns
  9. SuNSeT

    Reset Signups SCL

    Got ya Right on man!
  10. Hey all this is Piggy(OD), I just wanted you all to know that I also play D3 and Hearthstone. I wanted to post my Battle-tag so if any of you see this tag you know its me. My Battle-tag is Rodger69ner#1243. I look forward to playing other games with you guys as well.
  11. will be running in HCL again this season after reset
  12. Papa's on his 3rd flight home. Whoever said I would miss a reset hasn't seen my track record. I crush this shit, twice a year every year, first group done. Who wants to have a good time and claim bragging rights? 60% of the time, we bring it everytime 

  13. Last week
  14. zachlds#1372 been playing a little COD. Not a COD player really but I can usually go 1:! for the most part improving here and there. /edit I also live in Atlanta 😄
  15. this is Piggy(OD) I want to play a summon/curses necro
  16. O M G so so sorry I missed you’re birthday pops been working 3-11 shifts happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear JAMES happy birthday to youuuu old boy xx
  17. Hey guys just getting back into gaming, anyone play apex or cod?
  18. Due to the new improvements on battle.net we are unable to have a bot in the channel therefore we will be communicating on Discord in either the Starcraft2 Channel OR you can find me in KennysCloud channel where I will have music playing.
  19. We will welcome you with open arms when you return and catch you up.
  20. SuNSeT

    Reset Signups SCL

    added, always know your down for a reset 😉 Membership and Zachery have teams, I generally don't setup a team until an hour or two before reset...always end up having last minute bail outs and I find it smoother to just organize in channel/teamspeak 😉 well have fun bud, we will see you boys crushin chaos/baals shortly there after im sure added bud
  21. Ty and Add me in a team
  22. Goatboy(OD) Sorc frozen orb/fireball
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