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Cheap As Nails GG PVP SORC

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Hey everyone,

I just finished making my PVP FB SORC for literally no cost at all. This char is extremely cheap to make and is actually quite gg if your PVP skills are up to par. I have cleared entire duel games with this sorc and have made people s/e and bring other chars, which I have then proceeded to own as well. In the right hands, this char can be an equal to godly pvp chars. This char is also hilarious because people get extremely raged when they lose to a Tal's sorc. I've been accused of juving and other such nonsense. If you're playing BM, every time you kill someone, just type: Tal'd.


Tal's Set

2x Soj



35fcr Spirit Mon (This is probably the most expensive item in this build. You need the 35 fcr to reach the 105 faster cast rate breakpoint for sorc though)

CTA/Crappy BO spirit


9x Plain Fire GCS (lifers if you're rich)

Any anni

Any sorc torch

random scs

Skill Build:

The skill build for this char is pretty typical for an ES FB sorc.

1 pt into first cold armor

1 pt into warmth

MAX telekinesis

+pts into Energy Shield until 75%

Max fire ball

Max fire bolt

Max meteor

Rest into fire mastery

Yes, maxing telek does reduce fire dmg, but my Tal sorc gets 16k fb and that's way more than enough to kill most people in either 1-4 fire balls. With my lvl 89 tal's fb sorc, I reach about 1.5k life and 2k mana. With the 75% es, you can tank a surprising amount of damage, especially in SvS duels. Plus, fb sorcs just own in SvS anyway.

Dueling Tips:

Just spam fireballs. You have enough mana where constantly machine gunning fbs everywhere won't even cause your pool to dip at all. Most chars, you can beat by name locking with fbs after teleing on them. One exceptions are boringdins, I mean hammerdins. The ezpz way to embarrass their sorbing bullshit is to spam fbs at them. Wait for them to tele on you, before that, cast meteor and simply WALK downwards. THey will tele on you right as the meteor hits. Repeat that a few times and the hdins will die.

Before you laugh at this guide, I will duel you 1v1 on lad to prove its worth. Also, I've already beaten some OD members with it. :D

Obviously if you're rich you should get some more gg gear, but if you wanted to make a good pvp char at little to no cost, this is a great way to go.

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Because your only getting 75% ES, only 1:1 ration is needed for Telek. 16 hard points into Telek is all thats needed :) Great guide,

p.s. Tal's sorcs are so OP if socketed/stat'd/played right. (I think it has enough +stats for gg mb build :o)

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Thanks for the tip on telek. (: Good thing I have an extra token.

I've currently faceted my armor/helm with 2x 5/5 fire facets so we'll see how that goes.

Yeah, it's very surprising how efficient Tal's sorcs can be.

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I would just like to add this:

I was accused of modding recently! I had to go through the gmod test and all that bull. Guy just couldn't take the fact that a Tal's sorc beat him. ): ): ):

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Tals sorcs are surprisingly GG if played by a competent player, however the only thing i can say you're lacking in FHR. I would invest in some FHR gcs in order to hit the 86% FHR to make up for your slower FCR and be able to tele away while taking the minimal amount of hits. other than that i enjoy ur build because its a build i used before hand during my poor days XD and i think it will get people into dueling with sorcs more as sorcs are, in my opinion, the best duel character ever :3.


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Yeah, I definitely agree with you. My fhr is lacking. However, this is a cheap sorc. I put her together with left over gear and is not supposed to serve as a main. FHR gcs are a substantial investment. Thanks for the tips though.

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