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Potential Recruitment Event

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Seeing as the Server Browser is pretty cool way to setup custom games and let random people join. I figured why not hold an event where we get a few OD:OW Members together monthly / biweekly and host a recruitment day. Where we host fun custom games and in between games and even during we chat with the random users that pass through and tell them about the clan if they are interested. Participation could award medals as well as be a good way to meet members of the current and or future ODOW Division.



Anna Dodgeball



Reinhardt / Tracer Tag and Sombra / Winston Hide and Seek


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Since there won't for sure be 8 people this Sunday, I'm just going to make the event a dodgeball event, in hopes of increasing traffic in our channel and showing these fun types to more people who may help you host these recruitment events in the future

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