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Found 9 results

  1. SupremeJester

    A Site for All to See

    Welcome to 7 Days to Die. Compliments of @Vanity(OD).
  2. Good evening, I wanted to start a topic for discussion for the 'core' functions' that are used by the community and what platform provides the most functionality for the community. Can a member of each division post the 'functions' that you use on any platform of the voice communication software. I also want someone who is of aware of the management side of discord, teamspeak, or vent. We need to find out what administrative functions are needed as a administrator for the platform to function as a safe, efficient, well-rounded platform. Can we get this discussion underway, before we make any decision, the administration team needs more information for making the best decision for the community to function on the many different platforms out there. Regards, Quintin Snicker66(OD)
  3. CN(OD)

    Drunken Karaoke Night!!

    another Drunken Karaoke Night!! come all ye party people, come all ye lonely..Come all ye who desire a song! Drunken Karaoke Nights are a perfect experience to meet people and to bond. If you know how to sing; grace us with your presence. If you don't know how to sing: do what us gamers do on a drunken karaoke night.. play music off of youtube.. that's how we get our kicks. Come on all ye people, rain or shine; sing or play. Drunken Karaoke is the Event for you!
  4. Magik(OD)

    Name Game: Musician Edition

    Name Game: Musician Edition The rules to this game are fairly simple, just post a musicians first & last name, and have the first names, first letter match the previous musicians first letter of his last name. This might sound a bit confusing so I'll just post an example: Keith Richards (so you would pick any musicians name that starts with R) Randy Rhodes I think you guys get the picture now hopefully. I'll start it off: Layne Staley
  5. Magik(OD)

    Favorite Video Game Character?

    Who is your favorite video game character of all-time?
  6. Magik(OD)

    Favorite Guardian in Smite?

    Who is your favorite guardian in the wonderful game of Smite? I would have to go with either... Ymir or Ares personally. Just depends on my mood/what game mode. What about you? -Magik(OD)
  7. Archie(OD)


    Salutations Overdosed Community. I'm Archie as some of you may know me from Aion, LoL, and Path of Exiles. I recently started playing Skyforge and I must say the game is amazing so far. I was hoping to make a squad for it, and maybe if we're lucky turn it into a division in the future. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coming on Skyforge and helping me out with the Pantheon (Guild) which I should be creating soon. I'm still fairly new to the Overdosed Squad/Division system but I think it'd be fun trying to start up a division xD. Tell me what you think <3
  8. Greygrey7(OD)

    Dota 2 in-house 6/29

    Sorry I haven't been able to come to the last couple overdosed in-house games I have had family things, school, etc. But I would really love to be able to participate in this one and I thought "What better way than to host it?" So I will be starting up the lobby at 6:50-7:10 pm CDT and I would love to do some of the new game mode in lobby play "Ability draft" then after that we can do whatever game modes you guys want. As I said I will start up that lobby anytime near 7:00 PM CDT and I will be running it until 10:30-11:00 pm. (hopefully as long as we have people to play) Well see ya there!
  9. After discussing it with Rob, I've decided to setup a DayZ server for the clan members, their friends, and the public to enjoy. This server will possibly lead into the creation of a squad unless we decide to wait for the standalone version of DayZ to be released. This server is running the Taviana map. It has 336 active vehicle spawns (all of which are listed on the dayzdb.com map for Taviana). Every 4 hours, the server will automatically restart, which will make sure the server remains daylight only and respawn all destroyed vehicles. The server will notify remaining time before restart at the following times: 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, then restart. When the server starts, it also spawns extra loot locations (crash sites and care packages) around the map, allowing users to access some of the rarer items in the game. The server IP is Some live statistics: http://dayz.hikato.com/ I've done a good bit of testing on the server so far, and things will still be tuned here and there, but other than that, it should be stable enough to play and kick some zombie ass. If you have any problems playing, feel free to PM me on the site or forums, or post in this thread. Enjoy, and remember: aim for the head and stay alive!