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The sad but true story of Lepercy(OD)...

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Once upon a time, there once was a kid, that played on a Atari, long long ago.... 

The kid then grew up a bit, after his mother and father split, and his mother found a more "compatible" opponent, for which this kid could then upgrade to a NES for Super Mario Bros competitions..... Also, the best friend of said competitor, had a PC, for which he taught this kid about a game on DOS called "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..."

Not long after these times, the neighbor kids got involved with their Sega's and Sega Saturn's, and Dreamcast's.... (Loud devices and alot of heat to melt carpet....) 

Super Nintendo was a thing about this time as well but this kid was too busy with school to get too involved with this version of a console generation... 

Eventually catching back up to N64, when the 3D of Mario began to become a popular thing, this kid was mesmerized by how far over the short time things are progressing already....

After school, this kid decided to follow his fathers steps, and try to do better than he did in the Army, and enlist.. Thus the, now adult did... and gaming was a thing of the past, at least for now....

During the late years of the service, the adult met up with a gaming group in California and learned about Dungeons and Dragons, and after a few months, began to be a Dungeon Master for the soldiers stationed there.... Unfortunately, at end of the fourth year of service, this adult was injured during a joint task force exercise, and relieved of service....

About a year after returning home, the veteran began college and was staying in a apartment on campus, shared with a roommate... Not knowing, this roommate played video games.... While sitting in the roommates room one day, this veteran asked, "whats the dwarf for?" The roommate said, "This is the new release of "Wrath of the Lich King, for World of Warcraft!" The veteran sat for long hours observing and thus not a few weeks passed was then also playing this type of game himself....

This began a long MMO history for this veteran spanning almost two decades of mmo gaming from titles suck as WoW, GW2, Rift, ArcheAge, FFXIV, ESO, Minecraft, D3, Destiny 1 and 2, BDO, and many many steam game to include H1Z1 just Survive with over 800 plus hours in this one alone.... And this is just the PC games..... Also had a PS4 with several titles with that as well.....

From being a kid playing the original grey gameboy the size of a hardback book to a highend pc playing Black Desert Online, I, Lepercy have been there, and this is my story.... 

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Creative and informative with a story line.  I'd say the makings of a good short story?  ROFL  I can tell Aerineth recruited you for sure.  I don't play Black Desert but if you ever wander onto D2 and need help with something, you can always whisper Purplez(OD)!  And, I thank YOU, for your military service.  ❤️




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