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Malfurion the Archdruid

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Malf.jpg.5bb6cad762fa17f3c647c65342d69878.jpg Malfurion the Archdruid


Malfurion heals his allies and restores their mana. He is able to reveal and root groups of enemies from a distance

Damage 4/10

Utility 7/10

Survivability 5/10

Complexity 5/10

Malfurion has 3 abilities and a choice of two Ultimate's

T    Innervate    Grant an allied hero Mana. While affected by Innervate, their Basic ability cooldowns recharge faster. Innervate cannot be used on Heroes that do not use Mana

Q    Regrowth    Heal an ally for health over time

W    Moonfire    Deal damage to enemies in an area. Allies with an active Regrowth are healed for each enemy hero hit by Moonfire

E    Entangling Roots    Root enemy Heroes in an area and deal damage over the duration. Affected area grows over time

R1    Tranquility    Heal nearby allied heroes per second. Allies affected by Regrowth within tranquility's area gain armor.

R2    Twilight Dream    Deal damage in a large area around Malfurion, Silencing enemies making them unable to use Abilities.


(Please note that Edits will follow Improving and providing more info. this is just a base outline) 

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