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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the WoW Division of Clan OD Trial members : Please read over the rules posted below; http://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules You are encouraged to get Teamspeak 3 and use it. You are also encouraged to post in the welcome thread. As a trial member do not ask for votes to pass trail, this can result in removal from the clan, people will vote for you as they see activity and being GM. Take the time you have during your trail to get to know the clan and its policy and rules if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Members: Please follow the clan and WoW specific rules that are posted on the website. The first few ranks of membership in the clan are auto promote for time here, after that you will be promoted as members or higher see fit until Sergeant Major, any ranks after that will be division leadership/officer decisions. We are an active clan and expect that of the members, please try to login to the website daily. If you are going to be away please let us know. Recruiting: Anyone Staff Sergeant and above can recruit, below are some steps to take to recruit a new member to the WoW Division; 1. Have them join the WoW guild in game. 2. Please exlain the clan rules, DSL policy, and how the trial period works. 3. Have them signup on the main website, making and (OD) tagged account and main game of WoW, with you as their recruiter. 4. Have them create a forums account, with the same name as the website. 5. Encourage them to get teamspeak 3, and give them the server address. 6. Please help your recruit, and try to answer any questions they may have, and if you can't find someone who can. Guild Bank: Items left in the guild bank for the guild will be a first come first serve basis, at the officers discretion in locked tabs, with the exception of ease of transfer to your own charaters with officer asistance. Raid pots etc, will be for that purpose. The gold in the guild bank is for the guild only, no personal withdraws. Division leadership: Tanner(OD) - Division Leader Triny(OD) - Division Leader mrmrdudedude(OD) - Division Leader Chrishodge(OD) - Division Leader Any rules violations should be reported to the leadership of the division.
  2. Cushdaddy(OD)

    CushDaddy(OD) - New D2 LOD East

    Hey everyone, CushDaddy here.. just making my presence known.. I play D2 LOD East.. currently non-ladder but I'm sure I'll be ladder in a few months when reset hits. I just joined last night so I'm trying to meet some of the more active D2 members here. My in game tag is CushDaddy(OD) I'm excited to get to know you guys here in the community. I've been dueling and playing with kilowatt for a little while now and decided to become part of overdosed. Add me if you want a good dueler/player with a lot of comedic relief. I look forward to becoming known and building relationships with many of you. Thanks, CushDaddy!
  3. wtfcorey

    Why hello, there.

    Well, my name is Corey. Starcraft has ALWAYS been my main game. Since it game out I was all up in there. Diablo as well. Now at the point in time where we are at; Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. I do play other games like Battlefield 1 for example. Maybe some Steam games like Don't Starve (Together) or something but I try to focus on S and D. Starcraft I've reached the top 15% in NA and Battlefield 4 I reached the top 200 Globally for PC. Now currently I'm not at those stages since time has passed and I've been off doing whatever. Lets move on from games. I'm an Internationally Reached Photographer. I also sell my work in prints and shoots. I'm a model and Endorsed by 9 clothing lines. I'm a pianist, guitarist, writer, gamer, observer, etc. I'm really, really brutally sarcastic so watch out for that. Please don't take offense. If I do offend you, let me know please. I like long walks on the beach and the sand in-between my toes. The summers sun and the breeze to come. I think.. That means I'll edit this more later. Other places to reach me: Facebook/Instagram @wtfcorey -Corey
  4. Pink(OD)


    Hey! My name is Daniel and I just joined today. I'm from Atlanta, GA, but I currently live in Cambridge, MA. I play D2 on east hardcore ladder when I'm not studying my butt off at law school. You could say I've been brought here to OD by chance. I decided I wanted to play D2 again, but I wanted people to play and hang out with. So I just did a google search for "diablo 2 clan," and one of silentkill's recruiting posts was the very first link. I decided to message him. Five minutes, one AIM conversation and a few keystrokes later and I'm a trial member. I hope to get to know some of y'all better, especially on D2. -Pink(OD) P.S. I have actually been in a clan before. I used to be in a clan called Ways of the Jedi ")WOJ(". I THINK it was an offshoot from OD. I don't know if anyone remembers them--that was ~9 or 10 years ago. But in case anyone is from that era, my handle then was PinkZeppelin.