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Saturday night Level 16 smash

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All classes

no worgen because they have a mandatory quest line

ally only 

meet at goldshire

level 16 max

no heirlooms during the pvp (save weapons from quests and drops)

green is the highest level of equipment allowed

no auction house, no going to major cities until after the tournament

no twinking

no pets with stuns

no excessive kiting must cast a harmful spell or cause damage every 7 seconds(no lock dot spamming)

no enchanting

gathering professions are allowed 

leveling will be done without looms unless specifically said otherwise by me or one of the division leaders 


I will give the winner 5k gold and they will hold the title until the next tournament

Starts Saturday 10pm central time


leave feed back about concerns and i will do my best to address them.


Be there or be not a round shape name square.

Edited by NeoTessla(OD)

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Hope to use this as a new way to recruit members. Maybe a way to transition people without full games into the starter edition and and then eventually lead an interest in later content.

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