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  2. Using the social media to post about upcoming games, or newly released games, would be good material to use, and might help promote the creation of more Divisions by helping members find games that interest them. You guys should consider that.
  3. Just keeping it fresh 😄 There are a lot of new games coming out pretty soon so don't be afraid to use this thread so we can upload some new content 🙂 Also keep in mind it does not have to be gaming related if you feel like sharing something interesting happening in your life.
  4. Yep I got pk'ed last night by Juan aka Chapoo so you all be careful out there.
  5. I am in no way upset over how everyone votes in their views, thank you for you support and voicing your concerns and gives me something to strive for. thank you everyone who took the time to be involved in this discussion
  6. Humbling it up is nice, but it's even better to push your shortcomings as also reasons to promote you. If you can manage that, with proper justifications, and with the right influence, your ideas will gain a lot more weight. You have been very dedicated, and I'm greatfull that we have members like you. I support your promotion, as you already know your way, and the next step is to give you the opportunity to develop your plans with more freedom and authority. Best of luck to your promotion, you have my positive vote.
  7. I don't think I have ever been disappointed on your role in OD, and this is not the exception. You are pretty well respected and have a great image between our members. You know whats needed for this community, and you do what you can as we all, so you have my positive vote.
  8. You actually should, perseverance is the only thing that makes stuff happen. I climbed up the ranks because I didn't wait for a change to happen, I made sure it did by my own means. There is a lot you can start with and actually accomplish without just waiting for others. You basically answered my question with another question, and stated that a balance is what you would prefer, but it looks that you still don't have an objective opinion on the matter. Again, you only stated that your demotion would be a missed opportunity, but you did not answer if you thought for yourself, that you deserve your rank, and that was my question, so you practically evaded it. I usually ask our members this same question, or if they think they should be promoted, and I vote based on that. I want our leaders to be able to concisely defend their status. So, given that you didn't answer my question and you don't have a clear stand about the kind of system that you would want, I will have to cast my vote negative. The next time please be more objective on what you want, on what you expect, and on what you can achieve by yourself. Also, try to respond your questions on the very first sentence, and only after that, you can justify or contextualize your answer. This is for the sake of being objective and clear. You now have the knowledge to better our system, now you need to practice your ability to pass on your ideas and for them to be accepted. As you gain knowledge on a topic, you tend to use more technical words and acronyms. And as you keep getting overall knowledge on administration, you will find yourself in the need to be very brief, and make sure your content is as easily understandable as it can be. Let people focus on your ideas instead of them trying to understand your stand and verdicts.
  9. Considering this is both our busy seasons its hard to find time to do as much as either of us would like. However you still manage to spare time for OD right now and that combined with the input of course makes me decide to vote on you staying at commander
  10. Quintin im stuck in 2 spots here. 1 youve been pretty inactive and as the one who suggested you as a general once again its not reflecting well on me. However i do understand your situation as im pretty in the loop as to whats going on with you. I will vote to remain for one final eval if you can try and participate like you promised us however if you remain and nothing changes all i can do is vote for a demotion. So for now +1 stay
  11. My vote will be to stay at rank. My only real issues with you comp is you are very long winded and i absolutely cannot stand when you try to play "devils advocate" it drives me up a wall as you lose much of your debating skills when trying it and just frustrates me. Work on this and the things badboi mentioned and ill support a promo
  12. i dotn have any questions for you aer. you are pretty straightforward my only quip would be that when your emotions are involved you tend to get to invested into subjects. my vote is to stay
  13. Just as Terra said, I for one like to do the opposite, I love talking to people about how miserably I feel and how am doing in life, and I love to hear it from others, it's reassuring to know we aren't the only ones feeling like that. Sure, one can get on your own feet by your own doings, but really, what's the point of life if you aren't going to share it with anyone else. There's a lot of people that like to be lonely, and it works for them, there are other people that are super social, and works with them, but, the problem arises when it's not working for you anymore, so, don't close yourself, try new things. As we grow up, we tend to change our beliefs, and different things start working for us. It's always worth to try it out at least. That being said, and after listening to the meeting's recordings, I don't really see any issue with your development. You have learned to control yourself in any occasion, and even if it's a bit detrimental on your performance, you still contribute and deal with issues more than enough to have my vote.
