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Plans for Season 16

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Yes, I know that Season 15 isn't even 24 hours hold, but it seems like we need to start talking about it now (not a week or two before it start, or after Season 15 ends).


I got 3 replies to my post about Plans for the Start of Season 15.  At Season start, there were 17 OD D3 clan members online.  There are 16 online at the time of this post.  I saw very little effort made ahead of time to have any organized groups.


57.3% of the 150 OD D3 Clan members haven't logged in for more than 30 days (26 for 30-59 days; 39 60-89 days; 20 for 90-120 days; and one for 124 days).  Of the players posted as Clan Officers:  SnipeDragon (Leader) hasn't logged into the game for over 30 days, Hikato (Officer) hasn't logged in for more than 60 days, and TreaLOD (Officer) for more than 90 days.





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Just an update: @Tex46(OD) has been named the new division lead for the d3 division due to lack of activity from the previous leadership. We will be working on correcting the in-game list accordingly. 

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