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Anyone wanna go for 99 :D

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Hey so i plan to start the ladder with a blizz sorc and mf for the first month and try to get wealth, then asap im gonna make a Chaos zerk barb, so if anyone is wanting to tele baals I can clean out chaos quick for us for that phat Diablo xp! post up if this is something ude be interested in, i can usually play a few hours a day and days off usually more. Lets get some more legit OD 99s on the ladder this season 😄

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I plan on running cbaals runs till the day I die.

Rubbin up some exp, so fried

pimpin with that sorc, souls making me cry

Legit 99 you say?

if so I may

I'll tele you up, and let you slay

Countless and countless deaths, must not delay

I'm only one man, in a 8 cbaal raid

Dont worry, pops always gets me paid

Thousands of runs

Ray hitting me costantly with dashing puns

Team speak is where i lay

sliding my jsp digits, making easy pay

A spirit on the right

an ancient pledge on the left

a mere lore on the cap

my imbued belt making me fat

random bling on my fingers

no sweat, no wringer

blue boots and blue gloves

is what I love,

and what holds me above

a fcr ammy

shoved into my fanny

finally the chest

i left it for last

only the final, the best

a stealth from the distant past


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