  14. A name is what one makes it out to be. Though admittingly, Overdosed usually gets tied with negativity. A while back we used to be called Clan Overdosed, but that was changed. I think that was about 4 years ago? The timing may be a little off. It was then that we rebranded (sort of) to be called just Overdosed Gaming. It could have drove off some people, but I don't think the name in and of itself has caused our decline or attractiveness to prospective members. I'd like to think that after they went through their trial phase, there were enough good experiences that kept them here and they put aside the negative name of Overdosed and looked at it as more of a community and not a drug relation. Sometimes no, I don't. But the same can be said for work. Sometimes you're just not feeling it that day. And I think that's ok, because at the end of the day, we're still human. I have never 100% dreaded it, but there are some days where I'd rather just relax. As far as the rest of your questions, yea, I absolutely still get excitement with people.. when I play. I used to play a lot of Ark with Terra, Altros, Bahafresh, and Remsen. And I've played in many other divisions. And Terra and I have had our differences in the past, that has led to some falling out on occaision, but playing with people you call your friend is some of the most rewarding times. I will be weighing my options though in my IA status. Nothing is for certain. I will, thank you for your criticism. I hope to really address a lot of them with my time away and focusing on healing. I have years and years and years of conditioning to think that way. Since way back before I was in this community. It's not something you break overnight. Sure, logically I'm well aware of that. But logic and reality are two very different things sometimes. And here, you and I both agree. I've always been better at figuring out everyone else's problems than my own. I suppose it's what made me such a good listener.
  15. You don't actually believe that, do you? The reason you don't share your problems is because you're so full of heart and goodness that you'd rather drown in depression before burdening others. Championing the cause of others are the moments that most inspire you, you want to be the person that rises people up, and you are afraid of doing anything that you think might bring them down. But here's the truth. People who keep all of their problems to themselves are bad friends. I know that comes as a shocker to everyone who silently believes that being able to shoulder everything themselves is the epitome of inner strength, but a healthy friendship is about reciprocation. A friendship where only one person gives help is one-sided and hollow, people need the opportunity to be a good friend in turn, they need a chance to show that they can be depended on. It is that reciprocation that the truly strong ties are formed. Your friends need you to be willing to rely on them for help, and whether you realize it or not you need their help. All people need moments where they can talk to someone and share their thoughts during distressing times, if only to help them organize those thoughts better. But people such as yourself, with your whirling cyclone of confusing thoughts and emotions inside, need it most of all. It's the only thing that will help you anchor yourself and get a sense of stability again. It's aggravating because it's a little embarrassing, but having a good listener that you can bounce your thoughts and feelings off of will spare you many nights of anxiety. Besides, you and I both know that figuring out the first step to solving your own problems has never been your strong suit. You should definitely rely on an outside perspective, at least to help you get started.
  16. Comp, I'm really torn on promotion or remain. But of course, I have to make a decision. My decision is to remain. I think you always let us know your opinion and you are always offering help. Also, I do think you have made massive improvements since the last evaluation, but there is still room for improvements. Try not to jump to conclusions without going to the person first (you should know the thread I'm talking about) and don't make broad acquisitions when 1-on-1 conversations are needed. If you need support to handle this situation, please reach out to the Commanders instead of throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. Like I said, this was a very difficult decision to make, but thanks for everything you do comp.
  17. I won't pile on too much, as Mike already hit the points I wanted to make, but I am also voting to demote you to Sr. Officer. You have the experience enough to know what was required of your rank, but you neither committed to putting in the work needed (as Terra made the point in your non-participation) nor communicated properly (through IA request) the lack of time you have available to the community. Don't get me wrong, no one should sacrifice their livelihood for the community, but once you make a commitment to be at the highest level of leadership, we expect you to fill the role or take an IA or a step back (demotion) until you are ready to be fully committed.
  18. Mike, please keep in mind the delivery of some of your posts. That is my big concern moving forward. However, I still think you got what it takes to hold on to your JPEG.
  19. My first question is do you think the decline in members or attractiveness to the clan has anything to do with the clan name Overdosed? Could we keep the same ring to it and clan name but make it more about "Overdosed on Gaming" and bring that into the new web design? Furthermore, Do you look forward to getting on your computer to help the clan or does it just feel like an everyday mon - fri job? Do you still get that excitement to get on and run a game, or anxious to find that next recruit? I personally was a high rank here a long time ago and ended up taking a 5 year break from most of gaming just to reset myself and get to a much better and well needed place in life. Sometimes stepping away for awhile is the better option, not saying you should but also understanding it's not always a bad thing. Regardless of what happens I wish you the best.
