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Hearthstone Community Night

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Our first Hearthstone Community Night is tomorrow! For anyone interested, for all players new and old, we will be hosting a Hearthstone Community Night starting Friday the 27th at 7pm CST, and hopefully making a weekly occurrence in OD. For info about this, I made a post outlining and discussing the idea of it here.


For all those who are interested and planning on participating tomorrow, I have written the rules and special game rules for this event. It will be a round robin tournament (everyone will play everyone else) and it will be just for fun and bragging rights, but if there is enough of a turnout I will consider doing monetary or Blizzard related prizes in the future.

It will be a fun variant on arena mode in constructed.


3 decks.
First to 3 wins.
Must win with every deck.
May remake (using arena simulator) 1 deck between matches (after BO5 sets, not between games).
If you don’t have all cards picked, you must take the cards from the chart (see below) to fill your deck.
This entire community night tournament will be held on the honour system, unless a players actions dictate that proof must be shown (I.E. Making multiple versions of one deck, being dishonest about what cards were picked in arena simulator, etc.).
And Have Fun!
Card Chart (If you draw duplicates or do not have the card you drew, consult the chart. Note, you MUST pick in order that the cards appear on the chart, NOT based on what order you choose).
Card Chart:
2x Novice Engineer
2x Reckless Rocketeer
2x Gnomish Inventor
2x Magma Rager
1x 5 Cost Spell
1x 4 Cost Spell
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Nightblade
2x Goldshire Footman
2x Gurabashi Berserker
1x 3 Cost Spell
1x 2 Cost Spell
2x Sen’jin Shieledmaster
2x Ironforge Rifleman
2x Stormpike Commando
1x Chillwind Yeti
1x Boulderfist Ogre
2x Angry Chicken
Arena Simulator:

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We should organize a community night tourney some time. This game is infectiously fun. Overwatch kind of stifled my game play a bit, but I'd love to participate in something like this if we get the heads together. I'd also be willing to help create a video to help promote the hearthstone squad.

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I would join. But I only have one deck lol

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Spiiiiike <3 I was thinking more of a traditional tourney style. Not a draft style per say, but more like whatever deck you choose you must use for the best of three series. I'm not too good at pulling out tourney perameters, but definitely interested in helping in whatever way I can. Maybe like have a Standard bracket as well as a Wild bracket. But it's a very good game. I miss playing it especially with some good folks.

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We thought of doing some sort of tourney, but with diverse skill levels and availability of cards some players would have to much of an advantage. We will be doing another community night again in the next two weeks, although with different rules.

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