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  2. Please do I miss playing LoL with you!
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  4. @Sassy Well we had to rehome her for complicated reasons, but she is doing much better and we get notifications, the other one is doing good though. Hope to catch you soon.
  5. Hey hey lightening was good to have chatted to you the other day , how’s the bird ha ha ha always remember him on ts , I’m glad you are back I shall catch up soon πŸ™‚
  6. To switch things up a little bit, I wanted to host a different kind of tournament before season 2 starts. I want to get some feedback from our community before doing so because I want you guys to enjoy the tournaments and have an impact on the direction we are going.
  7. Yes, this community is indeed special and it is worth fighting for. We have some very creative and energetic members and I look forward to the future changes that will be coming our way. I know that you will be a big contributor to that end. Welcome back.
  8. Welcome welcome back! So happy to see you taking on the community meetings and if there's anything I can do to help let me know
  9. I have returned I shall gladly take over the community meetings and I will do my best to make these as good as they used to be. I will also try to get some warrant officers/officers involved so that way I can help them get into the hosting position. I hope none of you mind.
  10. Welcome back Lightning. It's nice to see you rejoining the community. πŸ™‚
  11. Welcome back LightningWolves! It's always good to see an old member make a return. I'm sure we'll see each other on Discord in the near future. πŸ™‚ -Raged(OD)😁
  12. Hello everyone, some of you may remember me from a long time ago from my prominent OD days. To elaborate for everyone I used to run the Heroes of the Storm Division as its leader, and I ran the regular community meetings monthly for all ranks (especially enlisted) to partake in. Due to alot of stress from the extreme political infighting, burn out, and personal mental health issues, I could not handle any more during my eval period, and I had to leave for my own sake. Now that I am back I seen that OD has changed for the better that I wished it could of done so long ago, but I guess its better late than never. I do hope that I can bring alot of good to OD and I do plan to start a new division while helping others grow, and start hosting community meetings again. As a warning expect me to stop by and say hi every once in a while and offer help, chat, or even game. So please ask any questions to me here, I love to answer some. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day in OD gaming.
  13. That's awesome haha. πŸ˜‚ What kind of dog is she? -Raged(OD)😁
  14. Welcome again Rendii! If you ever need any help or have any questions about anything feel free to message me on here, Discord, or the main website. πŸ™‚ -Raged(OD)😁
  15. You.... I need you to take my haunter and kadabra feed each a rare candy return as their evolved formsΒ 

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  17. I'm not really worried about it, that would just be the next bottleneck for me lol like I said, all my stuff runs just fine still πŸ˜„ im running i7-6700k though.
  18. Thanks for the welcome! Hope to see you around sometime!
  19. Bitcoin mining has really died down over the past year, mostly due to the fact that the hash calculations required to gain any bitcoin now has gotten so complicated that even GPU's trying to run the calculations take longer than what is feasible (electricity cost wise). If you want to mine bitcoin these days, you need to purchase a specialized ASIC card. People are starting to wake up to this fact that if they have to pay for the electricity they use to mine bitcoin, they can barely mine just enough to break even. This is why the used GPU market got flooded last summer, from miners that "woke up" to this fact... Perhaps some will try to use the newer generation GPU's to try mining again, but realistically the cost still doesn't outweigh the benefits... Current ASIC cards can perform roughly the same mining calculations as a 1080TI, but in 1/4 the time and using about half the electricity in the process. Bottom line, if you want to mine, get a few ASIC cards. If you want to game, get a top-tier GPU. Yea, I am having very little issues gaming at 2k resolutions at ultra detail & textures with my GTX1080, running between 60-80 FPS, and I occasionally turn down some settings on games that higher FPS is needed (like First person shooters and games like d3 where split second decisions decide if you clear the rift or not haha). What processor are you running to be worried about "bottlenecking"? Even the 2080TI doesn't bottleneck with an i7... I see people on youtube running even dual 2080ti's in their rigs with no bottlenecking issues even w/ the newer ryzen & threadripper CPUs, and the I7 9000 series are just as (if not more) capable when it comes to gaming. Hell, I'm running an i7 6850k @ 4.4 ghz and it barely gets to 30% utilization while gaming on 1 screen, watching netflix on a 2nd screen, having 4-5 chrome tabs open on a 3rd screen, and watching others stream on discord on the 4th screen. My GPU is pegged and screaming at me, but the CPU doesn't break a sweat! hahaha πŸ˜…
  20. Yea I already have the money set aside I plan on going absolutely ham with the next build haha. The overall setup is probably going to run somewhere around 6k, will post pics when it's all done.
  21. Better get them before they are all taken by people mining bitcoin. GPU's are expensive as $^!t at work because of that. Personally I'm still using a 1070 and have no issues with 99% of the games I've tried. If I were to get a new GPU I'd have to upgrade all around or my processor would start to bottleneck it soon enough. So.... either I keep what I have or buy a whole new PC... my mind says yes and my wallet hides under the blanket πŸ˜„
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