  20. Thanks for the kind words and support Aerineth!
  21. I am the same way. I come across as Terra once said *hearts out my butt*, but that's how I act on the computer. I'm very private and I struggle internally with a lot of issues. It's hard to share and to admit weaknesses and that we might need help or just need to vent. As the middle child in my family, I was always the mediator, so I never have shared well because I'm always listening to other people's troubles. I say take the time you need to find YOU again. We can wait. You make an awesome commander which is why I voted for you to remain as commander.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Mm, increasingly more. In fact, I'll be taking an IA due to real life immediately after my posts and voting. There are some things I need to take care of before I can return to being the Aerineth everyone know's. I do not speak about my personal problems to a lot of people.. and frankly even when I do, it's a very glossed over summary. Talking never achieves anything in my history and only serves to fuel aggravation. So yea, I just deal with it alone and present everyone else with the smile they know. Nobody likes to talk about unhappy subjects, so I strive to always be that happy person. It's been increasingly difficult though as time goes on. I kind of answered the first two questions in these responses. But there's always things that can come up to force you to put other responsibilities on the back burner. It's just part of life. Sometimes it's more prominent than others though. Website re-design is and should be one of our number one priorities, and if that was available then sure, I'd throw it at the one thing that I think most of the community wants above all else. Thanks for the vote of approval. :) I'm sure I'll be getting in touch with you actually in the coming months for Starcraft Tournament stuff! I shall take your full post here and throughout my evaluation to heart as I move forward to regain and refuel my capabilities. I thank you for the thorough yet brutal critique. Ever the savage :P Thanks Dabomb. :) I look forward to keeping better in touch with the community, and refocusing myself. I promise it wasn't intentional. See to the post in the Generals forum after I vote to perhaps explain. I don't right now. Admittingly, I've struggled pretty hard lately to continue to do what I feel is right while constantly being shut down in everything I do (in and out of OD). After I return from IA though, I'll present some ideas if it's not already done so. I would, if on the other side of the table, vote for my demotion. But I would only vote that way because I've done it a few times int he past. I do not think Commanders should be inactive at all. And I think it reflects poorly on the community. See to the demotion of Corgur, Darkness, and even Newbcrack. I don't think I was a General at the time of the first two, but I still held the same opinion. As far as wanting to remain a Commander, more than anything do I wish to remain a Commander. I love being in this community and representing. I love being able to do what needs to be done for the members of the community. It's brought me great joy over the past 7 years of my time here. I'll look for any additional posts tonight to see if I need to answer anything else before going to bed, but I'll likely be IA for a little while afterwards if it's granted. Thanks everyone who's posted on my evaluation so far!
  24. Snickers, you'll also be short and sweet.. and again I apologize for the brevity. There's been a lot of points made to you based on your activity levels and contributions. And I really don't think you've utilized the Brigadier General position to it's fullest extent.. nor do I think you've come close to the minimum level of contributions we expect from a Brigadier General. I've known you for a long time and I think that over the years of you being here, you've done some really great things. But I think recently, they haven't been your best. You're definitely capable.. as is clearly evident in your evaluation here. But I don't think you've retained enough to hold the rank of Brigadier General. I apologize, but I'm voting for your demotion to Colonel at this time. I do think that you can regain the rank should you find yourself capable of contributing again on the level that I know you're capable of.
  25. Frank, I'll keep yours short and sweet as well and again apologize for it's brevity. You're far more active than I've been the past year and your contributions have always been solid. You approach every issue completely unbiased and with a clear head. I'm glad you were able to recover and not remain burnt out so long ago. You've turned into quite the fine leader. :) I of course am voting for you to remain at Commander. We need you where you are. :)
  26. Hey there Compfreak, I'll keep my evaluation of you short and sweet but apologize for it's brevity. I don't have any questions after reviewing the activity in this thread. There's been a lot of good points made to you about where you stand. And if there's one thing I know about you, you take them all to heart and use them to better yourself. I think it would be a huge disservice to you to vote for your demotion. You're quite possibly the most active General we have right now by a long shot. There is so much good I see in your future. And it is for these reasons I'm also voting for you to have a chance to go to that coveted 4th star. Best of luck Compfreak.
  27. ROFL Brian ok! You're down. So far we have: Froggie Minenotyour Noobking NoobKing also sent me this message: shapeshift druid lets get 8 please!!!!!!!!!!!
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