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New server proposition

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Yesterday I proposed a semi-private server idea to @SupremeJester, @MelodicRose(OD) and a couple other members that seemed to enjoy the idea of it. The idea behind the server would be to allow players to use the land claim mod/plugin to establish safe zones in the world(yes there will be a limit to how many safe zones you can have at start). But, while you're out of your safe zones whether it's collection mats or exploring. You and anything you're carrying would be at risk. Other players can enter your areas if you let them. But, they under no circumstances can grief you/your area that is safeguarded. 


The server won't cost us anything as it will be running off of a server box my housemates and I will be running ourselves. We recently got gigabit internet so we figured we'd put our bandwith to good use and get a server for the house.


If anyone wants to join feel free to comment here. Also, feel free to invite your friends. But, make sure they fully understand the rules. Anyone caught breaking the rules will/can be perma banned from the server.

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