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For intermediate and veteran DotA2 players

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This guide is intended for intermediate and veteran DotA2 players that want to gain a better understanding of the more complex rules of the game. This guide is not intended for new players (there are plenty of these already). Like DotA2, this guide is a work in progress. I will continue to update this guide as my own understanding of DotA2 expands and as new heroes and features are added to the game. I have tested (and retested…) everything in this guide, but the rules of DotA2 are modified with some regularity. If anything in this guide does not work as described in DotA2 please let me know in the comments. It should be noted that DotA2 is not DotA. There are several rule changes that veterans may not be aware of. The existences of such changes are assumed to be intentional by this guide (since knowing the mind of Icefrog is impossible). This guide will never describe how something should work; it will always describe exactly how it does work.




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