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i have done so many costumes, starting with costumes that require Make-up, to Costume that require No make-up, some of them i have gone back and redone, new face, new head, tho my Alien costume will be 1 of those costumes i will keep redoing and adding more to it, i will redo Arms, and Tail, this year i made a new Head and re-did Chest Plate 


1. me as a Cheerleader, with some make-up 

2. me as Alice in Wonderland 

3. me as Laura Ingalls

4. me as a cheerleader again 

5. me as a Froggie Cheerleader 

6 & 7. Sully -Alice in Wonderland 

8. Sully- Alice in wonderland ( head Remade & new eyes )

9 & 10. Teddy Bear Japan School Girl Uniform

11 & 12. My Monster from the movie "The Village " 

13 & 14. my "The Village " Monster/ Head and Claws re-done

15 & 16. Grid Aliens, from Alien vs Predator

17 & 18 & 19. New Alien Head/ more Teeth/Chest Plate

my The Village Monster and Alien costume have gotten First place the last the last 4 years at The skating rink and a Friends Annual Halloween Party

just a note, the Alien Costume Monster has No Eyes, the first 1 i made 15 & 16 you can see where i can see from right above where the Teeth are, the Second 1 is in same place, 17 & 18 & 19 but it was made to look like the rest of the Head, the 3 Strips above Teeth are a Dark Welders Visor cut into strips to match Curvature of Alien Head, this year i did add a Battery Operated Fan in the back of Head , i just weighted the Hear to find out how much it weighs it is 9 pounds, i hope yall enjoy my Photos

2001 denver.jpg


first place 2003.jpg

h 2000-1.jpg

froggy at kingsway.jpg



Lynn costume 1.jpg


halloween 2014.jpg

my The Village5.jpg

my The Village9.jpg



lynn alien1.jpg

lynn alien2.jpg

alien full body2018.jpg

alien mouth2018 2.jpg

alien mouth2018 res light.jpg

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It looks like Halloween is one of your favorite holidays Lynn!  Such creativity.  🙂

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umm @Terra am I allowed to post a picture of me dressed as a hitler? cuz Ive rocked that costume for years

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Thing I like about Lynn’s post and his dressing up he don’t care what others think about him dressed as a girl WELL DONE LYNNNN 🙂 

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