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Latest Failstack Charts

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I unpinned the last topic to avoid any confusion with the out-dated charts. These ones are the most current available.

Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to change between Weapon/Armor/Accessory charts.


Note: These only show the probability of success for each failstack so players can use it as a reference. It does not show the recommended failstack for each enhancement, although players can easily devise their own by using it.

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Updated Sheet


Failstacking sheets are likely to evolve over the next few weeks as more extensive testing is done.  This new sheet is from this reddit post.


Important takeaways: (1) failstacks have both softcaps and hardcaps.  For armor and weapons, there is a softcap at 70% chance to succeed and a hardcap at 90%.  Accessories are also hardcapped at 90% but it appears that the softcaps change (become lower) as the accessory becomes further enhanced.  (2) White-grade gear (reblath armor, militia weapons) have the same rates as boss gear.  Green gear, when set to durable enhance and when enhancing to +15-and-beyond also has the same rates as boss gear but for anything below that, even on durable, green-grade gear has a higher chance to succeed than both boss gear and white-grade gear.

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