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The Overdosed Academy Board

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It's probably a bit odd writing an introduction for a board 3 years after it was made, but as people still occasionally reference this board I'm gonna give a better run-down of what it is all about.


The Overdosed Academy

The purpose of this board is to allow more experienced leaders to share some of their knowledge and techniques publicly, so that those who are newer to leadership roles can pick up some useful approaches for themselves. As even the lowest ranks of our community can become leaders in the form of Division leaders, it can be a daunting and difficult process to learn on-the-job, as it were. So hopefully the topics in this board can help alleviate a bit of that difficulty for some.


There is no particular restriction on who can write topics for this board, anyone can create a topic if they feel they have something worthwhile to add. However in turn readers should be aware that all topics represent the opinion and experience of the writer, and it falls to each reader in turn to think for themselves and take the advice and techniques that they feel are good.


Furthermore all writers can be contacted (if they are still in the Clan) if you have follow-up questions or if you just want to thank them for taking the time to write a topic you found particularly useful. I hope you all enjoy what the board has to offer, and that many of you find it to be useful.

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There are no dumb questions Ray, but that one comes pretty close. The answer is no, and I don't know of any Academy that does.

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