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What I'm Appreciative For

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Well...In the spirit of this particular holiday season, I decided to make a thread in which we can share what we are appreciative for. For example-


I'm grateful to the following OD members:


@ThirdEye(OD) aka Mike, who told me about Clan Overdosed and convinced me to join. Thanks to him, I've had the experience of meeting all kinds of people.

@Candy(OD) for having recruited me, and keeping in touch with me over d2jsp although her internet is terrible.

@Sassy for threatening me with death, or telling me to fk off whenever I call her Welsh, make fun of her spelling/pronunciation, or tagging her in cat/ginger related posts on Facebook. I also appreciate her for her support of me, showing me the ropes of being an admin, encouraging me to share my ideas, and always reassuring me whenever I have doubts about myself.

@PoPs(OD) for having mentored me as an admin whenever Sassy wasn't around.

@DBZ(OD) for doing admin stuff I'm unable to do whenever PoPs or Sassy wasn't around, and for hosting PvP events.

@Purplez(OD) for being my "coworker", and allowing me to feel a bit more open at times. 

@Rich(OD) for teaching me how to play Poker, although I was obliterated by @Chrisdwor(OD).

@Flinn(OD) for helping me put together "Ray builds" (ex.: Fireball Paladin).

@Triny(OD) and @Townkill(OD) for having kept an eye on the D2 division when PoPs and Sassy weren't around.

@CompFreak(OD) for hosting the laughter-filled Cards Against Humanity; I try to show up to these as often as I can.

@Xayj(OD) for accepting me to join the OD Review team.

@TypeReaL(OD) for the laughs. 


And a very big thanks to all those who've gotten me to where I am now.

For me, being part of OD is something I enjoy very much. I love sharing laughs and excitement. In real life, I'm very much introverted, and thus, I don't have many friends. I'm glad that there are OD members who I can refer to as friends. 



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gee shucks. Thanks Ray. So does Canadia get thankful for Christmas because you have no Turkey day? Niceee.

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Bahahaha , it was all the luck of the flop of the cards bahahahah 

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