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32 Life Light GC HC

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I got a 32 Life Light GC on Hardcore that I'd like to unload. To those interested, keep in mind I don't use JSP(yes its not a requirement for membership and not everyone likes using that site/forum). Since I know if this was Softcore I'd get like 10 BIN's from OD members within 5 minutes, I'll consider what offers I get from fellow OD members here on HC, even if they're vastly below what I could probably get on the open market(like a high rune or Vex). I MAY, and I stress MAY, trade this item for services(such as a rush/leveling job and/or set items like Aldur/Trang'Oul/Immortal King) if anyone is willing to do that.


Just keep in mind that just about anything I find I typically give away for free but due to the rarity and exceptional nature of this find, I'd like to get something for it(especially since it came at the cost of me not being able to do Nightmare Cows *cries*).

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