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Found 13 results

  1. Sarnith

    Civ6 Event + Charity Stream

    Hello all. On the 26th-28th there will be a Civ6 tournament run by the CivPlayers League known as the Clan Championship Cup. Scheduling for the events can be found on the CPL discord here: https://discord.gg/ubwTNdd While i know we don't have a civ 6 division or squad, I will also be streaming for the charity for a group called Extra Life. Extra Life assists and raises money for the Children Miracle Network, which is a North American non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children's health issues. This is a cause that I feel passionately about and am proud to support not only through my own donations but also having the opportunity to do so while streaming. While I don't expect everyone to donate, just showing your viewership during the weekend long event will still mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance for your time and support. My streaming links are Www.twitch.tv/Sarnith https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIw6b7qVvkbA27lXUYLJjNg
  2. Hello my fellow deckbuilders, I have decided to restart the Hearthstone Community Nights, and I will be using the first Challengestone rules. This is wild format, using the Conquest Tournament format (players must win with all 3 decks). Rules: Players may only use EVEN mana spells, and ODD attack minions. There are no restrictions on Weapons. Players build 3 decks, and must only have 1 deck per class. Players must also disclose there chosen classes to me before the tournament begins. Players who (accidentally) include cards that are not allowed will forfeit that game, and will have to make the necessary adjustments between matches, should they win. Players are allowed to test ahead of time, and find combos that suit them. It will be Conquest Format, so you must win with each of your decks to win the match. As I am not in a position to give out a monetary prize, the winner of the whole night will receive a medal, and points towards an end of the year Grand Tournament (the prize there will most likely be a blizzard gift card). As this is a fun tournament, no form of BM or rudeness will be tolerated. The Hearthstone Community Night is open to all players, and will be happening on Wednesday, March 8th at 6 PM CST. ThyrstOD
  3. NeoTessla(OD)

    Saturday night Level 16 smash

    Rules All classes no worgen because they have a mandatory quest line ally only meet at goldshire level 16 max no heirlooms during the pvp (save weapons from quests and drops) green is the highest level of equipment allowed no auction house, no going to major cities until after the tournament no twinking no pets with stuns no excessive kiting must cast a harmful spell or cause damage every 7 seconds(no lock dot spamming) no enchanting gathering professions are allowed leveling will be done without looms unless specifically said otherwise by me or one of the division leaders I will give the winner 5k gold and they will hold the title until the next tournament Starts Saturday 10pm central time leave feed back about concerns and i will do my best to address them. Be there or be not a round shape name square.
  4. ThyrstOD

    1v1 Tournament postponed

    Due to this tournaments benefactor, Killer, having to deal with some real life financial and personal issues, he is unable to host the tournament or give out prizes. However, if people still want to play, the Smite administration group would be able to offer a first place prize of a promotion and a medal, and second place will get a medal.
  5. ThyrstOD

    Hearthstone Tournament

    I will be holding a HS tournament on Saturday the 29th of October at 6 PM CST, at the request of a few members. It will be a standard conquest format, and first place shall receive a medal and a promotion, and second place will receive a medal. This tournament will be recorded and streamed in order to promote an anti-drug/pro gaming piece for Links(OD), in regards to a college assignment. RULES: Each player brings 3 decks and you must win with all 3 in order to advance. Once you win with a deck, you cannot use it again and you must pick one of your remaining decks to play with. If you lose with a deck you may continue to use that deck or select a new one from your remaining 3. You may only use 1 deck per class, and all decks must be submitted before the start of the tournament (Oct 29th, 6 CST). This is a standard tournament, so only cards from this standard season may be used (No GvG or Naxxramus). Please sign up below and I will create the brackets as people join.
  6. ThyrstOD

    Smite Tournament Postponed

    Due to the lack of activity this week, coupled with to members who were a part of the tournament leaving the clan, the tournament has been postponed indefinetly. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, and we will most likely hold another tournament once we have more active users. Thanks to everyone who was able to play and participate, and I'm sure we will find a time and enough people for Terra to stomp on, just like she wanted.
  7. ThyrstOD

    Smite 3v3 Tournament Scores

    Now that the practice week has concluded, the round robin stage has begun. All round robin matches are to be played up until Friday 29th of July, at which point the scores will be calculated and the bracket stage will be set. Please post your round robin scores in the comments below.
  8. ThyrstOD

