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  2. Challenge: @Yoshi(OD) & @Froggie420(OD) !!!!! let me know when yall are available
  3. OD account name: Yoshi(OD) D2jsp account name: z0diak99 (0 is a zero)
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  5. I am starting to think about what I would like to do within the clan, and one of the things would involve something like the image shows. I'm wanting some feedback and ideas on if this is allowed, encouraged, forbidden or what have you. If it is ok, then I'm thinking that this might be something to rip into this week, so I can have some items ready for either giving away, or lending out within events? Would an item like below be interesting with a personalization quest from Anya, done for a character named {Clan-OverDosed} or something like that? Please let me know...
  6. Is it ok to make threads other than in the Introduction forum while still a trial member?
  7. Doesn't require scripts to reboot the TS3, just server access. I'm confident that if the need arose we would be capable of arranging for the restoration of TS3 and many other things in the event Rag was unavailable, although hopefully that will never need to be the case.
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  9. J U S T I N N N N N 

  10. OD account name: Shark(OD) D2jsp account name: SharkDW
  11. It was definitely a group effort … @ScudBarb(OD) @zbtarget @Rich(OD) It's always fun to meet and help new members.
  12. Thanks to Purplez, I am once again up and running on Discord. It was amazingly easy once I reinstalled, and now I know how to actually turn it off when not needed. Everybody really helped me out with all sorts of badass equipment, much of which I cannot yet wear, but OMG, this was awesome! I'll really be able to help folks out now with all this great gear. Shamefully, I cannot say thanks to everyone, as I didn't keep track or all the folks that came in and helped me out, but to each and all I would like to say, a great big THANK YOU!!!

    1. Sassy


      Thank you darling yes I did have a great day ily too ❤️❤️

  14. Has anyone read up on this league? I am still relatively new to POE, I started in the current league, and the upcoming league is making some big changes. 1. Craftable jewel clusters that are earned from the delirium can be put into the passive skill tree, which could completely change the way passive skill tree builds are designed & planned. 2. I believe 4 new skill gems and 3 new support skill gems have been made 3. Deliriums can be added onto all previous challenges previous leagues have introduced, making their difficulties not only exponentially higher, but their rewards are as well. ( I am sure there are more but these are some of the biggest changes I believe are coming) What do you think of the changes? Do you think that the delirium maybe cause a power dynamic shift where only very few power builds can complete them hence making the true versatility of characters lowered or with the addition of new skill gems and jewel clusters that there will be even more power builds to choose from? Let me know how you think the game will changed!
  15. Thanks Purplez! My problems with my eyes are that I cannot read really tiny test, but I got the problem solved by adjusting the size on my end, so all is now good. I contacted the person on discord, and I think that they are not concerned with getting their items back. I don't know this for sure, as I felt that uninstalling discord entirely from my machine was a step I needed to take, and before I got a definitive answer to that question. I'm not the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to installing software, and usually, ig there is a way I can mess it up, then that is what is going to happen, and today is a good example of that. I got discord DL'ed and installed, registered, and pasted the clan's URL into the app, and got a nice chance to chant with several members of the clan this morning, and basically had an interesting time of it, and had started to learn some simple things and basics. I then proceeded to click around and check things out a bit. I remembered how to change my settings to "Push to talk" from the video instructions, and did that. I then, not really knowing what I was doing, clicked on one of the other 'voice channels', Frog Pond I think it was, but there didn't seem to be anyone there, so I went an (at least I thought I had) exited Discord by clicking on the 'x' in the upper right corner. After a nap, and several hours of unintentionally lurking in the Frog Pond, I got online and started to play my clan character. After a brien bit of play, I was surprised to hear someone talking to me. Earlier in the day, before I went and changed my settings to "Push to talk", I was just able to speak and be heard. So, when someone was asking me questions, I couldn't respond, and killed rodent guy, picked up my book of skill, and alt-tabbed out of the game, to go back into discord (which I had incorrectly assumed was off this whole time), and change my setting back to be able to just talk, rather than having to press a button to be able to be heard. After several minutes of mounting frustrations, I learned that something was not right, and I tried repeatedly to get the changed settings to make it possible for me to be heard, but alas, to no avail. Finally, i tried to just close discord, and was shocked to see the the lower left space on my taskbar was empty. I don't know what caused this, but the start icon was not there! So not only could I not just go into the start menu to manually shut discord down at this point, I also couldn't restart my computer, and all the while, I could hear the other poor fellow trying to talk me through the process and troubleshoot how to get my voice settings fixed. I did learn how to logout of discord as a result of this mess, lol, but I don't want to have to annoy folks like that again because of my lack of knowledge in using an app I really don't know how to use, much less troubleshoot, and while annoying someone else at the same time.😕 I'm still willing to reinstall discord at a later date (Maybe even tomorrow), but for now I think I'll just rely on the chanel, and these forums for my communication needs. I'll probably go into some google searches sometime after midnight, and begin learning how to troubleshoot and use discord properly, but before it gets reinstalled, I'll make sure that I know a few things down pat, like: 1) What happens when I click the 'X' in the upper right corner... 2) How to actually shut discord down entirely... 3) How to avoid leaving myself in a voice channel at all... Anyway, so far I am liking the exciting prospect of being part of something bigger than just myself, while being able to help folks within the game!
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  17. bay bee~~~~~~~ shark ddo do do dooooo~ baby shark ddo do doooo~~~ baby shark ddo do do dooooo, baby shark!

