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For the love of tacos

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It's taco Tuesday and I have decided to share my secrets so you too can make Ralsha spicy tacos for friends, family or yourself. Apologies to the metrically inclined members of OD, you'll have to use a conversion calculator or something. Admins feel free to move this post if the water cooler is not the place for it.



Step 1: The secret ingredient; Steve's (Ralsha's) Spicy Salsa


This is the most fantastic salsa ever made, wars and virgin sacrifices have occurred for less. This is crucial to the success of the tacos but also makes a fantastic appetizer (with chips) or anytime snack.


How to make it

1. Get 1 can of Hunts* Stewed Tomatoes

2. 3-5 Large Jalapenos (sliced)

3. 2 Habaneros (diced)

4. 1/4 onion (chopped/diced)


Bonus: For extra credit, you can add a small amount of pineapple/mango/etc for a futile attempt to tame the heat or a fruitful attempt at adding a complementary flavor to the salsa.


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on the highest speed possible until there is an even consistency. The salsa will be a reddish brown color.


*I normally have a policy of not promoting any company unless I am getting paid by said company. The exception is made in this case because it is the best, and I don't want to promote half-assed tacos.



Step 2: The taco meat


The single most important part of these great tacos. Master this and you will never eat a sub-par taco again. A small note on spices, I smoke like a fucking chimney and as a result have killed of all my taste buds. Apropos, I will not be putting any quantifiable amount of the spices mentioned, aside from step 1, so use your own discretion or experiment and see what works for you. However, I feel more is generally better.


1. Sautee 1/2 onion and 2 large jalapenos (sliced)*

2. Brown 2 lbs** of beef , 80/20 is ideal, with aforementioned onion/jalapenos with the following spices;

-Sazon - This is the hardest to obtain, go to the Hispanic part of town or order online. You'll know its the right spice when you smell it, it will smell like taco heaven.

-Onion Powder


-Chili Powder

-Pepper (black/white and red)



-Taco seasoning (spicy)


Strain meat.


* If you can handle the heat, serranos and habanaros can be included.

** For less/more beef adjust onions/jalapenos from 1 proportionately (1/4 onion and 1 large jalapeno for 1lb)


Step 3: Layer the taco


While doing the taco meat, place your favorite taco shells in the oven, try to time it so the shells and meats are done at the same time. This may take practice.


1. Layer the shell with sour cream (optional).

2. Place meat from step 2 in taco.

3. Layer the meat with Steve's (Ralsha's) Spicy Salsa from Step 1.

4. Add taco blend cheese/lettuce/diced tomatoes or any extras you want on top of the salsa.



You pretty much have it from here* just eat and refrigerate any leftovers, which are great for nachos the next day. This will work for both crunchy (as the Gods intended) or soft shell tacos. The meat is also fantastic for quesadillas. 


* Ralsha you are an asshole, my mouth is on fire;


I understand where you're coming from. A few tips:


1. Carbonation is your enemy. Soda and beer intensify the heat.

2. Water is bullshit, it spreads the heat.

3. Milk is a myth, it works only while the milk is in your mouth.

4. Bread is a neutralizer.

5. Vanilla ice cream is the best heat reducer on the planet.


I am of course open to criticism and opinions as the pursuit of the perfect taco can be a life-long quest.

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Thanks Steve!  rofl never heard of this recipe but you never know what you will read on the forums 🙂

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Sounds like the proper amount of spice. Tacos are good stuff @Ralsha(OD)

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that doesnt sound like its gonna make my insides bleed and beg for mercy ill swap the jalapenos for ghost peppers and the habs for carolina reapers


but when im writing a post from the bathroom ill let you know how it went

Edited by TypeReaL(OD)

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I love the recipe idea and i'll give it a shot but;


I'm not sure if this is implied but, homemade corn tortia's over the hot flame is the best choice for this...

Also have have you tried using skirt steak instead of beef?


Regardless im going to cool this next tuesday for sure!

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Thanks for the positive responses on the thread and in TS. A couple of notes;


-Of course you can add additional super hot peppers (ghost, reaper, etc.) The jalepeno is for the flavor not the heat. Daves Ghoest pepper and Insanity++ are great!


-Homemade tortilla's are the BEST, recipe posted for people who just want to open a box and bake shells.


-I will definitely try this with skirt steak and post how it goes, very smart idea.



Chicken Taco recipe coming soon.

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