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Ray's Classic Rusher Sorceress

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Recently I've noticed an increased interest in the creation of classic rushers. Classic rushers (basically all sorcs) allow a character (excluding Druids and Assassins) to reach Hell difficulty faster by taking advantage of the fact that Act V doesn't need to be completed.


I use a Frozen Orb/Fire Wall hybrid Sorceress. Here's how I did my skills:


20 Frozen Orb

1 Static Field (This spell is more effective in Classic than Expansion)

A handful in Cold Mastery (You can max it if you want)

20 Teleport (Saves a LOT of mana)

20 Fire Wall (Deal with those pesky cold immunes)

20 Fire Mastery

*If you want, you can put points into ice bolt to increase Frozen Orb damage but it's not that significant


(Desired) Gear:

Spectral Shard Unique Blade - 50 FCR (Crucial to reach the 63 FCR Breakpoint) and some resistances

Full Irathas - Give you bonuses to all resistances and to all maximum resistances. (Includes gloves, belt, helm, and an amulet)

2x 10 FCR Rings - Required to reach the 63 FCR Breakpoint. Resistances on these rings is preferred. 

30/10 Rare Boots - 30 Faster Run Walk (Not mandatory but nice) and 10% Faster Hit Recovery (super important in Classic)

The Ward Unique Gothic Shield - Big chunk of resistances

Twitchthroe Unique Studded Leather - Dexterity and Strength to help you equip items and nice chunk of FHR

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Awesome Ray, thanks!  It's really something to see such low levels like yourself, MooMoo and Beer at level 60ish doing hell rushes in classic.  

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That 20 to teleport is Very important, saves you money and time on buying mana potions

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I am interested in creating a classic sorc to help Crush new members. My Other sorc can clear anything in hell with no issue, so if i can just get them through nightmare with the Classic sorc = *Thumbs up*

Ray if you can help me set up a classic sorc, let me know.

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