    happy bday! :P

    1. Sassy


      Let you off today lol 😂 

  18. Just a suggestion to help with the look of the forum and possibly help your eyes. At the bottom of the forum, there is a "theme" option where you can change the look. Try a few of those to see which works best for you. When muling, I always make note of which account I am doing it for and try to be in Act 1 so that you can see what is going on. If they don't come back, I send them a private message on the forum or the website. You can also tag the member on Discord and the forum by putting a @ in front of their account name. Hope these suggestions help.
  19. Adding 50fg to each non PvP player(s) that complete 3 matches! ps awesome idea for a tourney, i'll definitely be participating when im home Fly home on the 27th! SuNSeT(OD) Weiser
  20. Water if you are playing competitively. If you are not then literally anything else lmao.
  21. I have not but I've seen some videos, looks pretty sick.
  22. Welcome to the clan! I mainly play Halo on PC, but I play a bit of D2 on the weekends. 🙂 I hope to see you soon in game. If you ever have any questions feel free to throw me a message. -Raged(OD)😁
  23. Anybody test out the hydra set on PTR? I think I'll be running that this season 🙂
  24. Hey folks, my eyes are hurting, so I cannot read too much of the forums at the moment, but I was helping a couple clan members mule items and the last one never came back. I have screen shots of the items, and the times between the players last drop, and when I threw in the towel. As this is my 2nd day in the clan, I respectfully request a link to the part of the forum where I can post that I did indeed pickup the two uniques left on the ground in town by the stash. Also, are there some standing guidelines on what to do when assisting in a muling? Anyway, looking forward to hearing back from the member that left their items on the ground, due, I suspect, to getting a Realm Down temp restriction.
  25. Xayj(OD)

    Division Rules

    1. Members of the division will show respect to players while in game. No BM Will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to. (tea bagging, unnecessary trash talk, purposely betraying team members) 1.a. This does not mean high spirited banter is not allowed. We understand we’re all gamers and sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment. But regular behavior of this kind will not be tolerated. 2. Using any language that is of Racial or Bigoted nature will not be tolerated in any manner. This is both towards members, guests or general halo players. 3. All members will be required to have OD as their clan tag 4.Any guest playing with the community will be held to the same standards as our members. 4.a. If the guest was explicitly by a member of the Halo community. That member will temporarily lose their ability to invite members for the duration of the guests punishment.
  26. Thanks! Good to know I'm not going to be the only one playing as a chanter, which is going to be a big and MOST welcome change from pre clan days. Back when I only had a single computer with D2 on it, I got a bit frustrated that most folks would be happy to play with me providing them with chants, but no one was willing to make a chanter of their own, so that I too could enjoy some "Enchanted Diablo 2" runs. That all ended back when I first bought two extra computers and disks, and that had to be sometime back before 2003, so that now I just load my chanter up on one computer, and can play any other character(s) I want at the same time, and only have to switch over to the computer with my chanter on it to cast chant on newly joining players or those that are recently returned from the dead. You mentioned something called "Run Bots", and I didn't know what those were, and had a panic attack, and then realized that the "Bots" you were talking about were the ones that post automated messages in the clan channel. For me, the dang 'chant bots' have all but ruined the online gaming fun of D2 with a chantress of my own, and as I was a chanter before there were any bots, I have bad feelings towards/about those bots. Now that I know what you were talking about, I'm glad and eagerly looking forward to play some more games, and getting my < 20th level gal up to speed, so I can start hosting my own chanted runs! I have to admit that I have not really looked to much at what is available on the many forums here, as my experience is so far limited to the threads like this one. In a few weeks, after I have a chance to make some new characters and some mules, I'm hoping to be able to get folks into some interesting and challenging specialized games, involving teamwork, storyline progression, and maybe, possibly, some nice prizes (all of this, is of course subject to clan approval), but my hopes are high that some weekly events might be possible.😎 I will most definitely be looking you up this week online. Thanks for the reply, and yw. Once the ladder in SC starts getting to easy? I have played some HC, but strictly in single player, and losing my character permanently didn't sit well with me, so that was the extent of my brief and none to satisfactory experience with hard core. To each there own. Perhaps when the next reset comes around, we will for a time be able to adventure together!
  27. Sorry to hear that your D2 days are done, but on the other hand, it seems like you have your hands full with other games, all but D3 of which I have never heard of. Here is wishing you good times in your gaming!🙂
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