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  2. This is where I have ended up, could have made 96 maybe, but was tired of grinding. Anybody catch me?
  3. I applaud the effort JD, but I will have to respectfully decline. I'm not really into group movie watching but thank you for offering <3.
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  5. I raise my hand conditionally >:D *wiggles hand in air* JD I feel like I'm back in school 😞
  6. These are the rules for the OD Tournaments. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the discord or website for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please reach out to Dro4Sho(OD). 1. Rules and Format 1.1. Player Eligibility and Registration 1.2. Player Names 1.3. Game version 1.4. Technical Issues 1.5. Disqualification 2. Cup Rules 2.1. Tournament Format 2.1.1. Match Settings 2.2. Regions 2.3. Game preparations 2.4. Surrender 2.5. No show 2.6. Forfeit 2.7. Protests 3. Match rules 3.1. Nickname 3.2. Race switching 3.3. Race selection 3.4. In-game Chat 3.5. Breaks 3.6. Rehost 3.7. Observers 4. Results 5. Communication & Support 5.1. Admins 6. Match Media 7. Casting and Streaming 7.1. Personal Streaming 8. Penalty points 9. Ladder Points 10. Seasons 1. Rules and Format 1.1. Player Eligibility and Registration When registering online at Challonge.com, all players participating must enter their Overdosed ID. The OD account is needed to invite players into a custom match and to check if the correct player is playing. Please enter your main/highest mmr race and your current mmr. Players caught lying about their mmr, whether smurfing or boosting, are subject to disqualification. You will be allowed to change races but only in between rounds. Once your set has started you must remain the same race until it is finished (Terran, Protoss, Zerg, Random). 1.2. Player Names OD reserves the right to edit Nicknames and/or URL aliases. Player names that are too similar to that of player are subject to be changed by OD. Player information will not be allowed to change once a tournament has begun. 1.3. Game version All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate in OD tournaments. Updates must be installed before the tournament starts, so delays will be at a minimum. 1.4. Technical Issues Players are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet). Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless. If the maximum pause time is exceeded, the game goes on, even if the issue is not solved yet. 1.5. Disqualification To keep tournaments as efficient as possible, OD reserves the right to disqualify players. This will only be done in cases where a player purposefully stalls or attempts to block another player. In some scenarios both players may be affected. Any player found to be using a known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the player is found to use another known exploit for a second time and it is determined to have been done on purpose they will be removed from the event and possibly barred from any future events. 2. Cup Rules 2.1. Tournament Format 2.1.1. Match Settings Expansion: Legacy of the Void Category: Melee Game Speed: Faster Locked Alliances: Yes Maps: Eternal Empire LE, Ever Dream LE, Golden Wall LE, Nightshade LE, Purity and Industry LE, Simulacrum LE, Zen LE Colors: Players may chose whatever colors they would like. Match format: Each tournament will be single elimination best of three until grand finals. Grand Finals will be best of five. Player 1 will be the top player in their bracket, and Player 2 will be the bottom player. Each week we will move forward in the bracket. If you would like to get your set in before the bracket has moved forward, please message Dro4Sho(OD) for approval. Best of Three Bans Player 1 bans Player 2 bans Player 2 bans Player 1 bans Picks Player 2 picks Player 1 picks Last map Best of Five Bans Player 1 bans Player 2 bans Picks Player 1 picks Player 2 picks Player 1 picks Player 2 picks Last map 2.2. Regions OD currently hosts tournaments for players around the world. 2.3. Game preparations Try to reach out to your opponent as soon as possible to schedule your set. Each player is responsible for checking bracket updates and scheduling a time and date for thier set. Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or hardware problems during a match could lead to a disqualification by OD admins. Agreements between the players have to be posted as match comments. The match must be played with the right settings. Make sure all players are eligible to play. 2.4. Surrender The only way to surrender a match is to using the surrender function in-game. Saying "gg" or similar does not count as surrender. If your opponent types "gg" or similar while you believe they are at a disadvantage, you should continue to play to win, until the game is won, or they have surrendered. 