    Smite 3v3 Tournament Teams

    Sign ups closed and the teams have been fairly divided. Teams are as follows: Team A Ravemore Complax Terra Team B Biill ThyrstOD Xayj Team C Fury1o1 Alarlord Sivart777 Team D Gherskom Vesselofsatan Scrie Subs L2dusk All rules are posted here: <http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64350-smite-3v3-tournament/> All teams are allowed 1 reschedule per match (BO3), and after that if they have another no show and cannot find a sub to play, they will forfeit the first game and after an additional 15 minutes, the team will forfeit there second game of the match. All round robin games are to be played between Monday the 25th and Friday the 29th of July. Bracket games will take place on Saturday the 30th. This allows all teams to play together for a week before the tournament begins. Please comment your team names below, and I will create another topic for posting scores once the tournament begins.
  9. ThyrstOD

    Smite 3v3 Tournament

    Smite administration has come together and decided that we will be holding another 3v3 tournament in the coming weeks, due to popular demand that we host another after the success of the first 3v3 tournament. Please comment below if you wish to participate. Tournament sign ups will end on Friday at midnight PST. Once sign ups are complete, a committee will fairly divide teams and the tournament schedule and teams will be posted on forums. The tournament will begin approximately one week after sign ups finish, which will give all teams a chance to practice together before it starts. More information will be released once we know how many people are competing. This will be a round robin best of 3 tournament, with the top 4 teams advancing to BO3 semifinals, and BO5 finals. Each game will be 6 draft/ban and will be standard joust 1500 gold starting level 3. Prizes: 1st Place: 400 gems per player, a promotion and a medal. 2nd Place: A medal. Rules: 1. Be respectful and GM to everyone. 2. If a player does not show up on time for a match, their team will forfeit the first game and after 10 minutes, the second game will be forfeited as well. 3. If a player can not play or does not show up on time and another, non-tournament member is available to play, the player who does not show up will be removed from their team and forfeit all prizes to the player who takes their place. 4. All types of harrassment before, during and after games are strictly forbidden and may result in removal from the tournament or further punishment. 5. Whenever possible, matches will be spectated by a designated referee, to make sure games are fair. 6. Good luck and have fun!
  10. ThyrstOD

    Hearthstone Community Night

    Our first Hearthstone Community Night is tomorrow! For anyone interested, for all players new and old, we will be hosting a Hearthstone Community Night starting Friday the 27th at 7pm CST, and hopefully making a weekly occurrence in OD. For info about this, I made a post outlining and discussing the idea of it here. <http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php/topic/64128-friday-night-hearthstone/> For all those who are interested and planning on participating tomorrow, I have written the rules and special game rules for this event. It will be a round robin tournament (everyone will play everyone else) and it will be just for fun and bragging rights, but if there is enough of a turnout I will consider doing monetary or Blizzard related prizes in the future. It will be a fun variant on arena mode in constructed. Rules: 3 decks. First to 3 wins. Must win with every deck. May remake (using arena simulator) 1 deck between matches (after BO5 sets, not between games). If you don’t have all cards picked, you must take the cards from the chart (see below) to fill your deck. This entire community night tournament will be held on the honour system, unless a players actions dictate that proof must be shown (I.E. Making multiple versions of one deck, being dishonest about what cards were picked in arena simulator, etc.). And Have Fun! Card Chart (If you draw duplicates or do not have the card you drew, consult the chart. Note, you MUST pick in order that the cards appear on the chart, NOT based on what order you choose). Card Chart: 2x Novice Engineer 2x Reckless Rocketeer 2x Gnomish Inventor 2x Magma Rager 1x 5 Cost Spell 1x 4 Cost Spell 2x Shattered Sun Cleric 2x Nightblade 2x Goldshire Footman 2x Gurabashi Berserker 1x 3 Cost Spell 1x 2 Cost Spell 2x Sen’jin Shieledmaster 2x Ironforge Rifleman 2x Stormpike Commando 1x Chillwind Yeti 1x Boulderfist Ogre 2x Angry Chicken Arena Simulator: <http://www.hearthpwn.com/arena>
  11. ThyrstOD

