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Plans for Free Company Actions

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Hey Everyone!


We're going to try something new with the Free Company actions so it's not always set to EXP buffs. We want to show some love to our crafters and gatherers, so we have developed a schedule that we would like to test out for a while. Feel free to let us know your opinions in the comments below!


Monday - The Heat of Battle / Reduced Rates

Tuesday - The Heat of Battle / Reduced Rates

Wednesday - Earth and Water / Live Off the Land

Thursday - Helping Hand / Eat from the Hand / In Control

Friday - The Heat of Battle / A Man's Best Friend

Saturday - The Heat of Battle / Meat and Mead

Sunday - The Heat of Battle / Meat and Mead


Bold - These are our days focused to helping out our gatherers and crafters! On Wednesday, we will have double buffs set up to help our gatherers' levels up and get prepared for Thursday. Thursdays will be the days focused on crafting everything we gathered on Wednesday! We will have double buffs up to help level crafting. 

Underlined - The weekends will be our days focused on leveling buffs. While, as you may notice, the other days have The Heat of Battle activated, we will also be running Brave New World which increases attributes for people under level 49. 


These are subject to change, if you have any suggestions for what other buffs we should run on days other than Wednesday and Thursday, feel free to comment below. We're always open to suggestions.


-Silent Melodies

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If you wouldn't mind, a brief explanation of exactly what each company action does for those of us who aren't familiar with it would be appreciated.

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  • The Heat of Battle - Increases EXP earned from battle.
  • Earth and Water - Increases EXP gained from gathering.
  • Helping Hand - Increases EXP gained from crafting.
  • A Man's Best Friend - Increases EXP earned by companions.
  • Brave New World - Increases attributes of all members under level 10.
  • Live off the Land - Increases Gathering.
  • What You See - Increases Perception.
  • In Control - Increases Control.
  • That Which Binds Us - Increases Spiritbonding Speed.
  • Meat and Mead - Increases food buff duration.
  • Proper Care - Slows reduction in item durability.
  • Back on Your Feet - Reduces duration of Weakness.
  • Reduced Rates - Reduces teleportation fee.


This is the list of what each action does.

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@Washu(OD) did you happen to turn on actions this morning. I was unable due to maintenance

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This has been updated to reflect the changes made to the weekend actions. As most of our active members have reached above lv49 in their main classes, we have decided to test out Meat and Mead instead of Brave New World for the time being. Meat and Mead increases the duration on effects of food by 10 minutes.


As always, suggestions are always welcomed :)

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