2.5. No show If a participant is not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, please reach out to Dro4Sho(OD). This is the fastest way to get your match checked to move on to the next round. 2.6. Forfeit Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in loss of the match and possible penalty points. 2.7. Protests If a match was incorrectly reported by your opponents, you have 15 minutes to protest the report. OD reserves the right to decrease or increase this period in case of drastic delays. Match protests must include media evidence clearly showing the results of the match/series. Players are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes. 3. Match rules 3.1. Nickname Players must play under their public nickname in-game. 3.2. Race switching It is not allowed to switch the race during a series (Bo3, Bo5 etc), only before and after a series. You will be allowed to change races but only in between rounds. 3.3. Race selection If required by the opponent, a player must declare which in-game race he will be playing with before the veto process. 3.4. In-game Chat Non-necessary in-game chat (spam) is forbidden and may be punished. This is especially true for aggressive or offensive language (flames, insults). 3.5. Breaks 5 minute breaks are allowed in between each map. 3.6. Rehost If a player drops, the match must continue with the in-game tool "recover from replay" once contact with the opponent is made. 3.7. Observers Observers are allowed. 4. Results The winner of each set needs to inform Dro4Sho(OD) of the results. 5. Communication & Support Please use reach to Dro4Sho(OD) with any questions. 5.1. Admins All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. OD reserves the right to make judgement on cases not specifically covered by the rules in order to preserves the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained. 6. Match Media It is recommended that the replays be saved in case information has been falsely reported. 7. Casting and Streaming Casting and streaming is allowed by all OD members. Any players who are caught trying to watch their opponents stream during their set will be disqualified and possibly banned from future tournaments. 7.1. Personal Streaming Personal Streaming is always allowed. 8. Penalty points Any members caught breaking the rules are subject to disqualification or even tournament ban. Players will receive a warning first time around unless the circumstances call for a permanent ban. Ladder points may to taken away as punishment. 9. Ladder Points. Ladder points are awarded to the top 8 players. 1st. 9 points 2nd. 7 points 3rd. 5 points 4th. 3 points 5th-8th. 1 point 10. Season. Seeding will be based on MMR and ladder points earned by each player. Each season will be 4 tournaments long, and an Overdosed Cup will be held at the end of every season. Only the top 16 players of the season will be invited to attend. The exact time frame is still up for debate and will be based on the schedule of the players participating. After the Overdosed cup, ladder points will be reset and a new season will begin. All rules are subject to change without notification.
  7. Yea I bounce back and forth between C2 and C3 in both 2v2 and 3v3...I can't stand doing 1v1 lol.
  8. Facts and Questions What time is the event going to be at? This will take place on May 31st starting at 8:30 PM CST and run throughout the night. If we end quickly, we will take a vote on whether to do another Conquest with randomized teams again or custom games. What game(s) do I need to have to play this? You will need a copy of Halo 2 for the Master Chief Collection. You can buy it on Steam and the Microsoft Store's digital stores for $9.99, not including tax. The download is approximately 30 GB with the campaign and multiplayer combined. Where do I sign up? You can sign up here. Log into a valid Google account (as you can only answer this form once) and leave your gamertag. Please make sure that you are able to commit to the time slot for at least an hour. This is necessary as we want to ensure fair and balanced teams so everyone can enjoy themselves without stomping due to players not showing. What is Conquest? Conquest is a multi-map experience that depicts an epic struggle between two teams; one with Spartans and one with Elites, across multiple maps in a push-pull style of progression. There’s two sizes of Conquest; Big Team and Small Team Conquest. For a Big Team, each team is made up of 6-8 players and their goals will vary from map to map. The maps are all BTB maps that can support 8v8 format of all types. Small Team Conquest only requires 6-10 players. These follow the same format as the Big Team Conquest. This gamemode has a tinge of competitiveness to it, but overall is meant to be a casual laid back experience that anyone can join! How do teams work? The two teams, Spartans and Elites, have very little differences between them in terms of playstyle, unless you are playing Reach with their regenerating health. They both spawn with the same weapons, the Battle Rifle/DMR and