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Free Unid Anni Event -- Sunday Jan 13, 2019

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Hey everyone,

This Sunday, you could win a free unidentified Annihilus Charm. 

How to be eligible
1) Be a current member of Clan OD
2) Be wearing your OD Tag
3) Be on Clan OD's Teamspeak server at the time of the event (Sunday, Jan 13, 2019 @9pm est[-5] )
4) Have a level 1 character with all act 1 waypoints. (waypoints will be provided beforehand if needed)
5) Set aside at least 1 hour for the event but it will probably take much less time
6) Have less than 450fg*

*That last requirement is there because I want this free anni to go to someone who can't afford to buy one. (The current  market price is 450fg)


How to win (part 1 of 2)
Once everyone has gathered on Clan OD's teamspeak server and we've determined who wants to play, I'll ask everyone to pick a number between 1 and 1000. A random number will then be selected (using Amazon Alexa). The 6 of you who's number is closest to the random number will move on to the 2nd half of the event .

How to win (part 2 of 2)
The 6 people who passed part 1 will be given a game name and password. This will be a normal game. I will be hiding somewhere in act 1 holding the unid anni. You will need to find me, hide-n-seek style. The 1st person who I see on my d2 screen wins.

Q: Why do I need to be a member of Clan OD?
A: Because this event is for Clan OD only

Q: Why do I need to be on Teamspeak?
A: It's much easier for everyone to communicate. It will make the event run more smoothly and wrap up quickly.

Q: Why do I need to be level 1?
A: If we allow high level characters, then several character classes will have an unfair advantage. (ex. a sorceress using teleport)

Q: Won't I die a lot while trying to find you?
A: No. All of Act 1 will be cleared before the hide-n-seek. Your level 1 wont die while hunting for me because everything will already be dead.


Q: Do you want some help killing everything in act 1 before the hide-n-seek?
A: Yes. I've got a sorc and I know its only norm difficulty but I could definitely use some help making sure everything is dead in act 1.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!
Hope to see you there and good luck!

-- Check_Out

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Posted (edited)

@Check_Out why don’t you join OD lol give me the word I’ll recruit you 

because to hold events for us think you should be an OD member hun 🙂 

Sent you dm check ok and I may add you do hang out with us everyday on ts and good few us know you very well 

Edited by Sassy

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Sounds like a lovely contest Check_Out.  I know that many members benefited from the "walk" you sponsored as a friend of the Clan.  I know that Midnight was going to post this contest for you originally.  All contests are fun and give members reasons to congregate together!  Kudos to you.

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A fun contest...we have had these kinds of events before....and @Sassy is correct here in that our forums are here to promote events hosted by our OD members but i do agree with her in this case that you have proven to be a friend to OD, and the fact the you spoke with me prior to creating this event, we are happy to have you host this event with us...and remember in the future, as you did this time, please speak with a d2 lead and gain concent from one of us, DBZ(OD) sassy(OD) or myself, PoPs(OD)....have a good time here and we look forward to the event 🙂

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Thank you all

You're good people 🙂


I think the requirement of 450fg or less may be too much of a restriction and we will end up not having enough people.

I'm going to remove the 450fg or less requirement.

Contest is open to anyone as long as they still meet the other 5 requirements listed


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im ready! got my lvl 1 toon ready too! with all wps!

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6 hours ago, Morgoth(OD) said:

Did anyone find the anni? 


Congrats to OD-Trix for winning my free anni!

Congrats to OD-Venom88 for winning the 2nd bonus anni!

Thank you to Kalitor for donating the 2nd anni and keeping the contest going!

I had so much fun and I hope others did as well 😄



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Thank you for the contest!  Sounds like everybody had fun.  Gratz to the winnersz.  🙂

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