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Raid group please read.

Raid Availability  

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  1. 1. Days

  2. 2. Amount of time per raid session

  3. 3. Start times (all are in Est time)

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Raid times are listed above please let us know what times are best for everyone, we are doing another current poll as we have some that have left the group and some that have joined.



We will be forming raid groups 30 mins before start time, the start time is when the first pull should happen.


we will be telling you at least 24 hours in advance what raid we are doing, if you have any questions about mechanics we ask that you let us know before the raid as moon will only be giving a brief description/explanation before each pull.


During the raid please keep chatter to a minimum, and to none during explanations, as basic respect so that other can hear what is being said.

I will be contacting some of you to see if we need to work on gear/stats/rotations, its not personal but we all need to get our dps up.

If you have not already downloaded an addon called DBM (deadly boss mods) it will not BE required for each raider.

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