the SMG/Assault Rifle. Teams are randomized, so if you wish to participate you must sign up via the Google Form here. No walk-ins. The deadline is May 30th. That gives you about two and a half days to sign up, but don’t worry as it’s a super quick process. Teams will be organized on the 31st. What are the default weapons? The default weapons for both teams are Battle Rifles and SMGs. I don’t believe it’s possible for the Covenant to spawn with their own weapons unless the game is set to default weapon sets. Plus, the Battle Rifle is a much more versatile weapon than the Carbine, and having both teams spawn with the same weapons ensures better balance in the end. What if we don't have 16 players? We can do with at least 12 for BTB, but in case we have a count lower than that, there is the alternative Small Team Conquest with the following map pool: Spartan Final: Turf Spartan 2nd: Elongation Neutral: Beaver Creek Elite 2nd: Midship Elite Final: Gemini The Flow General Information There are five maps in a Conquest, and each map follows a formula of what game types are featured. For context, here is the roadmap the teams are required to follow. The color of the arrows represents the teams’ progression throughout the flowchart. A red arrow in the blue section means the Spartans are on the offensive, and vice versa. Spartan Final <----> Spartan 2nd <----> Neutral <----> Elite 2nd <----> Elite Final Neutral: A Slayer match to 50 or 100 points depending on the team size. First to reach that limit within 15 minutes or whoever has the most amount of points when the time runs out wins the game. 2nd Map: A multi-bomb Assault match to 2 points. Carry your teams bomb to the enemy’s base while defending your own base. First to reach 2 within 8 minutes is the victor. Final Map: A One Flag match to 1 cap. The offensive team only has 4 minutes to cap the flag. If the offensive team wins, the Conquest ends in favor of the offensive team. If the defense wins, then they will be able to come back by winning the 2nd map. Tiebreaker: Tiebreakers are in effect whenever the conditions of victory aren’t met in the Neutral or 2nd maps. This will consist of a sudden death round with the standard weapon set. Map List Spartan Final: Terminal Terminal is a One Flag/Bomb-tailored map, due to its heavily asymmetrical nature. The Spartans spawn by a Wraith while the Elites spawn by Rockets, a Sword, and Sniper. The train going through the middle of the map and the main choke point is the least of the Elites’ worries compared to the Wraith. The Wraith is essential to victory on this map, as it can lock down choke-points very easily. However, the Elites have many different pathways to get to the flag, which has ample cover for the attacking team to use. This, along with multiple paths to take makes it important that the Spartans spread out somewhat to create a line and keep the Rockets player from getting two deadly shots on the Wraith. Spartan 2nd: District District lends itself well to One Flag/Bomb, but possibly even better to double defense game modes. The two bases on the map, the parking garage and house, both offer unique challenges in long-range and close-quarters combat respectively. The Garage is fairly open, leaving people spawning there exposed to snipers, which can be found littered around the map (one in the mid alleyways and the other two in each base). Meanwhile, the house is prone to being spammed with grenades, but this disadvantage can be turned around as an advantage due to the convenient shotgun placed in there. Overall, the two teams must control the surrounding area rather than strictly their base to be able to stage attacks on the other and win. Neutral: Coagulation The classic Halo map, Coagulation is a remake of Blood Gulch from Halo CE and adopts simple map design philosophy. The two teams are given a set of weapons: A sniper, shotgun, Banshee, and powerups, and are told to use those weapons in the most effective way possible to help your team. Meanwhile, a lone rocket launcher with extra rockets by each team’s portal serves as something to fight over to control the airspace. The key to victory here is controlling the two towers at each end of the valley, which offer excellent vantage points for players to snipe their opponents with precision weapons, but in return are incredibly exposed positions. Elite 2nd: Waterworks This is also a symmetrical map like Coagulation, and has many similarities. However, there are different aspects in the map to fight over, and additional cover spread throughout the map as to not leave the bomb runner exposed. Two Banshees, one on each side, will need to fight to control airspace to cover their bomb runner. Players are encouraged to circle the map instead of run straight forwards. There's also a sniper tower in the middle of the map to provide cover for your allies. Use the Warthogs and Spectres to your advantage, and your team will emerge victorious. Elite Final: Uplift In Uplift, the