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Guild Salaries and Raises

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Guild Salaries

When a member joins the Guild they sign a contract wherein the Guild agrees to pay that member a daily salary of silver for a set amount of days. During the course of their membership this contract can be adjusted to provide the member with a raise (or in some cases a pay cut if they are giving up some responsibilities).



The In-Depth Explanation on How Salaries Work (Not necessarily required to know, but here if people want the specifics)



At base level a member gets an amount of silver every day equal to 1000 x the number of days their contract is signed for (In other words the number of days until the contract expires). Members can sign contracts for 1 Day, 7 Days, 30 Days, 180 Days, and 365 Days (The length of time is determined by the person recruiting them, and is offered to the member who can accept or decline). Therefore at base level a member with a 7-Day contract can receive 7000 silver per day, whereas a member with a 30-Day contract will receive 30000 silver per day.


In addition to these tiers of payments separated by the number of days the contract is signed for, members can also receive raises based on their Activity Score. A members Activity Score rises based on certain actions they perform that are beneficial for the guild. (Primarily running Guild Missions) When a contract is renewed a members salary can be raised by a percentage amount equal to their Activity Score (which can go as high as 10,000 in a single contract). A member with an Activity Score of 5,000 can have their salary raised by 50% of its current value, and a member with 10,000 Activity Score can have their salary raised by 100% of its current value. So a member who had a salary of 30,000 could have it raised up to 60,000 and a member who had a salary of 180,000 could have it raised up to 360,000. This represents how much it can be raised, not necessarily how much the leader or officer will raise it for you, that depends on your performance in the guild.

Once a members salary has been raised it can't be "unraised", its ratio above the base value remains the same. However a member can still have their salary dropped if the contract is renewed with less days. (i.e. dropped to a 30D contract instead of a 180D contract)


If a member is kicked from the Guild before their contract has expired then the Guild must pay the member a severance package equal to 2x their daily salary. If a member leaves the Guild before their contract has expired then they must pay a predetermined fee that was outlined in their contract when they accepted. If a members contract has expired then they no longer receive a daily salary or can participate in certain Guild events. They can also be kicked from the Guild without penalty, or can choose to leave the Guild without penalty.



Salaries are paid out at midnight UTC each day (5pm Pacific / 7pm Central), a member must "collect" a salary to receive it by opening the Guild Panel, going to the member list, and selecting the "Collect Money" button at the bottom. If you don't collect your money before the next salary is paid out then the previous salary payment is lost, so be sure to do this once a day!




OD Guild Salaries

These are the salary tiers our guild assigns to members


Basic Member (365D Contract)

All players who join the Guild begin with a 365D Contract with a base 365,000 silver payout per day


Full Member (365D Contract + 300,000 Silver)

Any existing member who registers for the main OD website and becomes a full OD member will immediately be granted an extra 300,000 Silver in addition to their 365,000 base silver for a total of 665,000 silver payout per day, this will take place the next time they achieve 10,000 Activity (as it can't be fully bumped up otherwise).


Guild Officer (365D Contract + 835,000 Silver)

Members who are promoted to Officer in-game will be given an extra 835,000 Silver in addition to their 365,000 base silver for a total of 1,200,000 silver payout per day. This raise will take place each time they have 10,000 activity score until they reach the determined amount.




Guild Raises

Every Sunday the Guild will adjust contracts, and any member who has achieved 10,000 Activity Score is eligible for a raise. The amount of a raise they receive will depend on their activity and contributions to the Guild and will be decided by the Guild leader, or any Officer given consent to handle raises. Any recommendation given by someone in a Guild Position (such as the Guild Taskmaster or Guild Admiral) will greatly influence the amount a members salary may be raised by, who may vouch for the member if they feel they were particularly helpful in activities such as Guild Missions or Sea Monster hunts.


A member can receive a raise up to a maximum of 25% of their current salary per week. No member in the Guild can receive a raise that puts their daily salary payout as higher than 0.4% of the Guild's current maximum funds. (i.e. if the Guild currently has 500,000,000 funds stored, no member can receive a daily salary raise that puts it higher than 2,000,000 silver per day.)




If anyone has any questions, concerns, or suggestions, then feel free to post here or contact me anytime.

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Guild Salaries and Raises have now been updated with our latest system.

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Updated again with a new change. Due to the Welfare bonus we get weekly we've changed the system to provide substantially more payout for our members.

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