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DClone Hunting Guide

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 Diablo Clone Hunting Guide


How Dclone Spawns, Volume 1, Chapter 1

It takes about 70-130 Stones of Jordan (SoJs) sold to the vendors to get Dclone to spawn on that server. He will spawn in the place of a Super Unique Monster. Ex. Corpsefire in the Den of Evil, Eldritch in the Frigid Highlands. All other rumors besides selling SoJs to vendors are false. When you sell a SoJ it is gone forever.

Note: If you attempt to go to one of these places before he spawns it sometimes does not want to spawn there or you kill the super unique dclone will not spawn there.

There is a complete list of all the Super Unique Monsters at http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/monsters/super.shtml]http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/monsters/super.shtml
The diablo 2 servers are group in ip ranges. You have to know a lot about networking and computers to fully understand it. EAST/WEST/EUROPE/ASIA all have different first 3 octets. Aka XXX.XXX.XXX an ip is made up of 4 octets aka XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. What we mean by ip is that last octet which now becomes ### for this example. So East is163.240.202.### if you where looking for ip 67 you would want to make a connection to

Now you can change your ip by joining a game on diablo 2 every game is held on a server and it can be same or different then the last server you were just on. The chances of getting on ip 67 is based on supposedly you connect to the server that has the less lag. So this now brings up the topic of a camped ip, when someone says an ip is camped, most hot ips will be by the time you found out about them on here, they are much harder to get into because more people on the server = more lag = less chance.

The only known way to get on the ip you want is to keep making or joining games and checking you ip.


Why sell sojs, to who, for what and what kind: Volume 1, Chapter 2

The number one question most people have is why sell sojs when most the time a soj on softcore ladder will cost more then an anni on softcore ladder.  Sojs sold on any of the cores wether ladder or non to.  And he will also walk in all of these(scnl, scl, hcnl, and hcl in all hell games for the server).

So buy selling an unperm soj on scnl and having a hcl game you spend 5-10 fg per soj and you get about 50 fg per hcl anni (prices vary from realm to realm and change on supply and demand).  So if you are a large hunter you can sell let's say 100 sojs to walk a server and have 40 hcl games and double the money you spent to walk the server.  

Who do you sell to really which merchant you sell to is your choice personally I do one of the ones in act 1 because mules I use to sell on are not rushed and I don't play on them because my sojs are generally unpermed.  Merchant is just defined as a non playable character(npc) that you can trade with either buying or selling goods or both.  


How To Get On The Correct Server, Volume 1, Chapter 3


Manual Way to out find out the IP that your own. First, create a game on Diablo II. Then go to your desktop. Choose Start. Go to Run. Type in cmd in the run box. from there another box will appear this is your cmd box. In your cmd box you will type in netstat -n. From here you will be looking for the numbers at the end that match .4000 the 2 or 3 numbers in front of this will the current ip your on. Also you can use -netstat n | find "4000". That will only find the info of games on b.net I find this little bit more confusing and work.





Windows Key + r = Run prompt.

You can hit copy the netstat -n | find "4000" and then right click and go to paste in command prompt ctrl + v will not work in command prompt.  

After you type in netstat -n | find "4000" once or paste it you can then hit the open arrow and it will automatically have it for you every time.
Now you know how to get on a certain server you have to know which server you want to get on. 


How to find out what Ips are hot:

Almost the only way to find out hot ips before they are either camped to death and you usually realmdown or get temp banned before you find one is to use outside links which we can not explain and this is a site wide rule so to my understand it applies to pms also so I will not pm you these websites.

But as far as d2jsp concerned there is usually a sticky in the sticky section that is labeled post hot ips here and they will be posted or people will just post them here in the dclone forums http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showforum=240]http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showforum=240.


How to Know Dclone Spawned: Volume 1, Chapter 4

Dclone will only spawn are one place below is an example of a walk I was recently involved in. If you come in a game and see that it says Diablo Walks The Earth unless you just made the game and your the only person in it then I would go seriously looking for him. It very difficult to get the anni from the kill in public games due to leechers and people with there killer already in your game.



Killing Dclone, Volume 1, Chapter 5

Dclone will drop one and only one Unidentified Annihilus charm(ANNI) no matter how many people are in the game. Dclone will spawn only once per game and will spawn on every server on the realm including any classic games but charms do not exist, so no anni. LIMIT 1 ANNI PER CHARACTER.

There are a few particular builds that can kill him extremely fast, such as a Charged Strike Amazon, a character that says Agent can drop Dclone with in 5 seconds. Zealers and Smiters take a little longer but are still extremely effective.


Diablo Clone Stats from Arreat Summit: Volume 1, Chapter 6
Diablo Clone Stats

Cold: +95%
Fire: +95%
Lightning: +95%
Poison: +95%
Magic: +50%
Physical: +50%
Melee Attack 1 has 14043 Attack Rating.
Melee Attack 2 has 13064 Attack Rating.
Defense is about 2940
50% Chance to Block
Monster level of 110
(Note: Based off one player being in game)


Anni Stats: Volume 1 Chapter 6
Required Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later) 


How to hold 2 annis on one char: Volume 1, Chapter 7

This only works in Softcore Modes Due to you have to die to do it.

Step one: Go into the wilderness where there are monsters
Step two: Pick the anni up like your going to drop it but DON'T
Step three: Allow the monsters to kill you Note: The anni will automatically drop to your dead body
Step four: Go back to where you died and make sure that your anni didn't drop on the ground
Step five: Go collect the other anni
Step six: If you died any time going to get the anni go back and get all those dead bodies
Step seven: Try and pick up the body with the other anni on it 
Note: it should say I can't do this but it will let you get your gear back and leave the anni on the dead body
Step eight: leave and transfer the anni to a mule char collect the other body and your good to go
Note: I'm not responsible for any anni lost and this can be patched at any time

Note: you will not get stats from the anni on the dead body


Myths about Dclone Hunting: Volume 1, Chapter 8

1.  If you sell a stone of jordan(soj) you can buy it back.

100% False on closed Battle.net servers once you sell it is gone forever just like if you sell an anni charm or torch to merchants

2.  If you kill all the super unquies then Diablo Clone will spawn.

Again 100% False if you took the time to kill all, I think theres like 62, then it would take you a long time to find them all but he wouldl not spawn.

3.  If you spawn Diablo Clone at Ancients you can kill him with a tp

You don't really kill him it's kind of like he just teleports away and takes the charm with him 😕

4.  Dclone spawns in Classic

This is true but he doesn't spawn the charm when you kill him 😕

5.  Every time I join a game it says Diablo Walks the Earth but I can't find him

It will continue to tell you that diablo has walked the earth even after he is dead, if you can't find him and other people have been in the game it is very likely they already got the anni.  Sadly I've seen a lot of people lose good friends over this kind of stuff.

6.  An IP has be in walk range for over two hours, when it's going to walk?

Just because you see reports of an ip in walk range it does not mean it really is, the way information is reported counts can get off or walks can not be recorded, the ip you might think is up 100+ could of just walked and wasn't reported.

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Looks much better!  Thanks @PoPs(OD)

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