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Found 2 results

  1. DarkHelmet

    Who’s on HC this season?

    So I’m just curious as to everyone’s progress on Hardcore this season. I already know of a few people to die already #RIPSassy @Sassy, you going to give HC another go or you going back to Softcore? Apparently Lion(OD)’s Blizzard Sorc died at level 93(haven’t confirmed this on the ladder yet but if true is a big blow and congrats on getting that far). Know of a few others that have made it to Hell while others are still trudging along in Normal or Nightmare. As for me, I got a Barb in Act 1 Hell(just got there) at level 59. Needs to get level’d, geared and of course pushed through Hell to be of any use. I started a Blizzard Sorceress last night and have walked to Catacombs solo so far. Level 14 and would welcome additional adventurers. Aim to use this Sorceress to try and MF Gear for myself and others. Anything I find that I can’t use will be posted on this Forum. First come, first served and all gear is free to clan members.
  2. Saffron

    Away topic

    This topic is for people that might be away from ARK for sometime. Post here to let everyone know, so you won't get dissabled. (This is one of few ways to let people know, other ways are contacting Azmvarim, Terciel or someone else who will let them know, and if it is made post your away status on steam group) I'll start first: I will be probably away from ARK for few days (end of this weekend) due to lot of buissness meetings that I have to attend and I come home way to exhausted to play almost anything