    Friday Night Hearthstone

    Me and Tehe have been brainstorming the idea of running some sort of tournament in Hearthstone for several weeks now, but we wanted to come up with something innovative and fun that would be more inclusive to new Hearthstone players then the standard Conquest tournament format. Based on the diverse skill level of the Hearthstone players here in OD, we will be doing a monthly or bi-weekly (even weekly if there is enough interest) night of fun, community based game modes and challenges similar to the competitive Hearthstone tournament Challengestone. Challengestone is a fun variation on the standard format of Hearthstone, forcing veteran players out of their comfort zones and allowing for a more in-depth look at the different mechanics of the game for newer, less experienced players. Challengestone is a meta changing version the will restrict some cards and set rules and boundaries for decks (such as a specific mana cost or the attack + health of a minion added together). These fun changes can shake up the game and give a new perspective on playing Hearthstone. While we haven't fully formed an exact idea of how we want these Hearthstone community nights to look yet, this post will serve to raise interest and allow us to find out how many people would be interested in participating. Please respond if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions or concerns. - Thyrst
  12. Haag(OD)

    1 v 1 Joust Tournament

    I'm looking to host a 1 v 1 Joust tournament and i'm looking for at least 8 people to participate. As of now i'v decided that first place will receive 800 gems and 2nd will receive 400. I'm looking to do it on Saturday before in houses. The first round or two will be just one game with the later rounds being best of 3 or 5. Later i will put in more rules and banned gods for the tournament. Reply if you'd be interested in participating.
  13. snicker66(OD)

    Ranked ODLoL Ladder

    Hi ODLoL members, first I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this topic! We're all aware of the new updated system for match history correct? (If not check it out --> http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#page/landing-page ) I'd like to encourage members and non-members to not be scared to play ranked games, it's not something to be afraid of but something to embrace and learn from! Remember ** You can play Solo Que or Duo Que for this Event, If your Duo Partner isn't signed up for this event don't be afraid to invite them ** ~*~*~*~*~*~ Any Member May Signup through August 1st, 2014; After that date the signup's are closed ~*~*~*~*~*~ -- Rules -- 1 - Follow the ODLoL rules that are outlined on the rules page of Clan OD's main website. ( http://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=Rules ) 2 - Stay Good mannered towards all team mates (even those who are not so nice towards you) 3 - Remember who you are representing, Clan OD! 4 - At the end of all matches please advertise this tournament to fellow Solo | Duo Que players 5 - You must have a OD registered account and forum account 6 - (optional) Join team speak with your Duo Communication wins 60% more games! -- How it works -- From the Day you sign up through the next 4 weeks (28 days) I will Record statics from your Ranked games on a Google spread sheet. On the day you sign up please reply with the following information for your current place in Solo Que | Duo Que What I will do is from Day 1 through Day 28, I Will record your first 30 ranked games as of the day you sign up. In doing so, I'll collect information based on the users -- Win\Lose ratio Tier Elevations (Bronze to Silver or Bronze to Gold) Total Time Spent in All Games Average Gold Earned Average Minion Kills Average Number of Killed and Lost Turrets There will be a Winner for each category listed above!! From Day 1 you have the 28 days to play ranked games, I will record the data for the ranked games you play! ( I will only record the first 30 matches ) https://docs.google.com/a/overdosed.net/spreadsheets/d/1Z2Guwso-W1W8zNIlfw7rBTp2kNCfmo8g3PCi-owN26g/edit#gid=0 -- How to sign up -- Clan OD Name - " " Clan OD Forum Name - " " League of Legends Summoner Name - " " Preferred Lane for Solo Que - " " Solo | Duo Que current ranking - " " Current Win | Lose ratio - " " TeamSpeak 3 username - " " Example: ~~~ Clan OD Name - Snicker66(OD) Clan OD Forum Name - Snicker66(OD) League of Legends Summoner Name - OD Snicker66 OD Preferred Lane for Solo Que - Jungle Solo | Duo Que current ranking - Bronze 1 Current Win | Lose ratio - 6 win | 16 lose TeamSpeak 3 username - Snicker66(OD) ~~~ -- Encourage This Event -- On the topic of Advertising this tournament in order to win any prizes I'd love to see at least 15 members enter this contest for there to be prizes So make sure to Advertise after each game whether it's a win or a lose! Example of advertisement " Good Game everyone!, If anyone is Interested, my Gaming Community, Clan OD, is hosting a "Climb the Ladder Tournament!" --> **link to thispage** ) -- Prizes -- As stated before I will not give any prizes until I have atleast 15 members signup the prizes will range from Skin in League of Legends Promotion within Clan OD (applys for ranked below CWO5, excludes a tier change rank) Personal Channel within ODLoL TS3 section (appropriate names) Banner for Signature Use on the forums, and Teamspeak RP Gift Card! P.S. I will be deleting any posts that are not a signup unless it's an question stil needing to be answered, sorry for any inconveniences