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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I'll be hosting a late night event this Sunday (April 29th) to play Mad Takes! Anyone can participate. Here's the website we'll be using: http://www.madtakes.com/ The fun of it will depend on your creativity. Coarse language is accepted. "N-bombs" will not be tolerated. Will take place at around 5:00 PM EDT on Sunday, April 29th, 2018, 21st century. To avoid crowding and chaos, only up to five people (including myself) can participate. If it goes smoothly, then I'll think about increasing the number of participants for the next time. How to play: 1. Pick one of the topics on http://www.madtakes.com/. 2. Ask the others in the TS channel to fill in a required field (ex. noun, verb, verb ending in "ed", famous person, occupation, etc.). 3. Read the finish product (don't tell the name of the adlib you picked until you start reading it). Rules: 1. No N-bombs 2. Everyone gets a turn 3. Have fun!
  2. Good evening, I wanted to start a topic for discussion for the 'core' functions' that are used by the community and what platform provides the most functionality for the community. Can a member of each division post the 'functions' that you use on any platform of the voice communication software. I also want someone who is of aware of the management side of discord, teamspeak, or vent. We need to find out what administrative functions are needed as a administrator for the platform to function as a safe, efficient, well-rounded platform. Can we get this discussion underway, before we make any decision, the administration team needs more information for making the best decision for the community to function on the many different platforms out there. Regards, Quintin Snicker66(OD)
  3. Hello everyone! I have this idea for the website where there's another space on the side dedicated to divisions on Teamspeak. It's kind of hard to explain but I made a Photoshop edit (Sorry for my crappy photoshop skills) of what I had in mind. It's basically the division games on the side and when someone clicks them, it takes them to that channel in Teamspeak. I once visited this other gaming clan's website and when I clicked their Teamspeak icon it popped me into their Teamspeak and I thought we could have something similar, if possible. For squads, we could have a text that says "Squads" and when someone clicks them, it takes them to the bottom of Teamspeak into a channel that says "New Squad Members." Tell me what you guys think?
  4. ThyrstOD

    Teamspeak Powers

    It is unacceptable to me that the powers that are held by warrant officer and above on TS are treated with such little respect and responsibility. This is not the case for all members who have powers on TS but I see it happen time and again and I felt that I had to write something. I am writing this post to any member who feels the same way as me and to all ranks that have these powers. If I am in another channel having a conversation with someone, I don't want to be moved. Send me a private message first, ask me if I would like to play or if you'd like to talk to me, don't just pull me away. If I am alone ad I want to be left alone in a channel, come up to see me don't pull me down to you. If you don't like the things I have to say because the annoy you, don't throw me around TS like I'm nothing for the fun of it. I will admit that sometimes I am deserving of being moved for my actions, but I should never be kicked or moved because of my beliefs or views on issues or things in life. I am a Canadian, which shouldn't be but sometimes is, a reason I have been given to be kicked from our TS server. I have been kicked more than 10 times from the TS server because of reasons such as "you prefer to be kicked then moved?", "Canadian's are worse then American's", and "change your avatar". My avatar at the time was a pig that had the Canadian flag on it. These are not reasons that I should be kicked, nor or they reasons anyone should be kicked or moved. The lack of respect and responsibility when members use their TS privileges sickens me. Every member who has powers and the ability use them has earned the right to use them to make OD a better place, not bully and abuse others. The saying "With great power comes great responsibility" is true, but in my 160 days in the clan I haven't seen enough responsibility in regards to powers in the clan. In fact, on the night a specific member was promoted to warrant officer, the first thing said WO did was throw me around TS just for the fun of it. I know that these members who abuse there powers do not represent the large majority of Warrant Officers and above who work tirelessly for the clan, but it sours my experience here when I'm met with such blatant disregard for responsibility. - ThyrstOD