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In Aion, some classes are able to dual-wield single-handed weapons, or use a weapon and shield combination. In both cases, the secondary armament comes with it's own stats, it's own manastone slots, and can be enchanted just like the primary weapon. Two-handed wielders normally lack this benefit, but they can compensate for it through the use of Armsfusion.

The armsfusion Officer can be found in Sanctum, in the Galleria of Grandeur.



Speak with Curio and select Armsfusion to bring up the Armsfusion panel. The panel will have four empty boxes.


1. The target item. This is the weapon that will be empowered by the fusion, the one you will keep and wield. It should be the more powerful of the two.

2. The destroyed item. This is the weapon that will be destroyed in order to empower the weapon in box #1. Unique stats from this weapon will also be carried over to the new weapon.

3. The resultant item. This is what the weapon in box #1 will look like after the armsfusion has empowered it. This way you can view the improvements to help determine how the stats measure up compare to the weapon you're already using, and which of the stats from the destroyed item will be carried over.

4. Another box depicting the target item in it's non-empowered form, for comparison again. Identical to what is shown in Box #1.

5. The amount of gold required for the armsfusion. Armsfusing powerful weapons together costs a substantial amount of gold, be ready to have some on hand. (Although not as much gold as what it would take to powerfully enchant a secondary weapon or shield)

Seen here is an example of a staff before and after it has been empowered with armsfusion. Notice the stat differences.


Stat inheritance

Target items empowered by armsfusion will inherit the unique stats of the destroyed item used to improve it.


This includes PvP-specific stats such as PvP Damage +2.5% as well as Conditioning. So if the target item can not be conditioned, but the destroyed item can be conditioned, then after the armsfusion the target item will be able to be conditioned in the same manner as the destroyed item had been able to. If both the target item and the destroyed item both boost a stat then the stat boosts they provide will be stacked. (i.e. if the target item gave +250 HP and the destroyed item gave +250 HP both as unique stats, then the empowered item would have a unique stat that gave +500HP)

This includes stats such as PvP Damage but not Conditioning effects. If the target item already has condition stats then the condition stats of the destroyed item will be ignored.

Armsfusion always has a 100% success rate. So as long as you have the gold, there is no fear of wasting your money or the items used in the fusion.


What happens to the Manastones in the weapons used in the armsfusion?

The empowered item will retain it's original row of manastone sockets, as well as all of the manastones that were in it. In addition, it will gain a secondary row of manastone slots, and all of the manastones that were socketed into the destroyed item will now appear in the second row of the empowered item. The empowered item inherits the manastones of both original weapons.

My empowered item now has 8 manastone slots instead of the 4 it originally had. If I fail to socket a manastone, does it remove the manastones from ALL of the slots?

No. An empowered item has two rows of manastone slots, and each row is independent of the other. When you attempt to socket a manastone into the empowered item, it will attempt to fill up the top row first. If you fail to socket in the top row, then it will remove the manastones that were in the top row, but the secondary row will be left intact. Once you fill up all of the sockets in the top row, then the top row is no longer in danger of losing any of it's manastones, and any further socketing will attempt to fill the empty slots of the second row. Similarly, failing to socket in the second row only removes the manastones in the second row.

There is an Aion superstition that states the success rate of socketing in an armsfused weapon is lower than the chances of socketing each weapon independent of each other, however there is no evidence to suggest that this is actually the case.

What happens to the enchantment level of the weapons used in the armsfusion?

The enchantment level of the target item will carry over to the empowered item, and the finished product will have the same enchantment level. The enchantment level of the Destroyed item is lost. The enchantment levels do not combine, and the enchantment level of the destroyed item does not alter the amount or the type of stats that the target item receives.

Can a weapon that has been empowered with Armsfusion be used for Armsfusion again in the future?

Yes, but it must first be separated from the weapon it was originally fused with through a process called Armsbreaking, which is also done by the Armsfusion Officer. This will also cost a bit of gold, although only a fraction of the cost that armsfusion has. A fused weapon that has undergone Armsbreaking is reverted back to it's original state before it was empowered with armsfusion (the original destroyed item is NOT returned), it can then be used in armsfusion once again, either to empower an even greater weapon or to be re-fused with another weapon that is stronger and/or has better stats than the previous one.

What are unique stats?

Unique stats are the stats that appear in yellow on an item. All items share a common array of stats. For example all armor will increase Physical Defense, all weapons will increase Attack Damage, Accuracy, and have a Critical Chance. These are universal among all items of the same type. But on top of their commonly shared stats, each item also boosts additional stats that are unique to itself, the ones in yellow. In armsfusion the unique stats of both items are combined together into the empowered weapon.

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I would suggest an edit to this info as the manastone system has had a revamp which is more favourable now. The revamp has made it so that when you go slot a manastone in, if you fail then you only destroy that stone. Also if you have, for example, a 5 slot weapon with 4 manastones already slotted in, you will not lose any of those if you fail to socket the 5th stone in, unlike with the previous system that made everyone cringe in the past.

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