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Our Updated ODD2 Ironman Rules

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Since Da_Freak(OD) has spent much valuable time separating out the Ironman Rules from the Level 9-30 vague, condensed version and we have posted for opinions and questions regarding them, we are going to place those in effect at the next Ironman Event Nov. 22, 2015. Since Hari(OD) is supposedly hosting these events, I'm personally challenging my officers and of course the all the members of ODD2 and any OD member looking to participate in the Events that you Honor This System that we have put in place for all to view and aid in these events. The Diablo II Division leaders thank you for all your cooperation and participation. Now let's all have Fun!


A final version with your input from above link will be released soon.

Edited by DTwo(OD)
add url to find event rule post and refinement

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