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Found 7 results

  1. TerrorReid(OD)

    Glad to be here

    Thanks for the trail run hopefully i can make that cut!
  2. Zava(OD)

    Heya :D

    Hello new found family, I'm a new trial member to the clan OD. Little bit of info of who I am and my background so I'm not such a stranger. I'm 22 years old living in Australia, ive played computer games for as long as I can remember. - Ive played diablo2 on and off for years. - I've played WoW since early days of BC - Play a large list of steam games although mainly just WoW and D2 Don't really know what else to add into here, but I'm looking forward to messing around playing some games and relaxing with you all. Cheers :)
  3. kimzera(OD)

    new recruit

    Hey im kim, male. ahaha i play d2 for a loong time, just wanna play d2 classic and have fun with u guys, i was 93 sorc once in classic.. no bots just hard lvling XD hope we lvl hard.
  4. ThyrstOD

    Smite Inhouses

    I have decide to restart the Smite inhouses, in an effort to get more people playing together. They will be a weekly occurrence and the first night will be Saturday (December 10th) at 7pm CST. All players, no matter what skill level, are welcome to participate. - ThyrstOD
  5. Hello my lovely members of Overdosed, it is I! Archie the Hawk, here to recruit for Blade and Soul, the upcoming jaw-dropping martial arts MMO all the nerds have their eyes on. Why Blade and Soul, you may ask? Well why not, with all the MMOs that infest the internet with pay to win content and lack of material for you to work with, what else must a person do to fulfill all of their geek needs?! "B-but Archie, who's gonna lead this so called division of yours?" I'm glad you asked non-existent member, it is of course our great leader, Terra, along with Anyglad, as her second in command! If the members so far, specifically me, haven't made you want to join us, then lemme tell you a little about the game. Blade and Soul is being published by NCSoft, that's right, the same game that released Aion and other MMOs ( I have no idea besides Aion, maybe Lineage? Well, whatever), so you can bet that this game will be anything but a disappointment, NCSoft is one of the best developers out there, who make sure their games don't go pay to win in the least. The game has a variety of classes you can check out here: { http://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/game/classes/ } and each class looks extremely fun. These are the list of members we currently have who are going to be playing Blade and Soul with us and will most likely be in our division!...*cough* Hopefully. Current Members: 1) Terra(OD) 2) Anyglad(OD) 3) Archie(OD) 4) BahaFresh(OD) 5) Omni(OD) 6) Critageous(OD) 7) NekoKimmy(OD) 8) Zonetan(OD) 9) SilentMelodies(OD) 10)Asuna(OD) 11)SwiftxAce(OD) 12)Altros(OD) 13)Archer(OD) 14)CrimsonNail(OD) Looking forward to playing with all of you!
  6. Texic

    Hya from TeXic

    Hey guys Texic here I am currently 18 and live in taxes. I am on my last year of high school and looking to go to UTD Dallas next year. I have been playing blizzard games for as long as I can remember. I started at a young age playing custom games in WC3. I played WC3 normals customs you name it I played it. I played for about 4 year until I got world of warcaft. I played wow for about 6 years quitting during cata (game was just not as fun as it used to be but then again nothing was better then BC so I was already getting tired of it during WOTLK. I raided with a lot of friends I still talk to today and I have to say that has probably been my favorite thing in games to this day. I really enjoyed wow raiding and that’s what I did for most of my time playing other games here and there. After quitting wow I started playing MoBAs. I played HoN for about a year and play dota/LoL here and there still to this day. I started playing starcaft II in the beta under another account. I started to really enjoy the game about half way through WoL and started to take it more seriously and really try to improve. I hope by Joining (OD) I can improve much more then I currently have and I hope to have a great experience with other like minded gamers! also as a side note I love this recruit process it really reminds me of the good old BC days when applying for a new guild but this is by far the most organized system I have seen so kudos to the creator of this little recruit application process!
  7. Veryplayable(OD)

    New Counter-Strike recruit

    Hello everyone! I am new and will be working with the counter-strike team. I was recruited a few days ago by WhitePlauge and have been really loving the community! I hope that this will be a lasting and fun experience! -Veryplayable