defending team is exposed in a similar fashion. But instead of controlling power weapons, vehicle control is far more important. Yes, there is a sniper rifle and rockets on the map, but the entirety of the underside of the bridge is a vehicle playground for either team to control. Turret and Gauss Hogs are vital to victory here, as without them your flag runner may not stand a chance no matter where they go. The central bridge, meanwhile, provides a great route for infantry to do battle with the defense, and even provide the flag runner an epic run like this one. A Final Word... I just want to say for the past few months, thank you for coming to these events. It really means a lot to me that people are not only showing up, but are having a good time. Unfortunately, and understandably, not everyone can show up to these events and now we're finding our player base is shrinking. We're struggling to hit 8 players this month in May, and the May Schedule has seen only 90 views compared to the 200+ that we've gotten in the past two months. I'm glad that you're enjoying these events, but if you want them to keep going then please show up, even if it's only for just a game or two. Conquest is different because it's supposed to be balanced, but all we really do in the custom events are bullshit and hang out while playing some cool minigames. You don't have to be there for the entire thing, but just dropping by shows me that you and others are interested and want these events to not only keep happening but also to grow into cool ideas like this. I hope to see you there, and have a great rest of your day, Zakspeeed(OD)
  9. The when right now is not really a factor. I'm more in the phase of "Please raise you're hand if you're interested" I don't wanna start putting dates out there until I get the understanding that people are actually interested in the idea. Once there's a defined interest in the idea. I will dedicate more time and resources to planning it. 🙂
  10. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if there would be any question for a casual community movie night?
  11. I am going to be a support Paladin at first. Going with Holy Fire for my Damage and Resistance Auras to Provide the Support. Will reset to hammers or zeal after the support resistances are not needed. I tend to make every character though. So the Paladin will be only used to be in the group with you guys.
  12. I don't believe I've ever been officially ranked. I've played a few ranked matches with Terra/Altros/Rem, however I don't believe I ever finished the placement matches. I guess that means that I'm Wood 1 😛 Jokes aside, I was probably closer to Bronze 3? Maybe? I was pretty bad. xD
  13. The highest I've finished is Diamond 3 in 3s when I was playing with my friends who were actually GCs. But that was many moons again. I haven't really felt compelled to play the game competitively in a long while.
  14. I'm pretty close, champ 3 and I tend to sit between 1380 - 1450 MMR (GC is 1505, I gain/lose about 10 MMR per game) - so the closest I got was literally 6 games away! Almost there!
  15. I've finished seasons in Diamond tier in 2v2's with Altros. Champions is still pretty far off, and I find 1v1's to be pretty boring so I don't generally solo queue.
  16. Last week
  17. Just gonna pop in here and poke @SalinePandora(OD). He's been playing a lot of it.
  18. Any one else playing grand theft auto 5 online. Just started playing after I got the free version give away last week. Online name is Xforcer0122
  19. ah I bet, I did get Rathorne to talk to a few guys that are in ODSC2 now...I think he still has most of the old crew on his friend list...dudes a beast My sc2 days are short lived now...im not a fan of the changes they made since vanilla. I need to play through the campaign to get a handle on what counters what, build orders...so much to learn. Been jamming SCBW a lot lately though haha
  20. Should stop by and run games wiht us sometime. A lot of talented players have been acquired 🙂
  21. i will defiantly be around for reset, im having a toss up between classic and xpac due to gearing and FG issues If you die on xpac then everyone knows its somewhat easier to rush on classic without bumpers especially if your not geared well on xpac there will be more FG to be made on classic and xpac prices for just random low end crap will be insane the first few weeks chasing the xpac ladder positions almost never work out good due to the botters but the classic ladder doesnt get hit as hard so the OD tag has a better chance of shining there and staying however im a team player and theres a very high chance ill go with the majority, i just dont know im gonna be able to gear and stay a runner
  22. @RadarRick(OD) throw me in on sc hun I’ll be playing just not playing now while it’s dead a door mouse 🐭💙
  23. Warrant Officer 2 MikeU1(OD) ♥
  24. All done, congratulations and good job.
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