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How can new players and members help the guild?

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Being a new player to the game I have a lot to learn and it would be handy if someone did a handholding in what I need to be doing to benefit the guild. I am currency level 52 and grinding towards 56 so I can begin the real grind but I was wanting to know if there was something I can do while I am leveling that benefits everyone as a whole.



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Guild missions will contribute to the guild, as well as help you level up, along with putting some silver in your bank. Everyone in the guild is eligible to participate (unless your contract has expired, or you are on the newly implemented "leave of absence" status).  If you open up the guild window, on the 3rd tab lists the missions we can choose from. There are combat missions, Life skill missions, sea monster hunting missions, and boss subjugation missions. Those that participate in the mission, get rewarded with silver (the more you contribute, the higher the pay, which can be collected by clicking "collect rewards", also located at the bottom of that tab). at level 52, I'd focus primarily on either life skill missions, or an easier enemy combat mission (like wandering rogues, then move up to helms or abandoned iron mine workers if you can). 


If there is a mission you would like to do, just ask in guild chat if there's an officer on to accept it for you. However, please keep in mind that when doing some of the "large" or "extra-large" missions, it would be a real pain to try and complete on your own, so it is advisable to post in the guild chat and get a feel if anyone is interested in helping with the mission. Also, there is a cost to the guild for accepting missions, so we try to only accept missions we intend on completing. This way, members and the guild bank balance both benefit 😉.  Hope this helps, and I look forward to joining in some missions with you! ~Compii

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To be honest, the best way to help the Guild at your level is to keep focusing on yourself. It's great that you want to help contribute to the Guild, but a Guild is only as strong as the members that make it, and as long as you are a part of our Guild then anything that benefits you is also benefiting OD as a whole. So get better, get stronger, and use everything we offer members to do it. Take whatever silver you can get from us, and whatever items our events provide, and use it to make yourself powerful and capable. Then once everyone does that we can move onto the "taking over the world" step.


Once you hit 56 then helping out with Guild Missions is good, and if you eventually build yourself a sailboat then you can help us earn a lot of money. But other than that the best way to help out is just chat with our other members and help them with the things they need.


Accept help when it is given, and give help when it is needed. That is all any of us really need to do, that is our recipe for success.

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