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Cuddlahs err- Moist's 2nd poetry contest

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Winner will take home 100fg + 3%bk

second place will take home 50fg +3%bk

3rd place gets a hug + 3%bk



1. You must have "tyrael's might" in peom

2. You must reference my beloved 3% bk

3. Any "famous" quote from any member (Example: Pops "Get off my lawn!")

4. Must be no longer then 500charcters (pl0x)


Looking for 2-3 judges, contest will end the 5th of January at 7pm central time, 2019.

Will need judges to come up with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place NO later then the 5th of January at 8pm central time, 2019


Look forward to the good reads!


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I suppose here is my shot at it :) - Please let it be noted that it is to be read through Tyrael's perspective and you are certainly encouraged to have an alcoholic beverage and attempt to narrate it as such as well. Enjoy!:


It's good to see you again, Hero.

Diablo arrives, ready to take your life to zero.


You must face the prime evils.. all on your own.

By Tyrael's might... err.. my might, I pray that you are able to shatter their bone.


I've witnessed your glory, the destruction of Mephisto and loot he hath dropped.

There was a 3% BK ring, and off his body it has plopped. 


I am impressed by your exploits, but shouts I have heard.

Who wants the chop shitters, from act one came these word.


Surely this Goku loving barb can do you no harm.

His ability to slay this world's evils, RAISES ALARM!


Listen closely as I show you this light.

He duels like a fallen, go to act one and win this fight.


*** intermission as adventurer now takes the way-point to act 1 ***


You walk to the bridge, where others now wait.

A truck driver, Canadian, and Ashole sit AFK at the gate. 


You enter the Blood Moor, attempt to WSG to the top.

In the end it doesn't matter, they next day'd the chop


You have been slain so swift, your adventure cut short.

Just half a whirlwind, but you were a good sport. 


Good duel you say, save and exit out of shame.

Back to the act 4 and beyond, where you might win the game. 


The enddddddd


Hope it's at least a little enjoyable.. special cameo by @DBZ(OD) @pronoob(OD) @Rich(OD) @Redvaine(OD)

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3% BKs are Red

Tyrael's Might is Blue

"Hey im gay"

But only for you.


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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, kuvall(OD) said:

i am no good at poetry but i gave it a shot its called Tyreals Death

i used sassy(OD) 's wanker quote


through the depths of the darkness and the seas of despair

a light shined through the reflection set a

faint glare

off a 3% bk  onto a body of decay

partially bare an outline of tyreal's might

still remained there

and a aura of faith filled the cold quiet air

slithering with haste blood dripping from fang

a snake called wanker

had been eating tyreals face

but from the ash's and wind

displayed something new

something true a barbarian race

now it is known who had ended

his journey

tyreal's departure














Edited by kuvall(OD)
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Clans are about community and friendship
Laughter and goodwill and much kinship


Alas you will see, TypeReal's  green thumb
Not to be found on Pops' lawn because he ain't dumb


Of course then there is Sassy yelling out the door
Voicing her disdain for those wankers on the blood moor


Even the 3%  Bul Kathos wedding ring
Really makes Cuddly sing


Do not despair because MooMoo won't eat the grass
Only laughs when the Tyreal's Might falls in the morass


Sure do love the good times around here
Even the ones who drink all the damn beer
Dare you to find some other place that is like here!

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The results are in;


The winner of the poetry contest is: @Hectic(OD)


Drumroll for 2nd place.................................................................








As this is... the first time i've ever had a 3 way tie, everyone will get 2nd place price who tied.


Message me your jsp.

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Thank you for the fun contest!  You can just keep my winnings and add it to your next contest.  Congratz to all the winners!

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