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White Fight PVP, Level 110

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Okay so this is an event i thought would be fun. 

Everyone goes to Stormwind and buys a set of all white gear weapons and armor.

We'll meet at GoldShire in Elwyn forest. 

There will be no artifact weapons i'm not sure if pets will be allowed as before everything will be

allowed until proven that it is to powerful to use in this small event

the prize for the winner will be decided day of by Me or one of the Division leaders

Prizes can vary from bags to gold to pets to mats, etc.

If you are not prepared when you accept a duel and lose, you lose no exceptions. 

If you win refrain from bragging excessively. 

Maintain good sportsmanship at all times.

Duels will be capped at a time limit of 7 mins whoever has the highest amount of health percentage wise will be considered the winner. 


When Friday @ 10:30 pm gear must be white and must be from Stormwind

i lvl must be 55 or below

no rings or trinkets



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