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Hi all - first post since joining the WoW Division -- I'm Sarnith, and I play Lookitsatree - the Restoration Druid in the raid team.  Below you'll find several discord links for your class discord - and in alphabetical order for the OCD's out there.


raidbots.com  -- incredibly useful site that's basically SimCraft in a user friendly set up - a lot easier to compare gear, talents, etc than using the Raw SimC program.  Use this instead of Ask Mr Robot, or other alternatives -- this is much more reliable.  Always up to date, and always maintained.


Class Discord Servers

Why do these matter?  They have a TON of information on your class and spec.  Make sure to check the pinned messages before asking questions - as 99% of the questions you can come up with will be answered by one of the pinned messages.


You can find information from trinkets, legendaries, talents, rotations, and much much more on these servers - Investing the time will make you a better player.



Death Knight (Acherus):  https://goo.gl/cqVGWK

Demon Hunter (Mardum):  https://goo.gl/893FBh

Demon Hunter (The Fel Hammer):  https://goo.gl/DqikKN

Druid (Dreamgrove):  https://goo.gl/xNHVnK

Hunter (Trueshot Lodge):  https://goo.gl/QcMRU5

Hunter (Warcraft Hunters' Union):  https://goo.gl/xPZDpM

Mage (Hall of the Guardians):  https://goo.gl/xnpzBq

Monk (Peak of Serenity):  https://goo.gl/92YR93

Paladin (Hammer of Wrath):  https://goo.gl/R8VknG

Priest (Focused Will):  https://goo.gl/5LLdDy

Priest (How to Priest ):  https://goo.gl/qtRPaf

Priest (Netherlight Temple):  https://goo.gl/S5HV5G

Rogue (Ravenholdt):  https://goo.gl/dcvqwj

Shaman (Ancestral Guidance):  https://goo.gl/tnwdDL

Shaman (Earthshrine):  https://goo.gl/fGyKLV

Warlock (Council of the Black Harvest):  https://goo.gl/jFaJFi
Warrior (Skyhold):  https://discord.gg/Skyhold



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