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  2. I'm coming after you Drewg!!! *stands behind MooMoo* kill him first LMAO
  3. count me in, can i stand by wp while everyone else dies like that one guy did LOL drewg(OD) /// drewg@jsp
  4. 1. MooMoo(OD)/ MooMoo(OD)/ OD-Chop/ Blood Moor Mower NEED MORE 14 HOURS TO SIGN UP
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  6. Hi there Hyperbane! Welcome to a fun gaming community. I've seen you popping in and out of the clan channel on D2. If I can help with anything, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). We also have some useful gear on the clan mules if you are in need. I've added your twitch link to our streaming forum! Here's a great guide that will help getting to know how the community works.
  7. I love druid bowling! I'll be there Purplez(OD)////smooches@jsp
  8. Awesome contest Drewg! I've added it to the D2 announcement bot in channel. Good luck to all who participate.
  9. he was referring to the other Aaron @Krusty(OD) but I'm still interested as well :D Forum Account/ *Diablo2Account/ Character name/ Character type MooMoo(OD)/ MooMoo(OD)/ OD-Chop/ Blood Moor Mower
  10. Wow another bowling contest! Awesome! ill try to make it out tonight! EVERYONE ! JOIN!
  11. ~!~ MooMoo's End of Ladder Druid Bowling ~!~ Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019 Time / Place: 8 p.m. Eastern Time / 7 p.m. CST Time (see this time coverter for your local time) / Clan OD and/or TS (server: ts3.overdosed.net) If you are not there on time then you may miss out on the event! This end of ladder tourney is a Memorial Day Weekend short notice style event 😄 We all make NEW druids on HCL (OD Tagged on OD account) Level up together to level 9 - remember we are a gm clan so please keep that in mind (no dirty tp's / bm behavior) If you die while leveling or leave the game for a reason other than disconnection, you will be disqualified Once you hit level 9, immediately go to town --- no more looking for items at this point There will be 5 minutes to shop at merchants after the last person hits level 9 or 45 minutes have passed We will duel in the small area between blood moor and cold plains. You cannot leave that area. The only skill you can use (after leveling) is MOLTEN BOULDER We will have a free for all between everybody that survives to level 9 I will award prizes for both 1st place and second as well if I receive donations. If needed we may create a second game. Let's see what kind of turnout we get 🙂 Prizes: 1st place - 200 fg Prizes: 2nd place - various d2 SCL items courtesy of @JR(OD) tyvm for donation! Please signup using the following format: MooMoo(OD) / DeathsKeeper@jsp
  12. Master Warrant Officer MWO5 Mj3(OD)'s recruiting privileges was successfully updated.
  13. 110 solo gr 116 4 man and plenty of 90+ leech runs
  14. GD, (by the way GD is a term some Christians use because they are not allowed to take the lords name in vain) your point is correct for major tier changes, but not minor tier changes (to WO and SO). Another point on justice. Yes, it is in the eyes of the beholder. However, I believe we are doing our best to improve. For example, pre-2010 someone was demoted 7 ranks for picking up someone gold during a duel. On the promotion side pre-2014, there was no evaluation system for generals, a single general or commander promoted who they liked at the time behind closed doors. There was no transparency or consensus. Also, I’m not in total agreement with your comparison to “getting the large electoral college states”. As Führer Cheetoh has accomplished, you can get many lower value states (Enlisted) and still win the election. I’ve seen a member overcome -38 from Commanders, Generals, and Officers to obtain their officers rank with many enlisted and warrant officers behind them. Lastly, I was also demoted and a little butthurt. I had enough votes to remain at my 4* rank. However, after I criticized others’ evaluations, they had changed their votes in retaliation and I was demoted. I chose to work on myself and the things I could control. I outstayed the vote-changers and earn my right to run this community. That is why I have a special connection to members like you and former members like @Ray(OD). My example shows that it is possible to be demoted and then make a comeback.
  15. @MooMoo(OD) It looks like he really wants to duel you.
  16. Nobody: People who live by the countryside: "Oh deer."
  17. I NEED to know who the strongest in the clan is. I mean besides myself, anyone willing to contest this is more then allowed to duel me on NL 🙂❤️ . But this is ladder, where I am just a poor little boy struggling to stay afloat in a world of advantages if i don't use my friends barbarian. AND SO HERE IT GOES. 24 HOURS TO REgISTER THAT IS IT Sunday 5/26 A TOURNAMENT ON LADDER WILL BE HELD I WILL OFFER THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE NL DRUID RuN-MaKa. It is a MULE EASY WORTH of over 8K FG which makes this a potential 10K FG TOURNAMENT OD ONLY CAN WIN sorry but not sorry outsiders. This tournament will take place on LADDER FOR THE CHARACTER ON NL TO GIVE WHOEVER WINS THE ADVANTAGE THIS NEXT SEASON. The current GM RULES OF EAST will be in effect, NOT THE RULES OD HAS ON THEIR SITE. Anyone who needs a link can refer to the world ladder rules posted by VERT within this past week or PM me and I will personally make sure you get a copy of the rules I wrote that he posted. This tournament will be 1v1 Your post will be as is Forum Account/ *Diablo2Account/ Character name/ Character type THERE ARE NO RESTRICTIONS ON CHARACTER TYPE I will be randomizing the list at 12 AM SUNDAY MORNING w/ CHALLONGE, there will be NO EXTENSIONS, if you miss your duel time. YOU'RE OUT Winner take all. Aaron, stay out of this, let them have fun for some real prize money. You can join, but I'm asking you not too. Good luck brothers.
  18. none boss, just in here shootin it :), as enlisted its our job to improve the fun, your job to maintain US ❤️❤️❤️
  19. What questions do you feel are unanswered? Now's a good chance to get some from d2 division leaders.
  20. lol i get it but as a former clan leader of one of the most prestigious dueling clans of all time, too many questions, not enough action at least on the side i contribute the most too, (d2)
  21. Mr Drewg: I think it went out of fashion around 1945. (or possibly1989). Though 1984 keeps re appearing wherever you look. Regards GD
  22. Hello everyone I'm HyperBane. I just joined this Clan with the help of Flexir(OD). he is a great guy. I live to play games, mostly I play D2 and League. I do some streaming here and there. It's amazing to play with friendly people from this Clan. Amazing to do runs with everyone. Im here for the long haul, its good to be with you guys. twitch.tv/hyperzbane
  23. Mr, Ghost: Mr Atrayas: An exception It is no longer permitted to nominate from one tier to another. Ranks cannot nominate for an officer. Officers cannot nominate a general. There is no longer any tier changing nominations, I asked about this and was told this was changed (thanks Ms Terra for the clarification.) If you meant nominated for the same tier in a different division , that is permitted. Also note that while an officer can spend weeks or months getting a rank, it can be removed <sometimes several ranks as per Ray's example> for various reasons. (justification for these reasons is problematic, as per all human actions nothing is ever completely just.) I approve of precision, truth and transparency. so a minor point. Also it is important to please certain people over others. Think of it as pleasing a high count electoral state (with tern to fifteen electoral votes as opposed to a smaller state with one or two votes.) These are facts as I have observed and been told and I would be delighted to be corrected if these facts are untrue. Yours in truth and logic GD (Disclaimer for Truth : The poster was demoted without being spoken to first and may be bitter and influences judgement but not veracity)
  24. Now that I know that there is a way to find them by battle tags I can start. Thank you.
  25. Direct them to their profile and walk them through the steps of how to add it, along with show them the page. If you want to be proactive, gather a list of all members who have d3 set as their main game and send them a PM.
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