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Found 1 result

  1. TypeReaL(OD)

    Well I tired to be Civil

    TyreaLOD11:35 AM I dont want to be getting reports that your Clan is tryig to take members this is something I wont stand for imrickyduh12:11 PM lol we have 200+ members in less than a month, if people want to join we let them, whether its from od or not, i could care less. TyreaLOD12:13 PM I dont think your getting what im saying, If your members wanna recruit fine but dont message my members trying to pull from my roster 200 members eh ? imrickyduh12:14 PM I dont personally do that myself, but tbh i could care less how people get others TyreaLOD12:14 PM wheres the 177 on your roster? imrickyduh12:14 PM its just somewhere to play games with others without all the bs od had TyreaLOD12:14 PM We dont have bs imrickyduh12:15 PM we dont keep a roster because we dont rly care about that, people come and go as they please why do you think so many people left od then? TyreaLOD12:15 PM Hmm as far as I see only the ones who were cry babies left imrickyduh12:16 PM people getting butthurt about certain channels, people talking down to others, officers abusing powers, you name it TyreaLOD12:16 PM officers abusing powers go on imrickyduh12:16 PM haha TyreaLOD12:16 PM cuz theres only 2 d3 officers? imrickyduh12:16 PM if you didnt know already then its not too important also od had a lot of drama so not too concerned about anything about it anymore TyreaLOD12:17 PM your full of !@#$ , your making allegations that you cannont back up and your piss ant little 13 member clan is no more than a thorn in my side, Rectify the problem or I will imrickyduh12:17 PM lol go ahead gl hf just did a giveaway for $100 gift card whoever recruited the most, guess we'll start another one seeing who can get the most od members And this is where I ended up In trying to fix a situation with diplomacy over A small clan Trying to take our members Obviously this guy has no clue what hes talking about as his clan sits at 13 members but I was getting reports of them trying to take OD members and I tried to fix it obviously Its your own choice where you play, but recruiting members from an already active clan because you could not handle OD is something that makes me furious enough that one of my members was set to enlisted on their discord so Yeah I was gonna play nicely but I didnt throw the first stone