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In my downtime recently, I have found myself drawn back into the relative peace that can be Minecraft.  Actually, I really just enjoy playing with redstone as it makes me think both creatively and analytically.  But, playing Minecraft alone is pretty meh.


I have installed some quality of life plugins and am running Paper Spigot v. 1.12.2 (its an optimized version of Spigot, which is an optimized version of Bukkit).  I was planning on building a basic hub world and then having a survival and a creative world.  Plots of land will be easily claimable by placing your first chest down, additional plots of land/expansions of your plots will be at an Op's discretion (myself at the moment, I won't say no.)


I will be opening this up to any OD member that wants to join, feel free to bring your friends on with you.  I probably won't start a squad for this, as I plan to just use it as a casual place to wind down.


This will be a whitelist only sort of thing, with trusted people gaining the ability to whitelist others.  The only rule is to be respectful of others and of their builds/spaces.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know, otherwise, once I finish setting this up, I will post a link to the server and a more official looking post.

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